Sunday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Red Sox

CoPa 002

As expected, Alex Avila has rejoined the Tigers lineup after missing Saturday’s game following the concussion he suffered Friday night. By all indications, his symptoms are fine. If you remember to last August, however, he played a full game in New York two days after suffering a concussion in Cleveland before symptoms finally emerged the next day. So here’s guessing the Tigers medical staff will keep a close eye on him.

Meanwhile, Rajai Davis moves up to the leadoff spot once again, this time with the right-hander on the mound. His numbers against John Lackey are pretty strong, so there’s a case to be made for it.

On the Boston side, Mike Napoli returns from the disabled list right into the Red Sox lineup, batting right behind David Ortiz. He’s 3-for-7 with a double a home run off Anibal Sanchez, most of the damage coming in the postseason.

Remember, tonight’s game is on ESPN beginning at 8pm, not Fox Sports Detroit tonight.

Gameday | TV: ESPN | Radio: 97.1 FM, AM 1270, Gameday Audio

TIGERS (career numbers off Lackey)

  1. Rajai Davis, LF (12-for-31, 3 doubles, triple, 9 K’s)
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B (16-for-38, 2 doubles, triple, 4 HR, 4 walks, K)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (6-for-18, double, 2 HR, walk, 4 K’s)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (13-for-35, double, 4 walks, 3 K’s)
  5. Torii Hunter, RF (15-for-62, 3 doubles, 2 HR, 3 walks, 12 K’s)
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B (1-for-3, K)
  7. Austin Jackson, CF (4-for-13, 2 doubles, walk, 5 K’s)
  8. Alex Avila, C (1-for-11, double, 3 walks, 4 K’s)
  9. Eugenio Suarez, SS

P: Anibal Sanchez

RED SOX (career numbers vs. Sanchez)

  1. Brock Holt, LF (0-for-2, K)
  2. Xander Bogaerts, 3B (2-for-5, double, K)
  3. Dustin Pedroia, 2B (2-for-7, 2 walks)
  4. David Ortiz, DH (4-for-10, double, 2 HR, 2 walks, 2 K’s)
  5. Mike Napoli, 1B (3-for-7, double, HR, 2 walks, 3 K’s)
  6. A.J. Pierzynski, C (0-for-2)
  7. Daniel Nava, RF (0-for-2, walk, 2 K’s)
  8. Stephen Drew, SS (5-for-25, triple, 2 walks, 8 K’s)
  9. Jackie Bradley, Jr., CF (1-for-2, K)

P: John Lackey


that’s a mighty fine lineup!!!!!

3 in a row – let’s go boys!

yes lets go, 3 in a row!

but i truly worry about avila playing again so soon.
from what i’ve read, the true danger w/ concussions is getting bonked on the head a second time, while the brain’s still recovering from the first hit. it seems too soon to play again.

That lineup seems to have the best flow to it. I wish he’d stick with it.
Avila on Friday night was hit twice on the first two or three pitches of the game. One a foul tip and one a backswing. This was before the Ortiz AB later in the game.

After tonight’s game with the Tigers ahead by a run or tied, I can’t remember which,
He(Avila) was up with runners on base(as usual) He looked as if he was in a trance, taking a third strike. The man should be rested, especially after those two hits he took.
Holiday should be playing until Avila is well enough to play.Another loss in the ninth…Poor Phil Coke…He sure deserved this win….

Alex’s days as a MLB backstop are quickly coming to an end.
I think the only role for him in Detroit will be as a DH, providing he starts hitting with authrority. I think VMart has one more year here doesn’t he?.

No, it is his last year. In Venezuela, a TV anchor has said that Victor wants to retire. Not after this season but soon

Do you think he would sign a two year deal with the Tigers and not test free agency?

I hope he will remain a Tigers for 3 or 4 more years

If this org doesn’t have alex’s replacement already in the org then they will have to trade for one, sooner or later.

