Krol dealing with dead arm, but no move — yet

The Tigers have taken Ian Krol at his word that he isn’t injured and can deliver out of the bullpen. After Krol’s struggles Friday night, though, there appears to be some question to that.

Krol, who admitted to shoulder soreness last weekend but said he felt fine a few days, said Saturday he’s going through a “dead arm” phase. His velocity was up Friday night compared to previous outings, but he said the life on his pitches was inconsistent.

Krol has been the one telling Tigers coaches and medical staff that he’s healthy. The choice of words from manager Brad Ausmus on Krol Saturday suggests some trepidation at this point.

“You don’t see the whip in his arm the last couple outings that we’ve seen before,” Ausmus said. “Velocity’s down a tick. He doesn’t have the snap on the breaking ball. He had that little bicep tendinitis a few days ago, said he felt better. I’m going to talk to him again about it.

“We’re going to need him later in the season. He’s had a decent number of appearances, so it’s something that we’re going to more than just keep an eye on.”

Krol’s velocity has dropped from 94 mph in May to 92.25 in June, according to He averaged just over 91 mph with his fastball his previous couple outings before topping 92 mph last night.

“He’s got that old-school mentality that he wants the ball no matter what. He’s never scared,” Ausmus said. “The unfortunate part is that he’s the type of guy that won’t tell me, or won’t tell Jeff Jones, is something’s not feeling great. He’ll always want the ball. But that’s the type of guy you want. You want the guy who’ll take the ball under any circumstances, but you want also want him to tell you when he’s not feeling great.

“I can tell the last couple outings that Krol still wasn’t feeling right,” Ausmus said. “When I ask him, he says he’s fine.”

Mark Anderson of the site, which focuses on Tigers prospects, tweeted Saturday afternoon that lefty Pat McCoy is joining the Tigers from Triple-A Toledo. McCoy’s representatives have tweeted the same.

McCoy is not on the 40-man roster, so it wouldn’t be just a normal move for depth. If he’s coming up, the logical move is to replace another lefty.

Ausmus, of course, will never say if a reliever isn’t available to pitch before a game. When asked if Krol could benefit from an extended period of stretch, however, Ausmus said, “Possibly.”


whose comin’ off the 40 man, then?

Putkonen to 60 days DL. I guess

could put Luke on the 60 day DL.

Let’s see if JV’s tweaks this week work?

Only time will tell but the fans will be watching more than ever . After all he is getting paid how many millions ???

20 mil this year 28 mil next

JD just keeps on goin

JV threw that homerun ball to Santana exactly where a left loves it. No wonder he hit it out. Meanwhile the Tigers are ho hum!

“Pop up Kinsler”. Seriously you can’t correct that? Ridiculous how many weak pop ups his bats produce.

Home run Kinsler. corrected that for ya.

JV look’n good again!

Another awesome pen decision from Ausmus……,he sucks at this!

well it worked so hey it is what it is

Suarez is 2 for his last 24 ab…….guess they have figured him out a little,

you know the next test: can he adjust? My guess is no, but hey it’s a learning experience. What would the MLB club do without Suarez… that’s a better question.

Suarez needs AB’s down in AAA to figure out the MLB pitching.

With Suarez what other options do they have. Im just hoping he is good enough to adjust back st least some.

Perez is the other option

Just when you thought…………….

Too late……yet another blown save. I was so encouraged. But I guess not. Maybe too much work for an old guy over the last couple of days maybe just not back?

OK, Miggy. Let’s get it done right here.

Barfing…….please Phil !

PHIL COKE STEPPED UP BIG TIME. he’s alright in my book!

Big Win!!!!!!!!!!!

Well this is a huge win given the disaster the last series in Cleveland . The Tribe does not give up as we saw tonight. JV did what was expected of him . The pen still isn’t where is should be . Nine job Phil Coke you saved the win …..Tomorrow is another battle it will not be aby easier .

Alright Phil Coke!

Coke 1st save. Nathan 4-2. I believe he matches Anibal’s W-L record. But what a difference. I was just going to say in the 9th that Nathan better not be available Sunday after pitching 3 says in a row and he blows it.

Bet we do not see Nathan on the mound for Sundays game . He will be on the bench.

1. Our guys came back three times tonight to get this win. Haven’t seen that in a while.
2. Long Ball City for the Tigers. The first came from Mr. Dependable, the second from “Mr. I love Me so Much”, and the last from the true swinger, Mr. Uppercut. I’m glad they showed up tonight.
3. The real hero of this game was Hardy. I wonder if Laurel was watching as Rookie 3 pitches out of a major mess.
Kudos to Upton’s beau. He kept his game simple, didn’t try to play Superman, and he gave us seven solid innings. When our starters perform like this, we’re always in the game. Kudos to Miggy for the winning Rib, and to the FizzMeister, better known as Coke Zero for a great 10th. Joe decided that he wasn’t ready to put his demons behind for good, so he wins the game that he blew for JV. What an amazing game, the one we call baseball. Old Blue/Brown Eyes can get us a sweep tomorrow; wouldn’t that go along way in forgetting these past 25 games or so? Hats off to the Tigers tonight.

It would be Joba tomorrow…….I think. Brad is puzzling at times.
My only question is why he pulled Verlander, so I hope there’s a good reason.
Those Clevelands are tough in the late innings.

That’s four strong starts in a row.

I think he really wanted JV to end his night on a high note.

Ian Krol to DL . Pat McCoy up.I guess due to logistic but why they went short in the bullpen? And why he pitched last night?

Much needed win after the disaster the last series in Cleveland . Quality start by JV . But we learned again about the problems in the pen. Great job Phil Coke you saved it . Another game tomorrow that will be hard fought . Huge crowd in Cleveland tonight over 40,000 to see a very close contest . Go Tigers …..

Hey we just won a series and regained our 1 1/2 game lead we held before the KC series. So far we are 6-6 in that 14 game stretch against our own division. JV with a solid outing and now he just needs to string a couple more together. Here’s a fast fact you need to know. We have won three and lost two of Joe’s five blown saves. His team has his back and that is how this is supposed to work. Did anyone see JV, Hardy and. Coke as a winning combination???? Joe’s 30 pitches tonight should get him time off until the seond game of the Texas series. Coke was amped up. The last time he pitched like that during the regular season was in August of 2011 at Tampa. Go Tigers!!!!!!

Yeah I don’t remember Coke hitting 97 on the gun before. Needed somebody to step up.

Lineup vs CLE: Kinsler 4, Jackson 8, Cabrera 3, V. Martinez DH, J. Martinez 9, Castellanos 5, Avila 2, Romine 6, Davis 7. Scherzer comienza.

Scherzer numbers are better with Avila , Day game after a night game. Twice wrong

Iott :
“Ian Krol’s mentality is that he wants the ball, will pitch at any time. Brad Ausmus has referred to it as a “warrior-type mentality.”
“Ian Krol said this is the first time he’s dealt with dead arm. Said he didn’t know if he should say anything since there was no pain.”
Warrior? There is another word for that.

Iott woke up early :”Andy Dirks is days away from starting a rehabilitation assignment.”

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