Tigers All-Stars in quotes

MIGUEL CABRERA (9th All-Star selection, 5th with Tigers)

“It’s very special. I appreciate the fans. We want to win, try to get home field advantage for the World Series.”

Best part of All-Star week: “We’re off. We see the best players in the National League, American League. We’re going to enjoy it.”

VICTOR MARTINEZ (4th All-Star selection, 1st with Tigers)

“Believe it or not, man, last year watching the Home Run Derby, [Victor Jose] told me these words: ‘Daddy, you better make it next year, because I don’t want to see my butt on the couch watching the Home Run Derby on TV again.’ I’m like, ‘Really? It’s that easy, kid?'”

MAX SCHERZER (2nd All-Star selection in a row)

“We both [Scherzer and Porcello] said we were kind of on the fringe if we were going to make it or not. We were crossing our fingers both.”

“It’s such an honor to represent the American League in the All-Star Game. I’m so excited to be able to go there next week.”


Cabrera on derby: “I don’t feel like I can mess with my swing right now. I’ve got enough [going on with it] right now.”
He is recovering from surgery. The numbers against LH show it

Victor shouldn’t be going either he needs to rest. If he can’t play now he should play then.
And Cabrera he does stink right now.

Im just guessing but he could have the same problem Verlander had. He adapted to the injury. He is trying to recover his old swing but he he is till thinking instead of doing. Until the swing is natural again, he will have some issues.
Taking the first pitch? Forget about that,he has been successful that way.And JD too, as Jason reported, 6 of 12 HR with the first pitch

If Vmart plays in the ASG or Miggy the Derby….I will be quite disappointed in them. Max, however, should def play.

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