Tigers-White Sox will make up rainout Aug. 30

It’s official: Last week’s Tigers rainout against the White Sox in Chicago will be made up with a doubleheader on Saturday, August 30, the Tigers’ lone remaining trip to the Windy City. It’ll be a split doubleheader with 1:10 and 7:10 ET starts.

The Tigers already had a split doubleheader scheduled for the previous Saturday at Minnesota, so they’ll have two doubleheaders in as many weekends on the road. Both trips come in a stretch where the Tigers have only one off-day scheduled over three weeks, so Detroit will play 24 games in 23 days. And 15 of those games will be on the road.

The problem isn’t how to make up the games, because there really wasn’t much choice. The Tigers and Twins opted to make up their late April rainout during Detroit’s next visit in August rather than their final visit in September, which makes total sense. Likewise, they had little choice in Chicago. The only alternative would’ve been to find a common off-day and make a one-day trip, which nobody wants.

The problem the Tigers ran into is the imbalance of off-days — too many early in the season, and too few late. They had six SCHEDULED off days from April 1 to May 1, including two weeks with off-days on Monday and Thursday — one on a West Coast trip (Interleague Play had a role in that one), the other around their first Chicago trip. They’ve had three off-days since, one unplanned thanks to the rainout in Chicago, another taken away when they had to play that makeup game against the Royals yesterday.


gotta admit, pretty excited about Casty, Suarez, Martinez and even Romine. Youngsters who have a lot of potential might allow us to not have to overpaying veterans (e.g. Hunter, Damon are two examples).

“Team Record in Appearances: 14-13 / in Starts: 9-6” BR
ERA 3.75 With Avila 4.24. And getting better with each game.
He has to be Scherzer personal catcher.He is comfortable with him 3.35 with him 3.80 with Avila , And his SO/BB in noticeable better: 4.58/3.29
Scherzer hit a bump after he praised Holaday and found himself with Avila as catcher again the next game.

Enrique Rojas/ESPN ‏@Enrique_Rojas1 3h
“Un día como hoy, viernes 20 de junio, en 2003, debutó en MLB un peloterito llamado @MiguelCabrera Bateó H4 en inning 11 para ganar”
One day like today, Friday june the 20th, debuted in MLB, a player called Miguel Cabrera. he hit a HR in the 11th to win
As I recounted before , he lost the bunting sign and hit the fastball inside( he was the only one unaware of the bunt) i over the wall

“Since Verlander’s first full season, in 2006, he’s thrown 30,608 pitches, according to baseball-reference.com — 2,100 more than any other pitcher in the sport. And that doesn’t even include the 1,500 he’s thrown in the postseason. “

Already leads MLB with 1674 this season

Sinc’s first full season, in 2006, he’s thrown 30,608 pitches, according to baseball-reference.com — 2,100 more than any other pitcher in the sport. And that doesn’t even include the 1,500 he’s thrown in the postseason.

sorry for the double post

Top 10 in IP in 2006:Arroyo, Harang, Zito, Zambrano, Willis,Smoltz, Lackey,Livan Hernandez, Haren, Petitte. What do they have in common? their career sinked shortly after or they hit DL

RJ was 36th with less pitches than Bondo.
Years ago, a venezuelan journalist interviewed Jim Palmer.after a game when he SO a good number of batters. He was clearly disappointed and the journo was surprised. Palmer explained: too many SO , to many pitches.

1. Ian Kinsler, 2B 2. Austin Jackson, CF 3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B 4. Victor Martinez, DH 5. J.D. Martinez, LF 6. Nick Castellanos, 3B 7. Don Kelly, RF 8. Bryan Holaday, C
9. Eugenio Suarez, SS

I think I’ve come to the point where I regret the Verlander extension. Specifically, I now feel that there is over a 50% chance he is vastly overpaid for the majority of his contract. In fact I now feel there is closer to an 80% chance he will be overpaid for nearly every year moving forward on his contract.
Hopefully DD can send JV (and $$) to another team this offseason or something.

Verlander has been very very inefficient since the beginning. Yes he goes deep in games and has for a long time, but he’s never learn to be efficient, ever.

The “68 team played 20 games over a 16 day stretch, including a 19 inning tie game. And a west coast trip. These guys get no pity from me.

World Series Champions! I’m sure they were tired, but never looked back.

I just wonder how many of those pitches resulted in foul balls. Bet there’s not a stat for that. Over the years when JV hit the zone, the hitter couldn’t make clean contact. Foul ball.

When 120 pitches in a game is an enormous amount, does it matter who threw the most? It’s not like Mickey Lolich is on the mound anymore.
I think Verlander gets inside his own head from all the tweaking he does. It’s never good enough for him. This is a guy who went to an over the head windup in mid-season and then changed it back in the same game. Come on.

For his career 23% of fastballs

I believe JV’s future will be as a closer in the latter phase of his career. An overpaid closer but he will figure out how to get guys out with his four pitches and learn to be effective. His days are numbered as batters figure him out the 2nd/3rd time through the order.

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