Walkoff grand slams by the numbers

1 — Walkoff home run in Rajai Davis’ career

1 — Home runs Sean Doolittle has given up worth more than two runs

1 — Baserunner previously allowed by Doolittle this season after putting a hitter in a 2-2 count

2 — Walks given up by Doolittle this season

2 — Walkoff home runs given up by Doolittle in his career (Russell Martin hit the other one, a 10th-inning solo shot for the Yankees on Sept. 21, 2012)

2 — Walkoff home runs surrendered by the A’s to the Tigers, the other being a Lance Parrish homer off former A’s pitcher and current Tigers pitching coach Jeff Jones on July 10, 1983

3 — Grand slams in Davis’ career

3 — Two-strike pitches fouled off by Austin Jackson to continue his at-bat against Doolittle

8 — Tigers grand slams since 1938, according to the team’s media relations department

9 — Pitches Jackson saw from Doolittle before drawing the walk that loaded the bases for Davis

10 — Years since the Tigers’ last walkoff grand slam, hit by Carlos Pena to beat the Diamondbacks on June 27, 2004, the day the Tigers celebrated the 20th anniversary of the 1984 World Series champions.

26 — Years since the Tigers’ only other walkoff “Super Grand Slam,” coming with the team three runs down. Alan Trammell hit that one on June 21, 1988.

236 — Professional appearances by Blaine Hardy (229 of them in the minor leagues) before notching his first Major League win. He was the pitcher of record when Davis hit his grand slam.




Didn’t Torii Hunter hit off walk-off homer vs. the A’s last year in an afternoon comeback win…???

I thought that too but it wasn’t a grand slam but a 3 run homer

wasn’t [torii 3 run blast to win game] on a holiday too?

“8 – Tigers grand slams since 1938, according to the team’s media relations department”

Do you mean 9th inning grand slams? Surely the Tigers have hit more than 8 since 1938.

The subject of the post was walk off grand slams, so yes 8 Tiger walk off slams.

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