Wednesday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Blue Jays

Eugenio Suarez, called up from Triple-A Toledo this afternoon, is expected to arrive in time for the game, but won’t get the start. His audition will start on Thursday. It’ll be interesting to see how Andrew Romine, who seemed to be beating himself up over his at-bats Tuesday night, handles what amounts to a lame-duck start tonight against knuckleballer R.A. Dickey.

This could be a feast-or-famine performance for the Tigers offense. With cool, damp weather tnhis evening, it could be a little more to send the knuckleball out. Meanwhile, a lot of Blue Jays have very good track records against Rick Porcello, but haven’t seen him in his changeover to a better pitcher than a pure sinkerballer.

TIGERS (career numbers vs. R.A. Dickey)

  1. Rajai Davis, LF (2-for-2, walk)
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B (1-for-7, HR, walk)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (5-for-18, double, HR, 2 walks, K)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (3-for-9, double, walk, 3 K’s)
  5. Torii Hunter, RF (6-for-15, 4 doubles, triple, 4 K’s)
  6. Austin Jackson, CF (3-for-7, double, HR, walk, K)
  7. Alex Avila, C (2-for-7, double, K)
  8. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  9. Andrew Romine, SS (0-for-2)

P: Rick Porcello

BLUE JAYS (career numbers off Porcello)

  1. Jose Reyes, SS (3-for-6, triple, K)
  2. Melky Cabrera, LF (8-for-17, 2 doubles, K)
  3. Jose Bautista, RF (6-for-13, walk)
  4. Adam Lind, DH (2-for-12, HR, 2 walks)
  5. Edwin Encarnacion, 1B (5-for-12, 4 doubles)
  6. Juan Francisco, 3B (1-for-1, walk)
  7. Brett Lawrie, 2B (0-for-3)
  8. Josh Thole, C (2-for-2, HR)
  9. Anthony Gose, CF (1-for-2)

P: R.A. Dickey


I would think any struggling or somewhat struggling team would love to play the tigers.

Cleveland before tigers 19-25 after tigers 10-5
Texas before tigers 22-23 after tigers 7-4
Seattle before tigers 26-26 after tigers 5-1

Nothing like the tigers to get your bats and pitchers going.

JD Martinez hits a 3-run homer last night. Sits on the bench tonight, just as I said in previous blog.

It is a little wacky. Though we have a glaring need for a LHB OFer JMart has shown he has power that is being under utilized. I’m not saying he should take anybody’s job from them but he should be in a rotating outfield. Davis sits and so should Hunter and Jackson. JD has shown he can handle it on D and on the base paths.
Torii should not be playing every game because he is Torii. AJ should not play every game because he doesn’t hit enough. He doesn’t run enough, he doesn’t dive enough etc. AJ does not have to play in 95% of this teams games. Hunter can play in far less than that. It doesn’t always have to be Davis giving it up. The numbers show that.

Right down the dang middle for a solo shot

Great start…..????????.

Torii hits .500 against Dicky but in general I agree. Tonight’s lineup might have a little more to do with who is pitching a knuckleballer than anything else. Nothing like starting in an early hole

Why did Melky Cabrera and Nelson Cruz take PEDS in the first place? They obviously don’t need them.

Take that!!!

Well I can tell if the strike zone differences remain the same I’m going to run down to Comerica and smack that ump myself. Some of those pitches RA was getting versus Rick were unbelievable.

Hey Bob–did you catch the Jays announcers talking about the “black hole” and “easy outs” at the bottom of the Tiger lineup after Victor?

Well this ump is not nearly as sharp as the one last night. I thought he was really good.

Sure would be nice to get Kinsler going again.

You ask and you shall receive.

Graphic on Jay TV has the Tigers at -40 run differential in losing 11 of their last 15 games. Minus 40! RISP significantly under .200

Surprised it’s not worse…


AJ, get off your feet and dive. That was very catchable if he would just have extended himself and get his uniform dirty. Man that ticks me off. I know it would have been a highlight catch but you’ve got to try in that situation with two outs and protecting a one run lead.

