Friday’s lineup: Tigers vs. Twins

With Kyle Gibson allowing just a .202 average (24-for-119) to right-handed hitters, Andrew Romine gets his first start at shortstop in a full week. J.D. Martinez, meanwhile, gets another start, this time in right field in place of Torii Hunter, who’s 1-for-12 since his back-to-back multi-hit games last weekend against the Red Sox.

Still waiting on a full Twins lineup, but Dustin Morse of the Twins media relations department tweeted that Brian Dozier will get his first day off of the season. Eduardo Escobar supposedly will start at second base in his place.


  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. Austin Jackson, CF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. Victor Martinez, DH
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF
  6. Don Kelly, RF
  7. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Andrew Romine, SS

P: Drew Smyly


Happy birthday Drew! Mine is tomorrow, but I’m 5 years his senior.

Scherzer´s ERA, due to a huge BABIP with Holaday is better with Avila but his SO/BB is far better with Holaday. He praised Holaday but found himself with Avila even in day games after a night game. Last night, he pitched the best game of his whole career.
It is time to recognize his hierarchy and allow him to have his personal catcher; Holaday. He can call a game.

With two RFs listed is this one of those new fangled shifts?? It will be better with Kelly in LF and JD Mart in RF. Let’s see how it works with AJ hitting second.

You beat me to the shift joke

“Andy Dirks doing full baseball activity in Lakeland, started taking live swings today. Rehab assignment possible in next 7-10 days.” Beck tweeted

there is my update!

yeah Evan! I will hope to catch him maybe at the Hens game one of these days then

Here comes Andy Dirks to save the day! Lightning in a bottle.

Andy returns. Who goes? Kelly is too versatile. Romine is insurance for Suarez. Rajai is your best stealer. Is JD hitting well enough? Should Torii retire early? Is it time to give up on AJ? And how can we be sure Andy will be that lightning in the bottle? Can the bullpen go with one less arm?

Almost for sure, JD

At the very least, Dirks will bring versatility to the lineup just by being there.

he puts the dirt in dirtbag

AJ, Rajai, Dirks, Torii, Kelly…..and JD? Naw no JD.

I’m feeling sleepy.

On a side note, if you have ALOT of confidence in both JD and Andy…..I think you could trade AJ and get good pieces in return -whether those were MLB ready now contributors (e.g. a bullpen piece) or prospects. You’d get nothing for Torii.

I see the Tigers are facing CY Gibson tonight! He’s tossing a 3-hitter and got em stymied. Smyly pitching decent except the homer to a no name.

Hey, they loaded them up. We’ve had guys on base.

This Gibson guy looks like he could turn down 14M a year offers

good play by romine! glad he is still playing well!!!

e v e r y o p p o s i n g s t a r t i n g p i t c h e r is C y Y o u n g i n d i s g u i s e

But really. Come on now. A 1-0 shutout? These guys need a good swift kick in the _____

They are a bad ball team right now.
Bottom of the 9th:
Kelly….. pop out to short

They just don`t have any mojo at all.

We all know how this is gonna end.

Forget the 1-0 game. Courtesy of Joe BLOW.

Why can’t the defense make plays behind Nathan?

Humiliating. Replaced by Phil Coke.

It is and it will continue that is the sad part . Another loss to the Twins . Reminds of the series last month when they lost 2 of 3 to the twins .

phil coke had to come in for nathan and take care of business. [grin]

And Coke strikes out a .360 BA RH hitter. But it looks like they will waste a very well-pitched game by Smyly. Just no support at all. Who is the hitting coach now? We certainly can’t blame this on McClendon. It’s in-born.

Miggy stranded 5 base runners. Will the real bad luck pitcher please stand up? Is it Sanchez or Smyly?

It all stems from the top of the lineup.

Left after Nathan walked in the run. But frankly after Miggy grounded into the double play I figured it was over. Flat flat flat. I keep thinking one day they might wake up but I’m past anger I’ve moved on to ambivalent. They appear to be why shouldn’t I be. Let the that’s baseball and cap tipping commence.

