Saturday’s lineups: Tigers at Mariners

Seattle 014

Standard lineup again for the Tabbies against 6-foot-10 right-hander Chris Young. As you can see, not a whole lot of this lineup has faced Young, who broke into the big leagues in 2004 but hasn’t had a full season in the Majors since 2007. Surprisingly, Brad Ausmus never faced him.

The Mariners, not surprisingly, are going heavily right-handed against Drew Smyly, whose lefty-righty splits are more extreme now than they were in more limited time last year.

“He’s tough on left-handers. This year they’re hitting .122 off him. That’s hard to ignore,” M’s manager Lloyd McClendon, clearly familiar with Smyly, told reporters today. “I’m just trying to put as many right-handers in there as we can and hopefully we’re successful with it.”

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TIGERS (career numbers off Chris Young)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (0-for-2, K)
  2. Torii Hunter, RF (2-for-4, HR, walk)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (1-for-9, 3 K’s)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (0-for-3, 2 K’s)
  5. Austin Jackson, CF
  6. Alex Avila, C
  7. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  8. Andrew Romine, SS
  9. Rajai Davis, LF (0-for-1, walk)

P: Drew Smyly

MARINERS (career numbers against Smyly)

  1. Willie Bloomquist, 2B
  2. Endy Chavez, CF
  3. Mike Zunino, DH
  4. Justin Smoak, 1B (1-for-3)
  5. Kyle Seager, 3B (1-for-4, double, K)
  6. Stefen Romero, RF
  7. John Buck, C
  8. Cole Gillespie, LF
  9. Nick Franklin, SS (0-for-1, K)

P: Chris Young


tabbies? I approve this lineup…..and for that matter the M’s lineup (no cano)

cool article about joel zumaya’s “now a days”

Thanks for the link, evan. I’m forwarding it to my son as he is a bass catching fiend.
He sure gave us some great memories. I’ll never forget him!

hey me too – love fishing in SE michigan too. one of my more favorite ballgames was when me and my father went fishing for the day on the detroit river (for walleye) and then went to the tigers game afterwards. My wife, mother and young (1 month old) son met us at the ballgame. We played the twins. Delmon was traded from the Twins to the Tigers that afternoon. Delmon hit a homer if I recall correctly.

Evan, I saw that he’s enjoying his time away from baseball raising his son, fishing in FLA (MI once a year) and the $$$ he made is putting his wife through Med school. The next chapter in the life of a flash in the pan! I have the same career life expectancy in baseball for Rondon, not very long.

Smyly throwing so many pitches he’ll need last year’s Drew Smyly to come out of the bullpen.
That’s right, Smyly relieves himself on the mound………

Young is not, Smyly isn’t and GK must hate this ump.
Ugly so far. Smyly drives me nuts with his “Aw Shucks” demeanor. Everyone is different but c’mon Drew–make an effort to look like you are trying.

I have not been impressed with this years version of Smyly the Starting Pitcher. 54 pitches through 2 innings is not a quality start! We may have to find another option down on the farm or a possible trade. Drew may be better served out of the bullpen.
nothing to show against Chris “CY” Young

Especially against these guys.

OMG, I stepped outside and chatted with my neighbor for a few minutes. Drew has thrown that many pitches and it’s only in the 2nd inning?

He does have a bland demeanor, but that doesn’t bother me. He always looked that way when he was in the pen.

68 pitches. He’ll be lucky to get through 5 innings. More strain on the BP.

I can’t believe he’s having so much trouble against these terrible hitters. As one commenter on one of the Mariners blogs said, they only have two major league quality players in the whole lineup. (If that. I think he must’ve meant Seager and Zunino.)

hey hey hey – drew is the kinda guy who figures it out. These bats need to wake up pronto, and give drew a lead. The pen is pretty fresh – we’ve got this!

Seattle line-up = 3 hitters below .200 and only 2 hitters above .250.

Going, going, gone!

Besides Miggy’s 10th homer, the best i can say about that inning was V-Mart and AJ running up Young’s pitch count.

Gonna have to give JMart some reps soon. The pitch count climbs inexorably. There are definitely some fresh arms available out in that pen. Will need them. Miggy not liking those in between hops the last couple of days. They are tough. I know Rich will agree with me on that!

They have to get another pitcher.

Aw shucks—another one. You could tell the moment the ball left Torii’s hand the throw was bad. Missed everybody. Bloomquist burns us again.

105 pitches. Does Smyly even come back out in the 5th inning?

Nope. Time to get the middle relievers going for 3-4 innings. Joba threw 23 pitches last night so he’s out.

No==they don’t want this game to get away on them. He has not finished giving up runs today unless they take him out. We’re fortunate to be down only 2 runs. Not sure why can’t hit Young. He’s pretty predictable.
Who would have thought the bottom of our lineup would be WORSE than last years? BTW why is AJ still batting 5th?

I don’t include Davis in that group. I mean the quartet of AJ, Alex, Nick and Romine. Ouch!

Wanna be a starter go more than 4 innings.

