J.D. Martinez named AL Player of the Week

Not only is J.D. Martinez earning more playing time with the way he’s hitting, he’s now earning awards. The Tigers’ suddenly surging, slugging outfielder was named the American League Player of the Week on Monday after hitting Royals and Indians pitching for a 12-for-27 tear with four homers, three doubles and 11 RBIs.

He’s the first Player of the Week for the Tigers this season. And for now, he’s about to become part of an outfield rotation as the Tigers’ road trip heads to Texas for the week.

Martinez didn’t have the playing time to earn consideration for any such honor until injuries hit Detroit’s outfield, starting with a few days out of the lineup for Rajai Davis last homestand and then continuing then Torii Hunter tweaked his left hamstring a week ago. He homered in three straight games between Thursday’s series finale against KC and the first two games of the Cleveland series, and he put up three multi-hit games in a four-day stretch.

Amazingly, he would have done even more damage if not for three highlight catches in as many nights from Royals outfielders, including a diving catch by Lorenzo Cain in the gap and another at the right-field fence.

He heads to Texas on a 12-game hitting streak, during which he’s hitting 19-for-47 (.404) with the four homers, six doubles and 13 RBIs. He’s not only playing regularly, he’s batting fifth behind the dynamic duo of Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez, a setup that figures to continue this week.


Good for him.

Yes. Could be a case of what happens when someone plays regularly. We’ll see. Also puts more pressure on the decision-makers when Dirks is ready to return. Kelly hasn’t provided much offense but who will cover so many positions and offer a LH bat? Didn’t they sign Davis to a 2-year deal? He is erratic but what about the stolen base threat? With that thought in mind, what about AJ’s lack of offense, no base-stealing and resistance to getting his uni dirty in the OF? Romine? Suarez? Aren’t they going with one position player less than usual to stock the BP?

JD must be stoked. That’s great.
If Al Avila goes to San Diego can he take his boy with him?
It would not break my heart to see Austin Jackson go while he has value.
Actually the same goes for Davis and Hunter too. Not sure how much value we are talking about with those guys though.
looks like Hernan might get a chance to play some short here too. Nothing against Suarez but if he doesn’t hit they will try something else.
Doesn’t really matter how many positions Kelly plays. He is an emergency measure/mop up only type player.
I keep seeing reference to Castellanos’ defense. Is it really that bad?
I think he adequate there from what I’ve seen.

it’s not as good as kelly’s defense at 3rd😉

way to go JD – well deserved

did you guys see that game 5 of the 1984 world series was streaming on tigers.com tonight? I watched the first inning – fun to see the guys in their prime, just turned it on for the end to see the celebration

just watched gibby his his homerun in the 8th inning – the famous “they don’t want to pitch to you” at bat. I loved Sparky’s reaction – seldom do managers show emotions during a game, he was all over Gibby in the dugout.

I forgot the mayhem that ensued on the field – fans were all over the place, players having to push fans away from them to get to the dugout. I like how they maintain order so the fans and players can celebrate on the field now – that would have been terrifying to be honest with you. What a year – waiting for that magic again!!

I watched it TigerGirl. Good memories. Aurelio Lopez was awesome in that game. I had forgotten. He threw 21 of 25 pitches for strikes including the last 14 in a row. Lopez and Willie worked the last 4.1 innings only giving up 1 run. Back before the one inning save became the norm. Can you imagine a closer now throwing 140 innings in a season? Heck, they shut starters down at 180 innings. It is a different game for sure. My memories only go back to the 80s, I can only imagine the difference for you mature posters who saw the 68 team. It has been quite an evolution in how the game is managed that is for sure.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

TigerGirl, I was one of those who ran onto the field at the 1968 pennant clinching. I can assure you there was nothing terrifying about it. Just the opposite.
I’m looking at the ’84 game right now. Anyone find themselves looking for the box with the score, count, and pitch count? No one has any idea how many pitches Petry is throwing.
Then there’s this: at the time, Vin Scully had been broadcasting ML games for 34 years. He’s still doing it, 30 years after that.

That’s funny Rich. As I was watching it, I kept looking at the corner of the screen for the score, count, inning and base runners. It really forced us to pay attention back in the day. Vin Scully is one of the good ones.
— Bob

holy cow that’s a long time!

“Tigers have acquired LHP Daniel Schlereth”

just saw that!

7.23 ERA 1.929 WHIP. 8.9 BB /9. I want to be a LHP in my next life

oh come on! Maybe it will work out better this time…

Joakim Soria could be available according to MLBTR

Schlereth why ?

In the new tread , Beck explains. They have called up two relievers from AAA,someone must fill for them

I see Dave Dombrowski is trolling the Tiger faithful.

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