AJ seemed to pull his glove back just when he should have thrust it forward. Of course there is no way at any time in any situation will you see him leave his feet for a ball to help his team. Yes Lind smoked it but I’ll bet you a lot of CFers catch that ball. I’m just saying that AJ’s defense does not justify no offense. It’s good but it is not superb as many are led to believe.

Heck I’d be happ if the umpire would call the same strike zone for both pitchers…Rick get some of those pitches he threw in that inning called strikes like Dickey did we are talking strikeouts and strikeouts in that inning.

Obviously I agree Guate. He was too close to that ball not to catch it. Guys with utter determination make that play. AJ actually picked that ball up on a hop. You can really pick your team up with a great play right there.

Yeah I agree completely Dan. I have been watching AJ since the first game he ever played as a Tiger and I know he refuses to ever lay himself out and that I shouldn’t complain about something that is just never going to happen but it just really pisses me off when some extra effort could have made all the difference.

You gotta be kidding me bases loaded no outs and not a flipping thing to show for it. Sorry but what a Bunch of incompetent boobs.

Could possibly expect anything else? We’re going through another one of those periods the Tigers are famous for.

Pathetic at bats by JD and Rajai.

And Ian just because he had a homerun earlier doesn’t let him off the hook for that.

Tigers have now given up and Blue Jays are going to pile it on now.

That was awesome grounding into the double play V-mart. Argh. Is there nothing here right now. Im really not sure how this team can get much worse.

This whole team is all about doing the worst thing at the worst possible time. It’s almost uncanny.

Don Zimmer passed away

I could just cry…..

About these tigers that is

Not worth watching anymore. It’s a joke…they are a joke and not sure why we waste 3 hours a day watching them. They are embarrassing themselves and their owner.

You forgot to mention their faithful fans that are unable to figure them out.

These guys are an abomination right now. Even Miggy on the pick-off was uninterested.
This game was won in the 6th inning. That’s when AJ gave his 95% effort.

Another wasted 3 hours. Just doesn’t seem like they have any fire. The refusal of AJ to lay himself out for that ball that he most likely would have caught is such a metaphor for the lack of any extra push from these guys. So incredibly disappointing. Now Coke on the mound. Not sure I can stomach this.

They play like they have a gigantic hangover.

I know a lot of what we (I) say is out of frustration but I can honestly say that this team, right now, is playing some of the most god-awful baseball I have seen in long time. The downward spiral is contagious and collective. Everyone is waiting for themselves to screw up.

Rajai could not have had a worse game. I doubt he will be in the lineup tomorrow.

Recall Miller to begin with, Knebel back

Even VMart seems to have packed it in. 1st pitch swinging to get the game over.
Agree about Knebel. He’s gonna get hammered up here.
Nice job by Rick-that double by Melky really hurt though and then he got too careful with Bautista.
It must feel pretty lonely out on the mound for Tiger starters right now. They know one mistake might mean a loss.
Hard to believe this team went from being the most feared to the least feared. That they are 31 and 24 but were 27 & 12!!!!

Might have to send the whole team down they all stink. Heck what do they care they continue to collect their money no matter how they do. Remember the old cliche “it’s just baseball”. I think if I hear that excuse one more time I’ll throw something at the television. I’m disgusted by every one of them with the exclusion of Sanchez and Chamberlien. Everyone else needs a major adjustment.

Don’t you wish you could just watch the games that the Tigers win? Maybe just watch every other game so you would not waste your valuable time. I know, listen to them on the radio. At least we would not have to hear Rod. I think we are still in first place. You could be a Cubs fan. Go Tigers!

If you think they are at all enjoyable to watch right now than heck more power to ya. We all know they are not going to win evey game (even though that would be awesome) But I think we deserve a whole lot better than what we are being shown now and all the excuses. First it was the plane then it was road weariness now it’s just bad luck according to Nathan. They aren’t just playing a little poorly they are playing worse than the Astros the cubs and any other team you can think of and in every facet of the game. And while I’m sure we will all continue to watch no matter how you look at it wasting 3 hours in from of the television watching this is a waste of time.

Really, VMart packing it in? He hit it up the middle and the pitcher stuck his glove down and said look what I found.

