Tuesday’s lineup: Tigers vs. Blue Jays

Detroit 007

Not a huge difference in the lefty/righty (.248/.240) splits for Blue Jays starter Drew Hutchison, which makes the decision a little more interesting to start Don Kelly at third base tonight. Meanwhlie, J.D. Martinez gets the start in left field as Rajai Davis’ old team rolls into town. With those two in the lineup, Austin Jackson moves down to seventh in the lineup for the second time this season. He also batted there last Tuesday in Oakland, which was also a game that had J.D. Martinez and Don Kelly in the lineup.

Gameday | TV: FS Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, AM 1270, Gameday Audio


  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (1-for-4, K vs. Hutchison)
  2. Torii Hunter, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. Victor Martinez, DH
  5. J.D. Martinez, LF
  6. Don Kelly, 3B
  7. Austin Jackson, CF
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Andrew Romine, SS

P: Anibal Sanchez


FYI- KC pitcher Danny Duffy shut down the suddenly punchless NL Champs Cardinals 6-0. I guess it does happen to other (good) teams.
The AL East has been a toss-up this season. Boston, Tampa and the Yankees have not shown the usual effectiveness so far. Baltimore was in 1st place when the Tigers swept them. Now Toronto is in 1st place. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

There’s quite a bit of parity throughout baseball two months in.
Oddity in the Central: The Twins, residing in last place, are actually one game closer to the Tigers in the loss column than the other three teams. 7 back, the others 8.

Headed out to the ball game in a few minutes…..looking forward to an excellent outing from Anibal. Go tigers!

Did you see Robocop throw out the first pitch?

Ausmus on A-Jax, who has hit .154 in last 21 games: “I’ve said this a number of times: He’s actually hit the ball better than his average.” true, Babip well below his career norm

That was a quote from Schemhl tweeter´s account . This too:# tigers expected to get medical update on Jose Iglesias in next 24 hours. Should help determine how they move forward with him.

That’s good to hear (report)–been wondering about him.
Absolutely hate hearing light-weight excuses. AJ is not hitting. Period. Exclamation point, and Question mark (as to why 5th)

He is hitting 300 batting 5th. 198 batting sixth

6 pitches, 2 outs

Well- here we are taking elevated fastballs down the centre of the plate. Hutchinson is getting away with murder. His velocity is way down and these guys are still unable to stay with it. Hitters do not look good.

Cabrera’s instincts are so keen. Great play.

4 innings. bats- zzzzzzzzzzz. Pitcher- “must pitch shutout, must pitch shutout and hope for a run.”

Don’t do this thing to Anibal again. There is something wrong with our hitting approach lately.

My thoughts exactly, Dan. They better get him some runs.

I’m tellin’ ya—–Wil Ledezma actually could beat us right now.

Anibal is the only SP that comes out prepared to pitch from the onset. The other SP’s give up a few runs early, then settle down except for the “BIG” inning in the middle innings. Please get the bats off your shoulders and stroking soon! This offense is BORING and against mediocre pitching the last 3 weeks!

Miguel once worked with Galarraga in his fielding. He said he wanted a GG. He looks like one today

Would love to hear Rich’s excellent first base fielding analysis on the third out that Cabrera made in the top of the 6th inning. Seemed to me he was way out of position on that as he ran right out in front of Kinsler to get it.

another no-decision or loss for Anibal? This is probably his last inning.

It’s maddening not having the hitters simply do their job when Anibal pitches so well.
The team seems out of sync. It’s like “Oh well, somebody else will do it”

That’s the best Anibal could hope for with these hitters

Why in the world can’t they hit this guy? This is ridiculous.

Absolutely pathetic at bats. I have seen Hutchinson throw before. He is not throwing nearly as well as he has in the past. He is about 4MPH down on his fastball and is up with it instead of at the knees. Our hitters are to blame here.

Third scoreless game for Hutchinson

ShO Texas

Anibal can pitch his butt off this year and he will be hard pressed to end up in double digits with Wins.
Here we go with Joe Blow.

