Ausmus apologizes again for postgame remarks

Though Brad Ausmus apologized immediately after his now-infamous quote made in sarcasm about handling a loss, it was pretty widely expected he’d have more to say Thursday morning. As expected, he apologized again, this time in depth, saying he had to talk to his wife and teenage daughters about it.

“I didn’t have a fun 12 hours,” Ausmus said. “I didn’t sleep well. Obviously, I talked to my wife and daughters about it. My daughters are on Twitter. They see it. It hasn’t been a fun 12 hours.”

Ausmus himself is well aware of social media. He has noted more than once that he has a Twitter account, though he doesn’t tweet. He didn’t need his kids to let him know the level of reaction his remarks, even with the apology, would generate online as well as in traditional media.

“In today’s world, that’s pretty standard,” he said. “The truth is, I wasn’t trying to trivialize or marginalize the problem of domestic abuse or minimize how awful of a thing it is. And I’m sorry.

“The last thing is, there’s people in this room who know me: I wasn’t trying to hurt anyone. I certainly wasn’t trying to offend anyone. If I did, I’m honestly sorry for that because that’s not what I was trying to do.”

Likewise, Ausmus said he understood reporters were doing their job by chronicling it.

“I was well aware of what was going on,” he said. “I take full blame for that.”

Ausmus indicated that he plans on reaching out to women’s advocacy groups, but that he would like to keep that private and separate from the team.

“I think I will do something on my own,” he said, “but that isn’t something that I’d do for public relations. I wouldn’t tell you what I did or what my approach was going to be. I’ve discussed some things, and I’ll do that on my own.”

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