The best part of the night was when Gk called the Tigers incompetent boobs.


Really really bad stretch here. Even the ball is bouncing the wrong way. Nothing to do but wait it out. There’s still some good baseball to be played. At some point.

By that I mean swinging at the 1st pitch when down in the last inning. Truthfully what did it matter but I’m sure everyone wanted to get out of the public eye as quickly as possible tonight.
Wrong choice of words (packing it in) in my frustration. Sorry. Go Tigers?

Great name for a punk-rock band.

What a waste of time these guys are at this current streak! Worthless baseball offensively since the “zubaz curse” and they got “cocky” after BoSox/O’s sweeps.
I am not spending $$$ on this bunch.

1. Rick was okay. He gave us a chance to win.
2. Avila was on base three times. His swing looked better tonight.
3. Romine made a great stop on the Bautista grounder in the hole.

No Kudos again. Two HR’s, both solo. We needed them with men on base. and nothing happened there.Would love to see the odds of not scoring with bases loaded and none out. It’s so predictable that we would not score. Davis is horrible at leadoff.
Put him, Jackson, and Kinsler at 8,9,1 and utilize the speed potential. Of course, poor AJ doesn’t have a clue right now. 4-6 were 0 fer tonight. Five of our total hits came from 7-9. I realize it’s a long season, but at this stage, I don’t see this team hitting enough to get through the first round of the playoffs, even if they make them, regardless of how well the starting pitching is.
Last two nights, Sanchez and Rick gave us an opportunity to win. The Pen said not so fast. This team desperately needs another lefty hitter. Maybe Dirks can come back soon, and hit .300. Suarez tomorrow for a full game; Verlander will be at 100 pitches by the fourth, and the Jays Lefty will be around 45. When will the UGLY stop?
Let me know if you do.


It stops tomorrow.

Sure hope you are right . Tigers have lost 12 out of last 16 games . This seems like a very bad dream .


Brutal game! I do look forward to seeing Suarez in a full game tomorrow, though. I hope he can succeed in that spot. He’s done well at two levels so far, but this is a big step.

Well….the Twins won, Cleveland won, White Soxs won……the lead is dwindling away

Davis , a platoon player that can hit RHP, Kinsler (at CoPA had bad career numbers)and Hunter numbers are now aligning with their career numbers . Still some drop in the horizon.

cant hit RHP/ Davis

Kinsler is batting .316 at home about .280 on the road.

Kinsler batted 253 at CoPa before joining the Tigers.
I dont blame them, they are doing their part.I just expect them to regress to their career avg. Those numbers are extremely good. But they cant compensate for the lack of hitting by Jackson, Castellanos and Avila. Avila vaunted OBP only means like Baker quipped that he is clogging the bases

Arggg – not the game to attend in person. We had great seats, weather was perfect, there with good friends and one blue jay husband and what a disappointing game. Of course it is always a highlight to watch a Miggy homerun in person. Twice we had bases loaded and scored zero – that just can’t happen. The boo’s were not as bad for Coke as I thought, of course half the crowd had left by that time, I think the boo’s would have much much louder for Nathan had he been in the game. Time to get back on the winning wagon.

Remember the WS champs from last year just lost 10 in a row. Every team goes thru a funk. Yes Dan, I understand your frustration. Not sure how much other baseball you all watch but every player is making A LOT of money. Nice interview from Brad. No time to panic. Rich, it does stop today. Go Tigers!

I’ve been saying for more than a week it’s going to stop….it hasn’t. So I don’t know what this team is except for really bad Astros are playing better ball right now. This started off with bad starting pitching and the hitting was still ok now the starting pitching with the exception of Cy Scherzer and Smyly. Now the hitting is awful. Tell me what you see that makes you think this is over, Even if they win today.

is this a must win game and if so is it our first this season?

And the beat goes on: Suarez comes up, subs late in the game, then injures himself before his first start. He’s day to day. Worth misses the boat again.