Nathan? There is no save opportunity.

Light a candle, knock on wood, Hail Mary.

and there goes the game…………………………

Well, this will definitely blow Joe’s cool.

R U kidding me? Nathan horrible and Romine continues with his over-rated defensive play.
Anibal gets to go home and try to find some way to get to sleep. His mates have no trouble sleeping–their problem is they do it on the field.

Joe Nathan haunted the Tigers before he came here and is haunting them still.

The ball Bautista hit could have been a DP, Romine simply choked. They give Gose a stolen base? On a wild pitch?
Way to go Joe Blow

He’s choking, unfortunately. Not hitting and all the talk and headlines about Suarez.

Fielders fall asleep again and Bautista takes 2nd.
These guys are brutal right now. Stone brutal.

Nathan looks surprised he’s being taken out. JL would not do this. Gotta give BA some credit for not being stubborn anyway.
Wonder if Nathan goes right to the shower or sits next to Casty in the dugout?

Joe Blow may not have blown a save but he has certainly blown a victory.
In my mind this the same—if not worse.

In Joe’s defense, he should have gotten out of the inning with the DP Then, he didn’t get the called strike and then the 3rd base fiasco. This loss isn’t on him, imo.

All true except he started the mess with the dreaded lead off walk. He set the tone and alal justed sealed it.
Really disappointed in all of them lately.
— Bob

“disappointed in all of them lately.” Yes, except for Anibal Sanchez.

I will say that I was one of those fans that was really thrilled with the signing of Nathan. I lost interest in him the moment the “Dead Arm” quote came out.
Sounded like an excuse to me at the time and it really doesn’t matter if it is or not. The arm is dead. Without it –so are the Tigers.
Love that Lawrie though. Good Canadian talent.

Kathy. It’s true. Except for Anibal. 🙂
— Bob

who is the closer moving forward?

Willie Hernandez? Mike Henneman? Todd Jones?
— Bob

I hear Jose Veras would like a job

The loss is totally on Joe IMO. You walk the lead off guy? In the 9th? What would you expect? The bottom of the 9th should be pretty damn boring. There will not be decent at bat here. Why would there?

Jonesy, Rodney, Valverde ……all of them gave us heartburn. All of them walked players. The players behind them have to make the plays.

Nathan will be the closer going forward. Dollar signs and Dombrowski will see to that.

Joe freaking Nathan. ….what a waste of money. He’s got nothing. Problem is I think his contract is 2 years 20 million

Nathan is over the hill, he’s lost whatever he had over the Tigers all those years.
You do not walk a batter in the 9th inning! This team is playing lifeless since the Orioles & BoSox sweep. I’m disappointed in this team!

Shouldn’t have been a play to make. Joe walked the weakest link in the lineup to lead off the inning and then proceeded to usher him to 2nd base with a pitch in the dirt.

I had a real bad feeling about this game . The walk will come back to bite you almost every time . If DD thinks Nathan is the answer he has to think again . Things gotta change with this club .

That is what a closer does. No messing around.
— Bob.

Yea, he looked good, I didn’t have a good vibe about this game from the start. I thought for sure Davis would be in the lineup. No hitting and no manufacturing of any runs. Pathetic. Every team in MLB would love to have Sanchez.

Joba throws strikes. Nathan is walking batters at a pace he has never had before. Behind in the count all the time.
This Job(a) will go to Joba eventually.

i could break it down but lets just leave it at this: Joe’s fastball and arm speed have decrease – they decreased before we signed him. http://www.fangraphs.com/pitchfxo.aspx?playerid=1122&position=P&pitch=FA

and decreased this year from last year

Not exactly sure why he decided to take out joba with only 9 pitches. Its not hindsight its first sight every idiot watching that game knew Nathan can’t get a first grader out. Brand misuses the pen. He’s going to blow out this pen in no time.

I’m voting for Anibal Sanchez in the All Star game.

Joe Blow has a big problem. He has lost the confidence of the fans, his mates and now his manager. Not sure if he has lost it in himself but my guess would be yes.
At his age—-package him up with Alex or AJ and try to get something back.

