Tigers agree to terms with top pick Derek Hill

The Tigers won’t have to wait long to get their first-round pick in the fold. Multi-tooled outfielder Derek Hill and the team have agreed to terms on a deal that includes a $2 million signing bonus, MLB.com has learned.

The deal comes less than a week after Detroit selected Hill with the 23rd overall pick in the First-Year Player Draft. The pick was slotted with a $1,953,000 bonus into the Tigers’ draft pool, but the two sides agreed on an even $2 million. The difference will come out of the Tigers’ draft pool for their other nine picks. Third-round pick Grayson Greiner already agreed to a deal worth his exact slot value, while fifth-round selection Shane Zeile indicated he expects to sign later this week once he’s finished with exams at UCLA.

Hill had a commitment to play baseball at the University of Oregon,  but indicated on draft night that his thoughts were turned towards going pro. He left little doubt about his intentions with a tweet Wednesday afternoon.

“Sunday is the start of my new life,” Hill tweeted.

Hill is a speedy 6-foot-2, 190-pound center fielder who bats and throws right-handed. He’s the first position player taken by the Tigers in the first round since Nick Castellanos in 2010, and the first outfielder since Detroit took Cameron Maybin 10th overall in 2005.

While the Castellanos negotiation went right up to the final few minutes before the signing deadline, Hill didn’t take nearly that long. Major League Baseball’s slotting system leaves a limited range for negotiation.

“We’re definitely feeling very strong about the pro side right now,” Hill said on a conference call last Friday.

Hill batted an even .500 (47-for-94) in his senior season for Elk Grove High School, including 11 doubles, seven triples and 30 RBIs. His .586 on-base percentage translated into an opportunity to rack up 29 stolen bases.

Chadd said the Tigers gave Hill’s speed their highest grade on the 20-80 scouting scale.

“He’s just a very exciting player to watch,” Chadd said. “I’ve seen a couple videos of Derek on YouTube making catches that were unbelievable.”

He made a major impression in showcase events, especially with his speed and athleticism, translating into stellar defense. The potential to roam center field one day at Comerica Park could put those skills on display.

“I can’t wait to get out there and just be with the guys and pretty much show what I have to bring to the table,” Hill said last week.


Not above enough to trigger a sanction,Schmehl says

Welcome to Detroit, Derek. Hoping to see you soon out in Comerica’s OF.

Hi Kathy..My personal opinion about VJ ,is he needs to be quarantined from his model girlfriend ,she seems to affected his strength and eyesight…he cannot put batters away like he used to, walks to many batters, and if he gets a lead, he seems to lose it the following inning.Also, I believe his mind is elsewhere…maybe the movies? The Team is lackluster…no punch, no guidance, no relief, no nothing!
The only light in their lineup is the new ss..The pitching coach needs some coaching himself…the manager is young and waiting for his high priced players to produce….
hope he doesn’t have to wait too long because..central.teams are all creeping up on them.
Its’ just not Kinsler..Our players are not patient hitters, I say give Holiday more playing time..rest Avila for a week or so, or alternate him. Avila’s calling the game
seems suspect…are teams stealing his signs? Why are the Tiger pitchers giving up so many runs? How in the world are they in first place? I know its’ easy to criticize…
just human nature. Kathy, I’ve been rooting for this team for over 50 years, it hasn’t been easy…I’m still hoping for the best.
john lamp

Well, thanks for the reply, John. Not sure I agree with the gf (girlfriend) part, but it may be a distraction for him.. Completely agree with your
comments on Avila. Does a person let someone or something continue to beat them up and still come back for more? I sometimes think that the game is trying to tell him something.
I don’t have a problem with Ausmus going to the mound and asking the pitcher if he can get out of the mess. Justin said “yes” and Justin paid for it. I suppose it’s Brad’s part of gaining their trust because he’s “green” but he won’t have to do that with JV any more. Next time, Brad can just yank him. We’ll see how Max pitches today. He wants to pitch well, I’m sure to win, but that contract is on his mind.
I think this team has some serious ego issues. They are not the same team that clicked so well in the early going. I’m looking at you, Miguel.

What the heck is up with Kinsler? He looks pretty ordinary right now—actually less than ordinary. He’s swinging at bad pitches, getting things on the handle, not being selective and is actually an easy out. Big uppercut going on, hitting things down on the handle-etc,etc.
This team needs him very badly to contribute offensively. With both he and Rajai not getting on it is costing us a lot of run production.
JV throwing well and throwing strikes but I think he is going to give up one too many long balls tonight.
And with the offense we have witnessed this year, it might be already.

Verlander….?? Hit batter and two walks. But they’ll talk about his stuff being better because he’s thrown up over 95mph. Frankly I don’t care how fast you throw plenty of pitchers who don’t throw hard get outs.

JV is throwing quite well. He’ll never make some of us happy but I am happy to see he is mixing his pitches and, for the most part, throwing strikes.
When a team is going well they take advantage of what the ChiSox just did in their half of the 3rd.

Dreaming of a hot summer night with the Tigers pounding the ball.

