Hunter expects to be ready for Tuesday

Torii Hunter went through pretty much all baseball activity at regular speed Sunday, taking batting practice, running the bases, doing outfield drills. After a day off at his home near Dallas, he’s expected to be ready for Tuesday’s series opener against the Rangers.

And his manager is prepared to play him.

“We’ll see if he’s good on Tuesday,” Brad Ausmus said. “If he’s good, he’s more than likely going to be in the lineup unless there’s some other issue.”

However, Ausmus is also prepared to keep playing J.D. Martinez, who now has a 12-game hitting streak.

“I don’t see how I can take him out of the lineup,” Ausmus said, “unless he tells me he doesn’t want to play or can’t play.”

So if Hunter’s likely playing more games than not, and Martinez is definitely playing, that likely leaves an outfield rotation. It’s something Ausmus hinted at earlier this weekend, and it would leave Rajai Davis and Austin Jackson both sacrificing playing time, though Davis was already giving up some time to Martinez and Don Kelly.


no ball game tonight? i guess it’s time to take the kid fishing!

not sure if this link will work, but if it does, check out this play by the Mud Hens

Would the fact that Torii does not hit Colby Lewis be an issue Tuesday??

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