McCann could be the long term replacement. If Avila goes to DL, Ramon Cabrera is the sole catcher in the 40 roster

and don kelly

V-Mart would like to catch some games. And Alex could DH in those games.

yea you could use that great .217BA bat as your DH! 😀

Anibal looks good but lots of pitches…..on the other hand our hitters aren’t making Lackey throw many.

w/espn’s coverage of the game, sure hope tonight’s the night that sanchez gets all the national recognition he’s due!!

2 innings…Sanchez 43 pitches, lackey 22. Sanchez has to be more efficient and our hitters must do a better job of working the count.

Without the slide, he had that

Boy is this game frustrating me tonight.

Sanchez might make it through 5 innings. Doesn’t bode well

Sanchez came up big there tho. He’s got the stamina to pitch the 6th for sure! C’MON BATS WAKE UP!!!!!

and we got the lead back! Time to get Anibal a W!

This strike zone is something else and not in a good way.

Ortiz had 4 balls when SO. And now Nava was SO with a ball. Anibal has 7 SO. Is all on him tonight

Bullpen time

More brilliant tigers defense…and shame on him gap for giving up on it and lalligagging.

QS without his best stuff

Could our Tiger’s hitters have worse at bats? At this rate lackey could pitch 18 innings.

Crap Miggy out of game only guy doing much

I hope Miggy will be OK.

3b? more 39

Miggy grimaced when he rounded 3rd base on VMart’s RBI so I sensed he strained something. Hunter, you are worthless these last few weeks, GIDP, K’s and weak outs! Feel bad for Anibal, another above average start and nothing to show for his effort.

showed discomfort since the grounder in the first

Coke threw some pitches to Ortiz that this umpire called strikes for Lackey. This umpire is aweful.

The only question is how far will Ortiz take Coke?

A team on it’s game takes advantage of the Cioke/Ortiz result.
Got away with murder there.
What a shame for Anibal–he just seems to go out and throw and walk off with no decision time after time. I said this before–I doubt he end up in double digits in either Wins or Losses this year.

Coke struts off the mound like he accomplished something and in reality–I guess he did. But Ortiz thankfully did not pull the ball.
If Miggy is hurt then for crying out loud–don’t play him.
Put him on the DL and let him heal. I am worried it is a recurrence of the core injury.
Miggy needs to lose 20 pounds to help with this issue.

Its a hammy

Lets hope not . We sure dont need that .

I dont like bunts (neither Ausmus) but if you are going to bunt, bunt



Avila is a step-ladder. I’m surprised he even swung at one pitch. Time to bring McCann up, 4-5 today with a home run.

it was too close to take but wasn’t a strike. Im sure alex was confused because his pitchers didn’t get that called a strike all night.

Suarez comes through!!!!

Not a lot but I have slightly more faith in coke than Nathan.

At least Coke got them out with no more damage . Had me and most of Michigan wondering !!!

Boy Castellanos needs a lot of work at 3rd. They might not call it an error but it needs to be.

Homer scoring

Phil needs more help than Castellanos

We got a lead–thanks to the rookies, but Rajai has to not swing at ridiculously bad pitches. If he can’t correct this then let’s see more of JD.
That has always been a critique of Rajai.
Love the guy as a 4th outfielder. Not as a 3rd fielder though.
Coke still in?
Big mistake.

Nice job Coke! Looking good!

Just amazing how Pedroia gets walked on the very same flipping pitch just the opposite side of the plate that this idot struck out Avila on. This umpire is a piece of crap.

joe nathan was like “I could have don’t that Joba!” hahahah, i gotta laugh. This is what DD built this pen to do! Shit the bed!

WOW…..I’m having flashbacks to last years playoffs…

You just knew that was going to happen with Ortiz coming to the plate. So stinken’ predictable!!

Now, now, Evan. Joba has been good, and hopefully will continue to be good as an 8th inning guy. We need a closer. Let’s get one from somewhere.

any thoughts on where to get one. and don’t say paplebum [sic]

My wife says it is my fault. I told her this is where Ortiz hits a HR. He is pretty amazing with this kind of stuff. One of the best II have ever seen.
Heartbreaker. I must say as much as id fear ortiza I can’t stand the arrogant ba—rd.

