Add another Tigers game to Sunday night package

The Tigers-Red Sox ALCS rematch was appealing enough for ESPN to schedule it for two Sunday night games in a four-week span — last month at Fenway Park, then last Sunday at Comerica Park. The Tigers-Rays rematch next month in Detroit is a little different, but ESPN is picking up that Sunday game, too, for Sunday Night Baseball. Thus, what was originally scheduled for a 1:08pm ET first pitch July 6 is now pushed back for 8:07, giving Detroiters coming back home at the end of the holiday weekend a few extra hours.

ESPN also picked up the July 4 game of the Tigers-Rays series. That game remains a 7:08 first pitch. In addition, the Tigers-Rangers game on Wednesday, June 25 in Texas has been picked up for an ESPN2 broadcast. That game starts at 8:05 ET. Both games will be broadcast on Fox Sports Detroit in Michigan and Northwest Ohio.


Great news. Tomorrow begin the baseball fast. So those games will be welcomed
The World Cup, the reason for the baseball world classic, will run from tomorrow, 1 billion will be watching Brasil vs Croatia.My daughter will skip her basketball practice to watch, (the coach too).
Local TV and ESPN with commentaries only, will be 24/24 on a soccer diet . But for the 3 or 4 games on ESPN( unless the NBA Final is still being played) , baseball will be absent the two first week of the Cup ( groups stage ) with 4 games on a daily base plus recorded broadcasts of the games.

Davis LF
Kinsler 2B
Cabrera DH
V. Martinez 1B
Hunter RF
Jackson CF
Castellanos 3B
Avila C
Suarez SS
Verlander P

start off with two guys who OWE YA some hits!!!

The best paid baseball player, Clff Lee, is only 30th among best paid athletes

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