I keep reading (at least all the interviewees are on the same page) that we are in A FUNK. This may be Motown and the birthplace of funk but really we are seeing a team with downright BLUES. We seem to be witnessing a team without SOUL, without any POP at the plate. All facets of the game have contributed to a CLASSICAL breakdown where every member of the BAND is out of sync. It is time for the FOLK upstairs in the executive offices to start paying attention to the product on the field going forward, and not just this year. It’s more than a FUNK when the late innings feel like you are firmly wedged between a ROCK and a hard place. This is Ford COUNTRY, the home of Bob Seger, Alice Cooper, Grand FUNK Railroad, the Amboy Dukes and Mitch Ryder. Lets side aside the EASY LISTENING and find an ALTERNATIVE; a NEW WAVE so we can beat this PUNK Blue Jay team. From the first pitch we need to RAP Happ and get into the SWING of things. No more FUNK—–ROCK on Motown.

can we still pay back that guy who took out Omar? is he on the team still?

It was Rasmus, he’s on the team, but on the DL.
Boy Happ way to much for these Tigers hitters! Boy the next coming of a Cy a Young. (Insert eyes rolling into the back of my head)

He’s on the DL. I wish he was on our team actually.
This may be really easy to say after yet another Avila strikeout—but WHY would he be playing a day game after a night game against a LHP?
What is this fascination that Tiger managers with playing him when he’s hurt and when he’s slumping?
Torii Two-Hop did his DP thing again in the 1st. Immediately putting Miggy up with the base empty. They’d be better off bunting with him.
Speaking of which–they need to MAKE Rajai bunt. Rajai needs to be on base to be effective. Hitting HRs is not his game and just puts him in to bad habits.

JV looks like a stopper today. Now how do we score????. RHBs with good approach to RF against Happ.

What? No bunt? With a .200 hitter?

Dan & Jim said the same thing.

OK–Romine did his job well. Kudos.

2-0 lead ba-by *does a little dance*

That was a good inning. Hitters doing the right thing rather than the absolute wrong.
Very important for JV, and his team, to have a shutdown inning here.

Casty a double. Romine gets him to third. Kinsler a bloop triple!! Torii SF.

That was so bad. There just are no words. (that I can print)

Another error !! Argh again.

Clowns in the OF. Dan & Jim said they both deserved errors.

That error may very well cost us the game. Mental errors. I’d be tempted to bench them.

Can’t pitch can’t hit can’t field awful hard to win when you can’t do that.

Read where Torii threw out his game bat and some batting gloves from the dugout to some fans yesterday. Wanted to change the “bad luck”. I think he threw out his fielders glove too. Back to doing the worst things at the worst times again.
Seems like every time up for Miggy and VMart there is never anyone on base.

So much for the shutdown inning eh?

Listening to Rod Allen here. What a load of rubbish from that guys mouth.

Time to listen to The Jays announcers. Can’t handle “Mr. Baseball” today.

I swear if I hear “that’s just baseball” come out of 1 more player’s mouth or manager’s mouth or annoucers mouth I will go stark raving mad. It’s bull. This absolutely abysmal play is not just baseball and if you continue to use that as an excuse it doesn’t force you to change anything because it is no longer your fault.

I am enjoying listening to Jim and Dan – they tell it like it is a million times more than on tv – they appear as upset as we are

Hunter responsible but JV missed his pitches afterwards. Too bad.
Can this team recover from that adversity or does it politely play the rest of the game?

The CF is supposed to call the shots out there and instead he just stands there while he and Torii look like clowns.

And Torii once again has Miggy up with nobody on.

Torii still thinks HE is the CFer though.

Every time they get ahead or tie the game, JV has a bad inning. This time it is all on JV. A walk and a HR. At this rate they are headed for the cellar.

Verlander keeps the losing streak going.

And yet another HR. They are swept at home.

And another lockdown inning from JV. ….. Walk and a two run homer. Though Justin may of turned a corner is guess not he still stinks.

Oh ya then another homer and Cy Happ on the mound

OK. Blue Jays leave town today. Who’s next?

They didn’t start off the season playing so sloppy, but they sure are now.

There is no aspect of their team that is working right now. I really think this is going on a little longer than a slump. What do you call it now? With the exception of Chamberlien and Sanchez who do you think is playing consistently well. Heck even VMart is joining in on the inconsistency.

