Verlander Day lineups: Tigers vs. Athletics

No batting practice suspense today: Victor Martinez is out. Torii Hunter gets the day as the designated hitter, with J.D. Martinez starting in right, a decision manager Brad Ausmus made last night.

“I’d rather be cautious in July than have an injured player through August,” Ausmus said.

With Hunter at DH, all four Tigers outfielders are in the starting lineup together for the first time. Andrew Romine, meanwhile, gets the start at short, giving Eugenio Suarez a day off after a night game.

TIGERS (numbers vs. Jesse Chavez)

  1. Austin Jackson, CF (1-for-5, walk, 3 K’s)
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B (2-for-11, 2 doubles, 2 K’s)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (3-for-6, double, HR, 2 walks)
  4. J.D. Martinez, RF (1-for-4)
  5. Torii Hunter, DH (1-for-1)
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B (2-for-3)
  7. Alex Avila, C (2-for-5, HR, K)
  8. Andrew Romine, SS (1-for-5, 2 K’s)
  9. Rajai Davis, LF (0-for-2)

P: Justin Verlander

ATHLETICS (career off Verlander)

  1. Coco Crisp, CF (9-for-38, 2 doubles, HR, walk, 5 K’s)
  2. Alberto Callaspo, 3B (4-for-22, 2 walks, 4 K’s)
  3. Yoenis Cespedes, DH (6-for-18, 2 doubles, walk, K)
  4. Brandon Moss, RF (2-for-18, 3 walks, 11 K’s)
  5. Derek Norris, C (1-for-9, 5 K’s)
  6. Stephen Vogt, LF (0-for-11, 6 K’s)
  7. Jed Lowrie, SS (2-for-14, double, walk, 5 K’s)
  8. Nate Freiman, 1B
  9. Nick Punto, 2B (5-for-29, 3 walks, 11 K’s)

P: Jesse Chavez


Not sure what is meant by all “four Tigers outfielders are in the starting lineup together for the first time”. Wasn’t that the case the previous two games as well?
Hope Victor is OK.
Donny Kelly really is the forgotten man. Pretty clear what happens when Andy returns.

Putting AJ ahead of Davis and Kinsler is not a clever move. This means they are adding pressure rather than relieving it from him. More importantly,it means he gets an extra at bat over Davis and possibly over Kinsler. Who would you rather have up to the plate with 2 outs in the 9th?

Headed down to the game…..go tigers!

what a game for you gk!!

yea kelly is gone. who can play 3rd?

Romine or Suarez

Sure is nice to have electricity and internet service again, 2 hours after Rajai’s HR we got hit with a huge storm that knocked out power all over southern Michigan. Did get to listen to last night’s game on my handy radio.
Go Tigers!!!!!!

So……..Benoit said he really liked it in Detroit when he signed with San Diego. That would be a nice pickup.

jd martinez is STILL RED HOT!

wow romine that was a mistake!

austin jackson just ripped that ball! Just for you Dan!

JV is into a groove now. a few more runs and we should be able to turn it over to the pen.

AJ now has what – 3 hits?

I couldn’t have been more wrong and pleased to admit it.

bless these boys!

my phone has been blowing up with scoring updates – way to go guys!

A lot of times it doesn’t seem to matter where in the order you put a guy. He’s either hitting or he’s not.
So there’s an unexpected gift for Tigers fans, a sweep of Oakland. We reach the halfway point at 47-34. 94 wins works just fine.

1.JV pitches out of a bases loaded jam; turns it over to the offense.
2.Sweeping the A’s without Victor in any game; that should really lift this team.
3.Tori gets three 2 out RBI’s; those are nails in a coffin.

Kudos to Ajax,Rajai, Miggy also. The entire team contributed with hits or walks. I even give kudos to JV. After the two bombs in the first, only one hit was a hard knock. he didn’t walk anyone, and he kept his composure. The rotation is beginning to round into great shape, when we get Drew untracked. I’m really impressed with Hardy. Nice to have those lefty options in the pen. Tremendous win for our Tigers, as we get ready for the Rays to float into MoTown. The best part of the game was seeing Austin having a good day at the plate, and Tori with those Ribs on three different two out innings.

Smyly had several good performances before Texas, where he was ill. Texas makes me ill too. I lived there twice.

Truthfully when JV gave up those 2 1st inning homers I thought #/&#%&#/^#/ here we go again. Well it all worked out. Wbo woulda thunk we’d sweep the A’S. Also just heard we didn’t walk an A either.

Okay well, I’ll admit that after those two first inning homers the term “5th starter” floated through my mind. JV turned it around. The A’s aren’t a true test of it, but I’d like to see him become a little more efficient. I like the starter to get at least 19 or 20 outs. After working to get out of that 6th inning jam, I’m not surprised he was done with 103 pitches. It was a good outing.

Missed the game last . A rolling blackout ( no storm ) beginning the second . When the light came back the gem was over.
The play to the level of the competition. That is not that good

After the first inning and the 2 homeruns I told my buddies no not again . However all worked out and some silent bats came alive . Clean sweep of Oakland let them go back to the west coast licking their wounds . Great win !!!

Victor and also why is better an SO than pitching for contact:

I think it’s important to point out that Romine and Docc have contributed recently when they had the opportunities. Ya know – when you need to play those guys and they contribute….it is a huge boost! Suarez (not here for his bat) has also hit well.
With that said, Don Kelly really hasn’t played much lately. He truly is going to be history soon. One interesting solution to backing up Cast at 3B (assuming kelly is gone) is Cabby. Which would indirectly (via Vmart playing 1B) free up the DH position for Hunter. Not to mention a spot on the 25 man (I personally would like another guy in the pen – if anything to get some rest for Joba and ALBQ).

or JD could get some DH. Either way Dirks is better defensively than JD or Torii – IMO.

We are having some minor leaguers that are showing potential both at Erie and Toledo. Moya, Cabrera, Ray, Perez, Carerra to name only a few. Actually Lobsteing and verHagen have been better lately too.

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