Ausmus keeping Suarez at bottom of order

Eugenio Suarez has become a spark for the Tigers offense over the past week. He will not be a savior, as Sunday’s win showed.

He also will not be a core run producer, not as a rookie with limited at-bats above Double-A ball. Twins manager Ron Gardenhire’s decision in the sixth inning Sunday showed one reason why. Brad Ausmus’ postgame comments reinforced it.

“I don’t want to throw him in the heart of the lineup,” manager Brad Ausmus said. “because there’s a lot more focus in the heart of the lineup.”

In other words, Suarez will be staying at the bottom of the batting order.

Suarez added another hit to his career-opening tear Sunday with a line drive single in the second inning, two batters after Nick Castellanos’ sacrifice fly pushed Detroit’s lead to 2-0. Ian Kinsler’s single moved him to third base before Torii Hunter’s groundout left him there.

After Twins starter Nicky Nolasco struck out Suarez on three pitches to retire the Tigers in order in the fourth inning, Detroit built a rally in front of Suarez in the sixth. Gardenhire, in turn, took his chances to set up Suarez with a chance to break the game open.

Castellanos’ double off the left-field fence not only tied the game, it moved J.D. Martinez to third as the Tigers’ potential go-ahead run. With first base open, Nolasco walked Avila — who grounded out and lined into the shift his previous two times up against Nolasco — to load the bases with one out.

It was an early situation to try to set up a double play or a force out at every base. It was a timely situation to put some pressure on a hot-hitting rookie to get a big hit. In that sense, it resembled what Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon did against the Tigers in July 2010 with Brennan Boesch protecting Miguel Cabrera in the order.

Suarez swung at the first pitch from Jared Burton and popped out to second base. Once Ian Kinsler flew out to right, the tactic worked, and the game remained tied heading to the seventh.

“By having young hitters towards the bottom of the order, you hope they can take advantage of it,” Ausmus said.


Suarez looks to be a good one, but will have the same ups and downs as Castellanos has had. I had the radio on early in today’s game and I thought I heard Price ask why he was still hitting 9th. Jim should know the answer to that.
Baseball is a game of patience.

Saurez has been exciting and has had a really great start, but let’s remember who else did…Avila, SheltonBoesch, and Brett Clevland . I like how he goes to all fields but we will see how he handles it as the season progresses.

Suarez will be fine. Too many expectations will not change the natural order of things. DD will have the luxury of having two very adequate shortstops next year.
Suarez could play 2nd but we have Kinsler, with Travis and Perez in waiting.

Iggy starts at SS next year and Suarez SS at AAA, IMO. If Iggy had trade value I might trade him at the deadline, but I don’t see it.

Kinsler days in Detroit are numbered. After 2015, traded. Before that , move him to the OF.
93.8 MM guaranteed for 2016 is way too much. That is , already,the Tigers payroll for 2016. Could hit 99 with Nathan option.
Too early to tell, Suarez could be Shelton or could be for real. If real, he could play 2B.
Of course, Suarez could be just being showcased

Yes my point was it is too early to tell, I sure hope it’s for real. Shoot me if Nathan’s option is picked up. He can’t pitch now, Valverde, Rodney and Jones were never this bad.

Valverde was this bad and worse, but luckily the playoffs happened and he had to be changed. We will be going through this with Nathan at least until the All Star break. I hope he continues to stink it up and someone else is brought in. If he gets semi-decent we may be stuck with him all year…

I don’t know about ya’ll but if Nathan doesn’t get back to it I figure our odds at winning the division closer to 50/50 than 70/30. I didn’t like the signing when it happened – I didn’t like how the bullpen was handled in general. But it is what it is – that is for sure!

The Royals are red-hot having won 7 in a row (they swept the hated white sox) and only 1.5 GB on our heels! This series could be a standings changer if JV doesn’t bring his “A” stuff tonight.

We better hope Nathan gets it back because DD is not going to publicly admit this was a blunder during the season.
Knebel had a very good outing for Toledo last night. His problem seems to be his fastball and while I have heard reports that rave about it—-I didn’t see it as a plus pitch at all.
The curve is a nice one but if you can sit on it—look out Irene. That’s why a good slider with bite (like Joba’s) can work even if a hitter is half expecting it.
Joba has been an extremely good signing and it is hard to imagine what this team would be like without him. His brief attempt at closing went haywire but that could have been one of those things. He seems really suited to a setup role but I wouldn’t sell this guy short.
DD has done a very nice job in Detroit but he does get hung up at times on untested rookies and over-aged veterans.
Sizemore, Rondon; Sheffield, Nathan.
I must admit I was satisfied with the Nathan signing. I preferred K-Rod but figured Nathan would brings us dependable relief.
The first sign this was going south was the “Dead Arm” issue in Spring Training. The arm may not be dead but it sure needs life support.

No Valverde wasn’t ever this bad….he saved 92% of the games in his time here 119/130 games never had an era approaching 7 …..never blew more than 5 in a season….Nathan has 6.57 era has already blown four and were not through 3 months yet. He’s blown 76% so far. Now if he has a clean sweep for the rest of the season then well we can live with it, but he isn’t fooling anybody he can’t strike anybody out, isn’t missing any bats.

Valverde wasn’t ever this bad

Well, you’re comparing Valverde’s 3+ seasons to Nathan’s 2.5 months at this point. If you go back to 2010 forward, Nathan probably has better numbers.
I recall Valverde blowing up in tie game situations which don’t count in save stats.
Anyway, numbers can prove any supposition, depending on how they’re presented.

yea i didn’t realize his numbers were so bad.

RIP Tony Gwynn. Great ballplayer, great man. I’ll enter this:
Bill Center‏@PadresCentral·1 hr
Once in parking lot,Tony saw a child crying after fall. Went back to his car, got a bat, signed it and handed it to the little boy. Nuf said

The numbers Nathan needs are the ones under the “S” (not “B”) on the scoreboard.
If he can find that strike zone again he will do better. His fastball is down andhis slider doesn’t bite like it used to.

Nathan…..2009-2013 he didn’t pitch in 2010 but a 4 year period saved 90% of his games. My point was though that in no period and we are now talking about a prolonged period did you wonder if Valverde could even get one person out? Valverde was never this bad for thus period of time, Put him in a no save situation he was pitiful but 92% of the time he got the job done. Joe Nathan is at 76% right now Valverde was never that bad ever. I’m not unhappy he’s gone but to say he didn’t do his job better than this joker is just not valid.

Jose who?

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