Tigers draft prep outfielder Derek Hill with top pick

For the first time in nearly a decade, the Tigers used their top pick in the First-Year Player Draft on a high school outfielder, selecting Elk Grove (California) High School product Derek Hill with the 23rd overall slot.

Hill is the first position player taken by the Tigers in the first round since Nick Castellanos in 2010, and the first outfielder since Cameron Maybin went with Detroit’s top pick in 2005.

It goes against the Tigers’ trend of hard-throwing pitcher. When the Tigers do select an outfielder, though, they tend to go with an athletic one. Hill fits the mold, drawing comparisons to current Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter. It might take some time to figure out if he can meet those lofty goals, but he gives the Tigers an infusion of athleticism and a potential multi-tooled future center fielder.

“It sounds amazing,” Hill told MLB Network about joining Detroit. “I can’t wait to get out there and get with the guys and get after it.”

The Tigers had been linked all over lists in mock drafts, including several college pitchers, a couple high school hurlers and a top college slugger or two. As the draft unfolded towards the Tigers pick, however, several of those names went off the board.

Hill, meanwhile, lingered. He came into the draft ranked as the 20th-best prospect by MLB.com, and one of the fastest players available in the field. Prospect analyst Jim Callis had him going as high as 13th overall in his final mock draft, while Jonathan Mayo pegged them as falling to the Tigers pick.

Hill grew up around the pro game as the son of former minor-league outfielder Orsino Hill, now a scout in the Dodgers organization. He’s also a cousin of former All-Star outfielder Darryl Strawberry.

Derek Hill told MLB Network he received a message of congratulations from Strawberry going into the Draf.t

“He pretty much said good luck in the future and you’re next in line,” Hill said.

Hill told MLB Network that Hunter is his favorite player.

The Tigers have a second-round pick coming up later this evening. After that, the draft continues on Friday with Rounds 3-10. The MLB.com pregame show begins at 12:30p ET, with exclusive coverage of Rounds 3-10 beginning at 1p ET.


Can he help now?

Torii was a first rounder in 1993 and it took him until 1999 to be a regular with the Twins. Even then he was sent back to the minors in 2000. If you want the young man to be a Tiger you probably want him getting to the D in 2018 at the earliest.

It was sarcasm…….

Big tigers win tonight! I can smell it! We’re due!

Things that would help:
– Rajai Davis becoming a threat to bunt
-Kinsler and Jackson running more
-Finding someone that can get on base in front of Miggy
-Alex Avila LHB starts to work. If not his then find another and put him OF
-Starters throw 1st pitch strikes and quit nibbling
-Establish some EFFECTIVE relief pitchers. Knebel, Coke and Reed are not effective
-Consider Jimmy Rollins

for whom (rollins)? he defense is now at par, his bat respectable.

The reverend Strawberry, huh? nice.

June has not been kind to us. Even Miguel, Victor, and Torii are struggling. Of the regulars, only Nick C has an average over .250 the past seven days. Team wide funk for sure. Starting pitchers?? Sanchez has been lights out since returning. JV has our last win and a definite uptick with the velocity recently. Porcello was okay the other night. No worry here about Max. Smyly is up tonight and he has been struggling. What would help him the most?? Having our offense give him some runs. The back end of the bullpen?? Those guys are rested and ready to go.!! Go Tigers!!!!!

The Jays put on a show this week. Here’s something: they’ve gone 26-11 and the Tigers went 27-12. What does that say?
Realistically, you could probably get Rollins but you’d overpay and the dude isn’t really all that anymore. He’s hitting what, .246? Over 20 ABs, he’d get one more hit than Romine.
The urge to fix things is overwhelming, but I think we have to just wait it out for the most part.

Looking for the tide to change tonight and get out of our “funk”

It also appears DD first wants to see how Suarez does before going for any deals. All of this could take awhile. The first thing the kid needs to learn is how to slide.
I’m not ruling out Rollins but as we know, DD can pull off some surprise trades. It’s all part of the story of a baseball season.

perhaps tis a “showcasing” of the youngster. Hey if we could trade Justin and Suarez to Miami would they give us a permanent solution to the corner OF (i.e. Stanton) and their starting SS (hetcha-something is his name, .260 hitter)?