It was a disappointing way to lose but I never expected to win this one in the first place. 6 for 6 with Boston? No.
Man, these games are long. Way too long.

Pitch selection to Ortiz was pitiful, He was late on the fastball so you hang him a slider? Just plain stupid!

Crap I’m going to bed. I can’t stand to look at Ortiz’s face he’s not the great ambassador of baseball he’s made out to be. I’m not going to kill Joba he’s pitched an awful lot. But the pen situation has got to be addressed can’t win meaningful games with these guys. And I still am questioning Ausmus’s ability to use a pen. This starts with the dumb decision to use Nathan last night in a non save situation.

I think you’re right GK. I thought the same last night. I thought it was to much “expected” expectation to put on Joba. Nathan has been incredibly disappointing. the fans have been aware of this, the team has lost games that they should have won and now it is all on you when you have been doing a very good job at what you have been doing.
I would have gone with Al. At least if you lose with him you are not crestfallen. Now what on earth do we have for the 9th inning?
The bullpen is the albatross around Dave Dombrowskin’s neck and he doesn’t seem to know how to rectify it. he keeps throwing feces on the wall and hopes it sticks.
I didn’t figure a win for this game either Rich. Said all night they were going to drop this one but when Coke survived I thought maybe–just maybe it is not pre-ordained after all.
Tough loss but retropect, not the end of the world.
Except for the fact that every Tiger fan has to wait on baited breath for the return of Joe Nathan.
I just don’t think “it” is there for Joe any longer.
DD has to really start thinking about depending on 38 year olds to make his team work.
Not going to happen. You can get away with it when you have a professional DH but not if you thing a positional player or pitcher (without a 70 MPH knuckleball).
Nathan and Hunter will be the downfall of this team this year.

We asked for Joba, and got Nathanized. What is the old saying? “That’s baseball!”
Well then, baseball is not much fun. We get hosed again in the ninth. The really scary stat is that Phil didn’t hurt us tonight. He actually contributed. Like Dan says, Some people have the flair for drama, and Senor Ortiz happens to be one of them.
It seems like he thrives on those very situations. While hoping for a sweep, we still got 2-3 from a decent club. The Sox leadoff guy is unreal. If he continues on his journey, Ellsbury will be replaced with Pillsbury. Glad we’re done with the Sox for a good while. While disappointed in the loss, there were some good things to like about this game:
1. The C and S boys continue to make timely contributions.
2. Ajax continues to hit the ball hard, and is working out of his funk.
3. Krol has established himself as a pretty dependable Pen Mate.
Kudos to Miggy, and even Anabal who gritted almost through six, without great command. He is still our most dependable starter to date. I even give Kudos to PhilMeister, who pitched out of a couple of jams. Ig “Raggie” Davis is going to play, put him at nine. He is worthless as a leadoff batter. He doesn’t see enough pitches. None of the guys saw enough tonight. By the way, UMD’s DH yesterday had a 16 pitch AB against UVA. Ended up walking. RajMajal nor Ian gave us anything from the top. Cleveland is only three out. On to Hawk Territory. We need a split, but thee would be high cotton.


Rich , about those long games. Wouldn’t it be nice to see the strike zone enlarged so that pitchers don’t have throw the ball below the belt and above the top of the knees? Give pitchers the armpits and this games becomes far more interesting and way less time consuming. Pitchers deserve better than they get.

Too many bad memories from the ALCS . When the radio crew said Ortiz is up next my heart skipped a few beats . They have to get the pen figured out . Onto Chicago where it will not be easier .

I just worry about Anibal with all this crap. how can you go out and throw like an Ace (which he is) and almost never be rewarded?

It has to be very hard for him or so I would think. You are correct he is the ACE .