I don’t know what the hell Romine was doing on that grounder, but it would not have been a DP. Kinsler wasn’t at the bag, he was also chasing the grounder.
Players have to remember to complete the play at hand before waving for a review.
there were so many bad things tonight that I can’t remember them all. I should have been compiling a list. Who would ever think you’d need to compile a list of bad things? Perhaps the worst thing I saw was the last – when Martinez hit his homer, not one guy in the dugout even stood up. They clapped politely, as one does at the theater.
We’re seeing the team we thought we had before the season started. Dig in, folks.
And we STILL don’t have a closer.

No, you are right. Quite likely Bautista beats it out but there would have been a play.
Definite DP if Kinsler stays home. Ian is not playing well right now. He’s “joined the club”. Very difficult for Tiger fans to swallow. We sensed it early and anybody who knows ball knows the team is incapable of hitting much of anything right now.
I see Abreau is back with the Sox again. All the way back it appears. What a find.

The closer is so important–this whole mess started against Cleveland with Nathan blowing up against Swisher and Brantley.

I wonder if Joe can handle the 5th inning when Smyly pitches.

1. Cabrera’s great play in the third to get the guy at third.
2. Sanchez’s masterful artistry in holding the Jays to two hits.
3. Albeit, too little, too late, Martinez lightening line drive HR.
Joba gets the only extra Kudos. The “best hitting team in the AL” rolled over again.
At one time, we were told we had the best rotation, great hitters, great speed, blah, blah, blah. Right now, we have one fifth,two fifths at best a rotation to depend on.
I would give Tori a few games off, play Martinez and Davis to try and ignite a spark.
We would do just as well to concede the outs for 7,8,9. It would speed up the game.
Miggy’s glove came to plat, but the stick decided on an extra nap. Right now, I don’t think we can consistently hit any pitcher. I fear that Dickey will make us look like clowns; I also fear for Ricky P. with the lineup he’s going to see. And then there’s Joe. Each step toward Valverdeism is happening before our eyes. Tonight, he was removed; GASP! The fire is gone from his eyes. He is fast becoming more fizz than Coke! How’d you like that one. Oh, well! it’s a baseball game. We play again tomorrow, or at least, we’ll show up. My heart says Ricky P will do well; my head says I am an old crazy loon.


As always, thanks for your perspective, you crazy old loon.


Before everyone goes Suarez crazy, would it make any sense to try Worth on an everyday basis? I don’t think anyone has ever seen what he can do with regular reps. With Romine regressing in the field, what’s to lose? They can at least buy some time.

OMG. he lost a game last week with his inept fielding.

We have a rolling blalkcout just after the 8th so I did no watch the end ( my fortune it seems)but about the JD Hr. Maybe just the silence treatment for the rookie or new one?


Beck:”Nathan on boos: “Fortunately I don’t give a [poop]. … They can boo me all they want. I am my own toughest critic.” well, not making many friends

You are one optimistic dude Rich. Worth can’t hit, and he is an average shortstop, at best. He swings a RHB. No other team has ever wanted him. The writing is on the wall for Danny. Romine becomes a utility guy—exactly where he belongs.
And we better start paying attention to McCann and Cabrera in the minors.

More realistic than optimistic, but I like to see all of my cards before I place my bet. Suarez could use some more time.

Forgot to say, there is supposed to be some kind of progress report on Iglesias coming up.

When Iggy went down they said the least amount of time would be 4 months. If the fractures are healed, they may let him start baseball activities, again but I don’t see him ready until after at least after the AS game. If then.

They could give Joba a try as closer. I know the Joba´s rules ruined him with the Yankees but…

Never once have I booed a Tigers player….tonight I had to stop myself before I started. Joe Nathan is a down right disappointment and has done nothing for us really. But let us not forget that these hitters didn’t do crap tonight either not only on Nathan. Anibal is about the only one who can hold his head high tonight.

The trouble is Rich—so does Romine.

Let’s go Dave. 30 years is a long time.

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