I know he’s a FA soon but I’d rather pay him than Vmart + Hunter.

Worth cleared, assigned to Toledo, where he’s probably bought a house by now. With two injured shortstops, is there a waiting period if they need to call him back up?

Not sure One of them going to the DL??

How is MLB?? Four teams with 36 or more wins. Then comes 13 teams with between 30 and 32 wins. The 32 win team is the MIAMI Marlins. Lots of teams vying for those wild card spots. And we also have teams with less than thirty wins who are all in to win their division. Bud Selig has to be smiling. Good competition boosts attendence.

If someone go to DL, position player or pitcher, no waiting period to call him back.

Thanks. Danny isn’t the best option, but it’s good to have him there if needed. And he is also a pitcher now, I guess.

He is AJax redux. Great defense, no bat. Since he is a HS player, they wait could be long.Or not: Porcello was a HS pitcher and against the odds were in MLB one year later and survived.Miller was with the team one month after signing( out of college).If they can rush pitchers,they can rush an OF

Tigers PR ‏@DetroitTigersPR now
Lineup vs. BOS: Kinsler 4, Hunter 9, Cabrera 3, V. Martinez DH, Avila 2, Jackson 8, Castellanos 5, Romine 6, Davis 7. Smyly starting.

Austin Jackson has gone through slumps and hot streaks in the past few weeks while all the time getting few, if any, base hits. This is rare. His breakouts have produced no results.

EVERYONE needs to do better. Starting with the starting pitch 6.01 era in this almost 3 week swoon. That starts with JV and Max they have both stunk big time. Max you wanna be paid like an ace then pitch like one….because my friend you haven’t for 3 weeks.

Pitching in the bigs is difficult enough. But when you have a struggling offense and a team behind you waiting for a black cat to roun out in front of them—it’s really difficult. The most amazing thing about Anibal—he has not given in to discouragement. His mates have let him down and he just goes back out and pitches fine anyway. True professional.
We have heard so many times how ‘mental” baseball is. Well- that is precisely the reason I think Smyly needs to adjust this aspect of his game. The “Aw Shucks” thing and calm demeanor idea is not going to cut it. He needs to bear down, accept the responsibility of and attitude of intensity. He has good stuff, intensity brings it to the forefront, lack of it brings you to your knees.

Moros tweeted:
“Justin Verlander (14,037) and Max Scherzer (12,276) rank 1st and 4th, respectively, in pitches thrown since start of 2011, per STATS LLC”.
“If you’re wondering why the Tigers’ pitching staff has struggled lately, there’s the No. 1 explanation.”
Excuse me, but I have been saying the same since 2011

Yes you have. Three postseasons have something to do with it. Tigers went deep every time.

Hardy and Belfiore give #Tigers a couple strong lefty relief options if they wanted to address bullpen. *cough* (cut ties with Coke) *cough*

The good news and the bad news re danny Worth:
Good news: He went unclaimed yet again.
Bad News: No other team thinks enough of him to claim him

When does Dombrowsi actually address the Phil Coke situation?

For cripes sake. Bat AJ 2nd and bat Hunter 5th. TELL THEM this is now the role they are expected to fulfill.

And now a moment for shedding tears…………Doug Fister. Moment over.

Douglas Wildes!!

Boston pitcher. …..AAA CALL UP we all know what that means. Yep. Shut out

You talking about De La Rosa? He shut out the Rays last Saturday. At what point are they not a AAA call up? We should have at least those seven innings on video.

Aw shucks, Maybe Ishould just let them hit my 0-0 pitch. 0-2 mens I’ll throw the same pitch anyway

Good lineup for Smyly. Two bad pitches cost him one run.

Torii Two-Hop in the Two Hole. Again.
They need an RBI guy lower in the lineup and he is one of the few guys left on this team that does have the ability to hit the ball over the fence—or to it. AJ needs to fastballs anstead of breaking pitches and DOESN’T have the ability to find the fence very often. Seems logical to me to swap the two in the lineup. It’s not as if it is working the way it is.

Bad execution or bad call by the catcher?

Bad execution on the first one. Horrible execution on the second.. Hit the fence just below the yellow padding.

