Torii Hunter on Zubaz: Never again

Cleveland 005The last time the Tigers got on a roll like this to start a road trip, they gained some attention for themselves and for Zubaz gear by tweeting several photos coming out of Fenway Park. They had just swept the Red Sox on national television in a weekend series to move to 6-0 on a nine-game, three-city road trip, and they were rolling. They donned their Zubaz, headed for the airport, encountered a problem with their plane, spent the night in Boston waiting for a replacement, got into Cleveland a few hours before game time to start their next series, and ended up getting swept to begin a 9-20 skid that knocked them out of the AL Central lead.

As they readied to exit Globe Life Park in business suits, having just swept the Rangers for their second straight road series sweep, it was much more subdued, almost businesslike, to go with their suits.

“It’s business,” Torii Hunter said. “We know that things can turn around just like that. Just stay focused, come every day prepared. We’re still having fun, don’t get it twisted, but I think we’ve been humbled a little bit.”

That apparently means no more Zubaz.

“We’re not doing those,” Hunter said. “Never again. Zubaz is out.”

In fairness, nobody’s going to wear Zubaz in Texas in the summer. It just doesn’t look like a good idea in hot weather. Still, it’s an apparent change in mindset from last homestand, when Hunter was decked out in all Zubaz before a victory and proclaimed the Zubaz had nothing to do with their struggles.

Nobody on the team is saying they are now. Still, this team is superstitious enough (albeit in a fun sort of way) that Joba Chamberlain has been delivering the lineup card before every game for a week now.


Just to letcha know….while Torii performs a little worse as a DH than as a OF (he nearly never plays LF, btw)….he doesn’t perform well at all as a PH. Yes it’s only a small sample size but still – if he’s going to contribute he might need to PH 1-2 times a week.

he can’t just contribute that smile and nice comments to the media


still getting swings and misses. i’d put as much on him being successful as hanrahan

Putz had most of his swings and misses in April. Had very few swinging strikes since coming back in June.

If he’s been DFA’d take a look see, but wouldn’t give anything for him.

that’s a very good point Jason
not that hanrahan has any swinging strikes since surgery….

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