Very concerned about Miggy’s determination to play and management’s inability to say no. Hamstrings are tricky issues for big individuals like Miguel. They can characterize this as a ‘tightness” but it is a predictor of things that can get much worse.
They need to be extremely cautious with this. If it anymore than not enough hydration then don’t aggravate it by having him ‘manage’ it himself.

Three nights in a row is not good for Joba either. Al Al was the better choice. It’s back to the AL Central for fourteen straight!! Go Tigers!!!!

What’s Dombrowski thinking tonight?…My question is why is it every time Miggy is
is replaced at first base, it’s Kelly..and it’s usually in a close game..what’s wrong playing Martinez? He’s a much better hitter and with power, and would be more suitable in the cleanup position…This Team has a coaching staff that needs revamping….no imagination…what the hell is wrong with bunting in a bunting situation? At least try something different…. surprise me or better yet the opposing team..

They would lose the DH and the pitcher would have to bat, if Martinez were moved in game to 1B

And it is also time to accept some stark realizations re Alex Avila

Well we know there is a problem and has been awhile. Alex has trouble at the plate but neither DD or Brad will accept it . It will continue well into next season .

That was heartbreaking – Coke got himself some pitching that he needed and made the stadium very happy, then Joba who has been lights out gives it up. Tough to see Miggy hurting – but sit him for a week and see what happens, we need him. We all saw the discomfort earlier in the game, why was he still in there? And still in there and producing. Good for Suarez – pretty exciting first couple of big league games for him. Sanchez is impressive, and the way he pitches he never looks like he is throwing outside of his comfort zone, looks like he could easily thrown 130 pitches in a game he is so smooth. Too bad they couldn’t get him a W, or us for that matter.

IN regards to the pen and it being how dave designed it: the pen is simply how I am many others expected it would be. Nathan WAS a great pitcher before his armspeed started to decline a few years back, now he has early action (not late) if any action at all. Joba has been pretty good this year and while ALBQ has also been ok I would put big money on a season ending injury (he’s throwing a million sliders each week). Krol has been what we had in Darin Downs. Reed if anything has been a blessing – now watch the 5-O take him away for that opening day-even incident. Let me prewarn you GasCanRahan will not be until next season – people recovering from that operation have a fairly predictable timetable.
long story short dave didn’t throw enough feces at the wall to have a whole bullpen

as i said then, he needed 1 more big shit or 2 more little shits. talking about shits, isn’t Veras now available?

Veras peripherals were bad before the trade, His FiIP was way to high above his ERA. The regression was predicted well before the trade.
He was a gamble. But the other options were all pitch for contact /grounders pitchers

i agree. i just wanted to mention veras. if anything veras is credit to DD for not signing him. This pen just needs more

I shut if off early and saved myself some misery. Figured they would have a very tough time taking three games. Lucky if you win against Boston with 3 runs. The real tests are starting against the teams in our division. They are nipping at our heels

Boston threw 125 pitches, Detroit 186. The pitch count is partially to blame for long games, as it’s become strategy to run it up. The other issue, as Dan noted, is the strike zone. The zone is at the crux of who wins and loses every game, and to have it change so drastically from game to game is absurd. I am all for an electronic zone. I don’t see the negative in having one.

Seems to me that most closers are created over time. We had one such closer in Benoit, but DD let him go in favor of an old Nathan. That appeared to me to be a reaction to the ALCS in Boston. It’s happened before. The Nationals signed a closer they may not have needed in direct response to one playoff game in 2012.
The other mistake was relying on Rondon, when everyone could see he was already an injury waiting to happen.

At the end of this 14 game stretch of divisional play, the standings will probably look just about the same as they do now.

I hope you are right about that Rich. And you are so right about Rondon. The thing is they have factored him into a crucial bullpen role twice now, in different roles nonetheless. How could they behave as though they had a lock down closer in him one year and a solid setup man the next year and he has barely thrown at all in the bigs?

I’d leave Miggy out of today’s lineup. Pinch hitter if you need it.

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