David Chadd was in the booth when we scored. Should have him back up there again??

romine got that RBI, right? hmmmm

Don’t get me wrong, I like Casty and I think his best position is 3rd base but he is ball shy. Clearly. Can make a good play if the ball is off to his side but has problems wanting to stay in front of the ball. Sometimes it comes from not wanting to “mess up” and sometimes it is simply being “scared of” the ball.

Dan made it sound like a no-doubt HR and then Bradley caught it.

you have to listen for the “WOW” from jim😉

Smyly gets a shutdown inning.

Torii and Austin talk it over and decide who will catch the ball!

Beyond his limit. Time to call the bullpen

Before this AB was the time

Ugh, oh, we might be in trouble now.

Thank you, A. J. Pierzynski.

He plays to close to home. The too many hits and this

I’m afraid for him. He’s been hit too many times.

Big Papi vs Avila’s head. great!

Thanks, Victor.

Oh, happy day!

A lot to like

My apologies to Torii, AJ and Brad.
A very enjoyable game. Great to see Nick hitting this well and pulling the ball more.

Just one win. We won last Friday, too. Now let’s win this series. Go Tigers!!

AA has mild concussion. Will not play tomorrow.

Guys what happened to Alex I was watching the ball and not alex was he hit on the back swing?

Back swing. Got him good.

Well that was a good time. Nice to see Smyly attacking the zone. The key as always is Kinsler and Hunter when they hit 1-2.
I would like for Jackson and Hunter to huddle up and decide that Jackson catches those tweeners out there. The CFer is the captain, always been that way.
I don’t think Avila can continue this way. I know they’ve tried to move him around back there but he gets nailed anyway.

yep it feels like we may turn a page here offensively

1. The Rookie has his second 3 hit game in a row.
2. Finally KrolJobaJo shows up again. No bull!
3. Kept Pedroia off the base.

Kudos to Drew, Ian, Tori, and VMart. Minus the error and the baserunning blunders, this was a well played game in all other areas. Even clutch hitting showed up with hits from Romine and the steady SF from Ajax. The key is still the starting pitching. Drew decided to live up to his billing tonight, and came through in flying colors. Joe looked like Joe Old with no pressure on him. Nick might be in Phase 2 of his first full year, where his plate discipline has moved up a level. He’s more patient, not trying to hit HR’s which will come as he continues to mature. Alex will have brain damage by age 28 if he doesn’t already. Such a shame for a solid defensive catcher; he just seems cursed behind the plate. With the Mad Man and the Cool man going the next two, we have a chance to sweep. Not likely, but certainly within reach with performances like tonights.


I’ll be happy to just win a series and then make a habit of it.
Nick C., as noted, is doing about what one would expect in his rookie season.

If anybody wants to undertake a challenge, what percentage of Tigers series feature an opposing starter that they’ve never seen before? Seems like a LOT.

I like the Tiger’s draft this year. You can really see how their philosophy is changing with Hill. It will be fun to maybe see him in West Michigan next season or in 2016. I like that they took a couple of catchers, also, almost admitting they will need help in this position sooner or later. I expect either Greiner or Zeile to be added to the Whitecaps roster if they sign (both are college juniors).

I am a Tigers fan in Columbia SC. I have watched Greiner (3rd Round) and Pankake (6th) for 3 years. Great picks! Greiner is a high ceiling catcher. Big guy, good power. A gamer. Pankake played SS the first 2 years. Then he toyed with pitching in fall ball and hurt his elbow, which really affected him this year. Still hit with good power and average. USC is a great baseball program and playing in the SEC, they face stiff competition most weekends. Most of all, both are winners, 2 World Series and 1 WS final in the last 4 years.

that’s the kinda scouting report I like! thanks port!

Avila has ” mild concussion”. Why he is not in the 7 days DL?

“Avila working out, passed concussion protocol, available to play. Ausmus said he’d rather not play him.”

Lineup: Davis lf, Kinsler 2b, Cabrera 1b, VMart dh, Hunter rf, Castellanos 3b, Jackson cf, Holaday c, TBA ss. Sanchez p.

Suarez working out. Beck tweeted

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