I will say it more than a “FUNK”

Their “FUNKING it up all over the place

Coincidence since Verlander signed his very large contract last year, for the most part he’s stunk?

There have been other culprits that don’t pitch once every 5 days too.
I’m looking forward to next year when we will have an all new OF and hopefully, a brand new catcher too.

Certainly but your starter can’t continue to give up so many and JV your the self proclaimed ace had stunk for more than a year now. Your ace has to be the guy who says if my guys aren’t scoring much I can’t give up any. JV used to be that …

Nice polite baseball.
It won’t be long before we start to hear coming out of retirement rumours.

these fellas nearly needed to be boo’ed at the end of this game – this stinks of bad baseball and lackluster effort

Let the “that’s baseball” commence.

1. Nick has his best hitting performance in a long time, and makes a nice play at third.
He should have taken a pitch in the last AB.
2. Ajax didn’t seem so lost today, except in the outfield.
3. Coke gave up only one run.

Two through five were 1-14. I doubt a team winning many with that result. JV is very ordinary right now. Through the season thus far, our most consistent starters have been Sanchez and Porcello. Number five is still transitioning from the pen. Number one signed for $180 M last year, and number 2 thinks 144 M is not enough. Our high payroll is getting embarassed by Saber Metric Squads, wanabees and retreads who fill a set role for their teams. Today, we were beaten by a guy cut in April, and an unknown Catcher. Our fans were given three games of nauseating baseball. I would have pinch hit Kelly for Romine in the late innings, and put him at short. It would have been no worse than what it is. Kinsler had a decent game, and Avila continues to have good AB’s. Here are three other things; Things I can’t remember:
1. I can’t remember the last time our Pen was dependable.
2. I can’t remember the last time we came from behind late in a game to win.
3. I can’t remember the last time I saw a Tiger team play with so little heart and passion. It was probably in 2002, my last tip to Detroit when Shane halter hit a ball over the Center Field wall. That team had an excuse. They had zero talent.
Finally, Rich I hope you understand why I would not hire you as my Stock Broker if you were in the business. It didn’t end today. I’m beginning to lose hope in this 2014 addition. The best positive today is that it’s my 39th. Wedding Anniversary, and I’ll be eating Prime Rib at Coach and Four in about three hours. And them comes tomorrow.
Hope springs eternal!


When Sanchez pitched the other day and Rajai played CF, he just about killed himself to make the plays in the field. I would think the players have to play like every game from our starters has the potential to be a no-hitter. But, that flub-up by Austin and Torii was just inexcuseable. Lazy.

Did the Tigers have a day off today?
They actually have a good record on their days off. The other times they have off days..

Ugh, this is getting ridiculous. Glad we have this site to vent, I know we are all fans of the game and love our Tigers but they are making it very, very hard to watch them right now. We need a clubhouse leader to shut the doors and have a talking with the team .

Blue Jays stunk really bad last year. They decided they did not want to embarrass themselves like that again this year. They are playing like the Red Sox played last year. The Blue Jays wear down the good starting pitchers and then attack the bullpen like a piece of fresh meat. They can’t pitch around them because they are all home run big hitters. The Blue Jays are overdue for a world series.

It should be our turn!
TG–I would hope with Victor, Miggy, Kinsler and Torii we have enough “leaders”.
I hope these are growing pains, with a new, new manager, that we get through by learning something.
It was good to see Nick pulling the ball today. My guess is that is deliberate. That he is finding a different approach rather than trying to find the right cetre field gaps he often found in the minors. They will come but more importantly he has to get away from the uppercut and the harmless fly balls.
Torii may not play like most 38 year olds but I think it is clear he does look he’s 35 anyway. There are not a lot of 35 year old regular outfielders in this game anymore. Brad needs to recognize this and pace him as much as he likes to pace the 22 year olds.
Not sure how dedicated a viewer I will be this weekend. I’m beginning to accept this as status quo like some of our players are doing.

You are right Dan, we already have the guys in the clubhouse to handle this, the question is are they realizing that role?

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