Tigers-White Sox postponed Tuesday night

The radar around Chicagoland is about as ugly as the Tigers’ recent record, ugly enough that the White Sox — who have been known for waiting quite a while before postponing a game, and longer to get a game in — didn’t wait for the gates to open before calling Tuesday’s Tigers-White Sox tilt.

No makeup date was immediately announced. The two sides have night games Wednesday and Thursday, but the forecast isn’t very good for Wednesday either. The Tigers come back to Chicago for a three-game series at the end of August, but there are no off-days on either side of that set, so they’d probably have to play a doubleheader on Aug. 29 or 30.

If that’s what happens, the Tigers would face doubleheaders on the road on back-to-back weekends (they have a day-nighter in Minnesota the previous weekend to make up for the rainout there at the end of April). They’d play 24 games in a 23-day stretch, and that includes a scheduled off-day Aug. 25. Moreover, 15 of those 24 games would be on the road.


now what to do?

Worry that JV will be out of sync with an extra day off? Worry that the bullpen will lose their effectiveness with less work? Worry that Miggy’s hamstring will tighten up with no game action? Worry that they will be playing even worse when they make this game up?

I really quit the worry stuff years ago. I really do not think they could not play any worse . This club isn’t the 2003 Tigers . Maybe by then they can play alot better . We do not control the weather but it does throw some stress into the situation . Go Tigers!!

Hey is Toledo playing???

My father was a Dodgers die hard fan until they signed Torre and Mattingly. So I was rooting for Dodgers in 1978. I one of those who enjoyed the SO to Jackson and then forgot the rest. I remained a Bob Welch fan even when he as playing for the A´s

Joba’s favorite word: “obviously”
Every interview.

I see a lot of double headers during the dog days of summer, lots of rainouts

rain delays are a bummer, but 3 things I like about today’s rainout:
1. rest for cabby, alex
2. no bullpen disasters
3. buy time for the injured: hopefully when i replay this game we have dirks and *gulp* hanrahan

Another one bites the dust….Jose Veras.

Two articles , Foxsports and ESPN., declaring the end of JV career after a few bad outings

If you can’t sleep or want to torture yourself, Doug Fister pitching tonight at SF. Game just started.

My wife who is also a huge fan had to remind me . So with no Tigers and the Cubs already winning it is onto DirecTV . Yes another late night !!!

Haven’t read those articles but JV is not the kind of pitcher your write off. If he has to, he will re-invent himself. He just has the need to excel. I do wonder what he thinking about sometimes though. That whole Kate Upton thing and all. I think they named a bread company in Mexico after her.

Fister throws 7 shutout innings against the Giants and is now 5-1. Nearly unhittable his last five starts.

Great for him. Not so much for Dave.

With the clunkers the starting pitchers are throwing up there Doug is even more missed. Guess the extra innings in the post hasn’t affected him yet.

I’d guess far fewer total innings.

The lesson the Tiger pitchers can learn from Doug Fister is reduce the walks. DF has walked three batters in 42? innings. That’s less than one per 9 innings. Moving to the NL has been very good for him. Meanwhile, JV has 35 walks in 86 innings. Not pretty and probably ten more walks than we would like him to have.

Doug Fister is not a “power” pitcher, per sey. High 80’s, low 90’s fastball and all the off-speed stuff that he locates. He is tall, which the scouts like, but I think he’d be just as effective if he was 6′ tall. Mister Fister, you sure are missed. The art of pitching, as Jim Price always tells us.

i do miss doug, and i’ll miss max. that’s baseball folks!

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