V-Mart on weekend return: “I don’t see it happening”

The news out of the Tigers clubhouse on Victor Martinez’s back injury wasn’t a worst-case scenario, but for the short term, it wasn’t OK, either. At the very least, Martinez is out for Saturday’s showdown between Chris Archer and Anibal Sanchez. He didn’t sound particularly optmistic about Sunday night’s series finale against David Price, either.

“I don’t know,” Martinez said. “The way I’m feeling right now, I don’t see it happening.”

That might not be a bad thing. With an off-day Monday, Martinez could take three days of rest before returning for Tuesday’s series opener against the Dodgers.

The Alex Cobb pitch Martinez took off the back of his right leg had nothing to do with it, Martinez said. His leg was fine, even though he looked like he was hobbling around the bases on his way home that inning.

The aggravation, Martinez said, took place on his RBI single his next time up in the sixth inning. It was a similar swing last Sunday in Houston that tweaked his back in the first place.

“One swing,” he said. “That’s all it takes.”

Martinez said the soreness is on his right side, not his left as previously reported. It’s a similar injury to one he dealt with during the 2011 postseason, though his aching knee was a better-known problem at the time since he had limited him to DH duties instead of catching once in a while.

Asked his level of concern, Martinez said, “This is nothing major. I need time to get back like I used to. It’s just a matter of time.”


and time off will equal “out of rhythm” – but i’d sit him until after the ASB and hopefully that takes care of it.

Maddon seriously thinks that? or maybe that idea is so dumb it got him kicked out

Fernando Alvarez ESPN backed Maddon, he said no one would hit a batter with a breaking ball. Like I said last night, I think it was intentional.BTW: maybe continuing the whole Rodney- Miguel – Porcello saga
Martinez 2011 playoff:

It will sound like hindsight at this point, but I had actually hoped they’d keep him out until Sunday night when he could hit RH against David Price followed by Monday’s off day. The other guys had been stepping up in his absence and these injuries to the trunk are delicate. I trusted that management/medical knew what they were doing but as always, it comes down to the player’s decision.

If Victor makes the AS team, he better not participate in a stupid HR derby.

Take a long week off VMart – he is way to integral to mess with losing him with more than that

my bad, had in my mind the ASG was next week – not sure where my head is at. OK VMart – take a the time to heal but not too long! Going to be on vacation the week of the ASG so I won’t miss much as far as Tigers game goes, and my kids are excited they can stay up late to watch the homerun derby and the game itself

Morosi.”Tigers interested in Joakim Soria, Jason Frasor, and Chad Qualls, among other bullpen targets, sources says”

Ausmus would be wise to ask DD to put Victor on the DL. They should have done it before. Take advantage of the ASB and he would be back for the double header against the Tribe.
VMart is arguably the 2nd most important cog in the Detroit wheel.

Realistically putting him on the DL now means he will miss just 5 games more than he will if he returns as expected on Tuesday. If he reinjures himself in that time, management will look pretty dumb.

Lineup vs. TB: Jackson 8, Kinsler 4, Cabrera 3, J. Martinez 9, Hunter DH, Castellanos 5, Avila 2, Romine 6, Davis 7. Sanchez starting.

Sometimes it seems as though JL is still running the club. The insistence on batting AJ leadoff is puzzling to me.
Again-who do you want up with men on and a run down in the 9th? Rajai or AJ?

Neither one if the pitcher is RH

BTW–Ian Krol threw an inning for the Whitecaps last night. No sign of Dirks yet.

Trade rumors: Jon Paul Morosi will mention the names of 57.4% of all MLB players between now and July 31. Ken Rosenthal will mention the other 42.6%.

Networks will provide breathless coverage, complete with a countdown clock, on July 31, and in the end express disappointment that nothing exciting happened.

Kinda glad to see Romine in there today against Archer. Suarez is really struggling. I would not be terribly surprised to see a swap for Hernan Perez.
The trade talks including guys like Street, Qualls, and most particularly, Soria are hopeful at least. I can’t see Jon Daniels being to eager to make a deal with DD though. Soria would be dynamite addition, but it would take a lot to get him and a bonus as face-saving compensation for the Kinsler trade. Daniels can’t afford to make another mistake with Dombrowski.

Suarez isn’t struggling! Last 14 days: .286/.359/.702. Everybody can’t go 3 for 4 everyday. I would be totally surprised to see those 2 swapped. Suarez is doing everything everyone was hoping he could do for a 22 year old rookie. .269/.345/.794 and making mostly good plays in the field. You expect every player to be Ty Cobb. They can’t be perfect all the time.

Verlander on A’s trade: “They made that trade because of us.” Verlander, Tigs have eliminated A’s the last two years.Morosi
Of course, the Samardizja and Hammels trade

Verlander on A’s and trade: “If they want to win a World Series, they are envisioning that they have to go through us.” FreePress

Hes getting killed on Twitter but he’s not wrong.

AJ confounds me the previous 2 days hitting leadoff he was great yesterday he was not, but lets not forget we had a whopping 5 hits with only 1 hit hard.

Everyone else was hitting, also. We’ve seen the Tigers struggle vs so-so pitchers and make them look like Cy winners. Lately, the hitting has been much better. That pitcher yesterday had a funky delivery and pretty much fooled everybody until he got tired and then their BP took over and their BP is not too shabby. Go Tigers!!!

Suarez’s swings have not been good lately. Perfection is impossible I was all over calling him up to replace Romine and Worth. Still feel that way. Tiger brass will want to showcase Perez too. He is playing well in Toledo and if Suarez can’t fix the swing I think it would be natural to see DD make a move

btw-I am not entirely dense. I don’t expec
Every player to be Ty Cobb (thank GOODness) nor do I expect every manager to be MAYO SMITH!!

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