Smyly next Friday. I was surprised by the projected rotation with JV and MX back to back

At least, the rookie got it back

That bunt had to be personal. Bad call

Nice play by Nick and Avila to get Eaton out at home.

Another bad running But this time , by the opponent

This is THE inning for JV. This is the one he often struggles with when he has twirled a good game.

And he failed yet again. An average pitcher with a few exceptional years.

why is he still there?

Both MS and JV pitches count climbed to early into the season. Does Ausmus want to end his career?

Because Ausmus let’s his starters tell him what to do instead of being the boss…it backfired the other day with Scherzer and today with Verlander. He needs to show him who’s boss, but appearently he’s a push over. Not impressed.

Kinda like I figured. The 6th inning seems to be his undoing. I like Brad keeping Max in the other day but there is no way he should have let JV pitch to Eaton.
Brad has to assert himself as manager and it was very clear that was the time to do it .

We Want Coke. we Want Coke

Not worth watching……..said that a lot lately. Ausmus is showing he makes horrible pitching decisions you’d think as a former catcher he’d be better at it. I’m sure we will here now because he threw a lot of pitches over 95 he had great stuff and how encouraging this outing was. He is up just not a good pitcher anymore.

Losing is bad enough but being humiliated is getting far too frequent.
We need Rajai to be the 4th outfielder/pinch runner. He can’t be counted on in his at bats.
Like it or not, they need to see what JD can do or, in my opinion (though who do you get rid of?) see what Ezequiel can do. I would imagine JD is the guy to go if Dirks were to come back but realistically, I don’t expect anything at all from Andy.

Rajai was 2 for 5. If anybody needs to be the 4th OF’er, it’s Torii.

If the starters don’t learn how to pitch it doesn’t much matter what the outfield does. This pitching staff isn’t giving the team a chance to win 95% of the time.

Soccer will not be a bad option after all

i call it flopper

The top of the lineup has been brutal. The bottom has been reenergized just to see the lineup stagnate time after time. Miggy hardly ever hits with men on.
The starting pictching has been disappointing but the team just doesn’t hit–and especially at clutch or critical times.
Rajai is up and can put his team ahead in the 6 thinning and pops up. Game changer.
Kinsler can’t seem to do much except pop up. When he does hit he has had no luck.
The team is boring right now.
And now we have two unreliable lefties in the bullpen to make things even worse.

who are the real tigers the ones that started 27 -12 or what we are seeing now?

that is the question I keep asking myself – if the team really is who they are now then I can keep my expectations low for the year and not be so disappointed when watching them.

Since this stretch started 22 games ago the starters have given up 4 runs or more 12 times.

Might have to tear it down and start all over. Too much money and no results.

And apparently JV’s stuff is still good????

1. Suarez
2. Nothing
3. Nothing
Cabrera was the leadoff guy three times tonight. The best you could do there is 3 runs. Raggie and Kinsler are just too swing happy. This lineup is in such a funk right now. We can’t get anything out of the five slot. So when Miggy and VMart don’t hit and score, we’re done until the next round. At least Rookie 2 is getting on base from the nine hole. Hey, put him at five; it could not be any worse. If Raggie is in the lineup, bury him in the nine hole. Say what you will, but JV’s gal for his career until last year was Emily What’s Her Face, sweetheart from Goochland High; since Upland and her presumed assets came along, he’s not the same guy. don’t argue about velocity; he still can sling it up there. Mound presence, command, and a passion to excel are missing from Mr. V. Instead, he stays focused on Superbod, while slobbering around the mound. You’d think that a guy would grow up by age 31.
Tori is riding into the sunset, Alex will have permanent brain damage before age 30, AJax continues to try and fine himself. By weekend’s end, we should be looking up from second or third place. We had to have this game tonight, because we might get 4 hits off the Lanky Lefty tomorrow. KC has better pitching; in fact, right now, we are just plum ugly to watch. So much for ranting. Nothing has changed, except my BP is back down to normal.


good comment. NOW when i see torii I’ll hear marshal tucker’s “ride in peace my friend” or commander cody’s “sunset on the sage”

oops i didn’t know that would embed like that. hah enjoy ann arbor’s finest commander

At this point in time, the Tigers are highly successful at doing the things that lose ballgames. What a stretch this has been.

Is he fully recovered from surgery? time for DL? If so ,lack of depth will punish them

I know he hasn’t taken an AB this year, or thrown even a single pitch; but you can’t fire all the players. right now it feels like he’s standing there like a house by the side of the road.

Davis CF, Kinsler 2B, Cabrera 1B, V-Mart DH, Hunter RF, JD-Mart LF, Castellanos 3B, Holaday C, Suarez SS. Scherzer

Hi Evan…Watching tonight’s’ game against the White Sox…Scherzer is what he is, a gutsy, hard nose pitcher..He did a great job…watching Suarez, is a breath of fresh air, even when he strikes out., like the White Sox announcer indicated, he has very good plate presence, unlike Costellanos, who swings at some real bad pitches , mostly outside and away…at times missing by 3 ft….needs more patience …seems like he’s trying to do too much…But, when he gets into his groove, look out!
We’re on our way now…..I hope.

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