Well, Gibson pitched a good game. Kept the Tiger hitters off balance all day and got out of the big jam in the 6th. You just tip your cap. The Tigers are playing .500 ball at home and have lost 17 of 24 after a great start. That’s baseball.
How was that?

Nice…! Thanks. Ya know when your at the game you don’t get a real sense of what pitchers are doing , strike zone, etc. all ya see is weak at bats, your big bats contributing nothing. But even if Gibson pitched the greatest game ever who could ever tell with the way these guys are playing? Seriously every pitcher looks great against them. So whatever Tigers I’ll continue to watch, but I don’t expect them to win anymore.
It just doesn’t seem to matter who they play or who pitches they look overmatched.

Here’s a thought: is Joe Nathan going to become the biggest villain in Tigers history?

As I mentioned in a previous post, we will be looking up from second or maybe third after the KC Series. Regardless of Joe, this game was lost because we have no consistent hitting with RISP. 1-4 just did not earn their pay tonight. It breaks my heart to see the end of a pitcher’s career, but I just don ‘t see Joe getting better.
1. Avila had two good abs, and nice swings for base hits.
2. Overall defens was better than usual.
3. Drew and AlJoba gave us a chance to win.
Coke has a good arm. Maybe, he’s back, but I wouldn’t bet the ranch. Again, our guys relegate another pitcher from very normal to dominator. We’re just not a very good team right now.


I haven’t seen the Tigers win a game since last Friday. I was at a show and then a concert for both wins this past week. It’s getting expensive, though, so if you all would like to contribute to my ticket costs for more shows, I’ll be happy to take one for the team. I’m not above bribery………..

The boys from Texas better start performing

This is such a great lineup! Anybody remember back in ’02 or even ’05? We would have killed for a line up like this. Speed and power will find the post season. But the one thing missing is a reason to grind it out all season. This is a good team of great individuals. Who will step up a help the team find its direction towards what their called to do? Does this team have a veteran (like a Kenny Rogers) that can do this? Can a new coach get guys to bust through walls the way our old coach did? Once they play for each other and for their fans, other teams better just roll over and play dead. So who do you guys think will step up and lead, or who will become the heart of this good team that could become great?

It’s early yet MH. I’m sure someone here will think of an answer!
Why are we concerned? Brad keeps insisting he isn’t. A lot of our players don’t look “overly” concerned either Perhaps this is part of the problem.
When is the last time this team has strung 4 hits together? 3 hits?
When is the last time we have seen a BIG inning?
The starters can get better results and did go through a rough patch. But they cannot carry this team. Without meaningful offensive support they will eventually become infected with the same malaise that ihas dininished the rest of the squad. Fans will be voting with their seats if that happens.

5.J.D. Martinez, RF
6.Don Kelly, RF
7.Nick Castellanos, 3B
8.Alex Avila, C
9.Andrew Romine, SS
These were our 5-9 hitters last night. How many runs can anyone expect? I don’t care if Julius Caesar is leading them, this club at 34-29 is right about where one would expect them to be. This team has been weakened through injuries, trades, and attrition. Otherwise known as Iglasias/Dirks/Rondon, Fister, and Benoit.
Any disappointment took place before the season even started. We got what we got.

When they showed that shot of the slanting sunlight hitting the Detroit buildings last night, I said to my wife “Someone is going to tweet that picture, probably Jason.”
Thanks, Jason.

Time for this:
Jackson, He can do worse than the incumbents
Hunter, he thrives there
Castellanos, when he in a hot streak he lives to the promise. Replace him late with Romine
JD Martinez . high SO/low BB but at least he can hit one out of the park
Kinsler, someone must bat 7th. Still better to have him than Fielder
Holaday, his bat is good and Scherzer trust him
Suarez, he has speed enough to steal one once in a while

I dont hate that Fielder is gone but DD did absolutely nothing to replace those rbi’s (or Peralta for that matter). To think that Dirks and Kinsler were going to be able to replace that was a poor calculation and gamble. Everyone wanted this speed thing well it hasn’t worked out yet?

Fully agree, they needed and need a LH with power

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