Ian Kinsler on Texas reception: “We’ll see what happens”

Three months have passed since the ESPN The Magazine article in which Ian Kinsler was quoted hoping the Rangers lost 162 games. The Rangers have lost just 40 games so far, five games under .500, but they’ve lost Prince Fielder for the season to neck surgery. The Tigers have won 40 games in no small part thanks to Kinsler and his spark, both at second base and the leadoff spot.

Now, for the first time since the Fielder-for-Kinsler trade last offseason, Kinsler has a game in Texas, where he was a popular player and a sparkplug for years before the situation changed and the Rangers transitioned. And when asked what kind of reception he’s anticipating from his old home crowd, he isn’t completely sure. But he isn’t going to be blown away if he’s booed.

“Yeah, we’ll see what happens,” Kinsler said Sunday. “I think that whole ESPN article kind of blew some things out of proportion. If people actually read the article, I never said anything bad about the fans or my teammates or my coaching staff. It was all directed towards the front office.”

This is true. There’s no reference either way to the Texas fan base.

“So if people want to boo me for saying something bad about the front office, that’s their prerogative,” Kinsler continued. “I guess we’ll see. I don’t know.”

Even so, you might remember fellow ex-Ranger Josh Hamilton’s Spring Training quote to the Orange County Register’s Jeff Fletcher: “At least I won’t be the only villain in Texas now.”

That said, Hamilton called the Dallas-Fort Worth area a football town, something Kinsler did not.

“There were a couple times in my tenure that I wondered where they were, because playing in front of an exciting crowd, it just makes everything easier,” Kinsler admitted. “There were a couple times that I said something publicly, but I always loved my time there. I loved playing in that stadium in front of those fans. I guess we’ll see how it all goes down.”

The series starts Tuesday night.


link right side , Castrovince:
“The result is that Detroit is trying to become the first team in the Wild Card era — per STATS, LLC. — to reach the postseason with rookies accounting for at least 68 percent of the starts on the left side of the infield”.

That’s a good article. Everybody should read it.

a good chuck of left side of the outfield, so far, too!

We would all show continued support and pleasure if Casty would field 3B solidly and hold his own at the dish with his .268 BA to date. Decent opposite field hitting with some pop and getting better defensively with reps. He’s no Brooks Robinson or Mike Schmidt but a pleasant surprise so far.

Yea same here – no complaints re: Casty – but I hope he can keep it up. Also Docc is kinda a rookie too, right? He’s been good – heck he’s been as good if not better than Alex.

Doc is a breath of fresh air behind the plate . I have to agree on Casty a bit more experience and he will be just fine .

I mentioned Cleveland’s big weekend attendance yesterday, and I believe KC also had strong numbers. Both were swept. It’s not easy at the top, is it?

Probably a mixed reception for Ian, I’d imagine. He’s one of the best 2nd baseman I’ve ever seen.
By pure accident, I came across this article and thought some of you might enjoy it.

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