Castellanos undergoing a lot of scrutiny lately. He might help his cause with a ribeye here

Kinsler a major rally killer tonight. 5 lob

In the car on the way home from dinner with friends when Kinsler hit that ball in the 7th Dickerson made it sound like a no doubter. Nerves. It was a horrible call.

Kinsler has come within a few feet tonight twice of putting his team in the lead. Bad luck. Smart OF play.

AJ stepping in the bucket again —oddly enough with his back foot. Never seen anyone swing that way before. When he was going bad last year that is exactly what he was doing wrong..
How do you get Torii out? Throw him pitches at or below his ankles.
Interesting that Brad pinch ran for Casty. My guess is it wasn’t speed that made him do that but skills.

Oh well, had a few shots at ’em. Didn’t expect to win the Smyly game anyway. Good work by the bullpen. Get ’em tomorrow and take home a 4-3 west coast trip.

Brad, Brad, Brad. Romine cannot hit. Nor can he bunt. He should have PH with Holaday who can bunt and was coming into the game anyway.
I also would have made Romine bunt with 2 strikes. The worst he could have done was what he was going to do at best had he swing. Tell your players you expect them to bunt and mean it.
I knew when Worth didn’t get to 3rd that he would leave Romine in to bunt.
Romine’s defense is good but fantastic enough for him to have a regular job. Worth is in the same boat if not a little leakier.
Matter of time before Suarez is called up.

Well good point Dan . We were also wondering did jet lag get Brad !! My 10 yr old nieece knows Romine has troubles at the plate . We learned in high school how to bunt . How a position player is in the majors without that kill is beyond me .

1. ReAlKro kept us in the game.
2. Donny’s bloop hit put us in position to tie.
3. Miggy’s seeming desire to win another batting title; he should be the leader within 10 days.

No other kudos. To not score four runs off such a weak team is confounding. Granted, Young kept us off balance tonight, but we have to someone other than Miggy or Victor move the guys along. Romine’s failure to lay down a bunt was big. Smyly thinks he is pitching middle relief out of the pen. He just has not panned out yet. Six through nine is brutal right now, even accounting for Rajai’s success. We should know Rodney, and drive that changeup to Mars. I know he also has the heat, but his command with the fast ball is so erratic. I just felt, that we didn’t give it our all. Harsh critic, I am, but when your’e paid the big bucks, big things are always expected.
Hopefully, Max can close out with a win, and we can claim road success once more.


Power from the corners, defense from the middle. They need a 3b that can hit and they dont have one.At least the SS shows the glove once in a while
AJax Babip finally regressed.
Avial ´s OBP is good but playing Holaday today and once in a while wont hurt either him or the team

Castellanos 179 for his last 10. Last in OPS among the regulars. Even Kelly is ahead of him. His OBP is below even of Holaday
A third base is more important now than a SS

Easier to find a 3b that can hit 5th than a SS that could do that (like Drew)

What I’ve noticed this year is that since the first couple games of the year there are no real late inning heroics in this team. I quickly went back and looked and it seems in late and close (but losing) we can get runners on and in scoring position but get complete the job. No walk off heroics yet? I wonder why?

2 walk off wins
4 walk off losses. 2-3 in xtras
They play better on the road so no chance for walk-offs
And most time they have lost the lead late , it have been in a heartbreaking way . They are 28-2 when they were leading before the 9th. But 1-19 when they were losing before the 9th
Largest Blown Lead: 4
4.48 runs /inn in the 9th. Just below their average of 4.67

Not to mention that going back from a 10 runs deficit is something really hard to do. 14 times they allowed 6 or more runs. Won 4 of the 8 games with 6 runs allowed . And those games are half of the losses

Romine % LD is half of last season. The hitting coach has some homework to do

Interesting about not PHing Holaday to bunt. Worth would have gone to shortstop. Between Brad and Lamont, they must have considered it. Wonder what the reasons were for not doing it?

Re Suarez, the entire left side of the infield would be comprised of rookies in a pennant race.

I hear you Rich, but what choice do they have if Romine can’t hit .200—and, btw, he can’t. They are suffering Alex Avila already. They simply can’t have a vacuum of that magnitude killing rallies 3 or 4 times a game.
Romine’s defensive abilities are good but they are not fantastic. He has more errors than you might think. His inability to bunt is another nail in the coffin. It was clear he would not get the job done after his first attempt. His technique was completely wrong. He is not responding to the pressure that playing for a contending team will naturally place on a person.
Our pitching will not be the single determining factor in every game. It will generally be be better than the oppositions. The team needs to hit. It was not that long ago when the whole lineup was darn near hitting near .300. The team average was .285.
I think there is some tinkering to do and some egos to handle.
True Nick is not hitting. He is outguessing himself, not repsonding well to questionable called strikes from the ump and not correcting what has become a very pronounced uppercut swing. BUT, he is a major part of the future and a serious offensive potential and threat that has to be played. I would not agree that we need a 3rd baseman more than a shortstop. He will come around–Romine never will come around.
Should they make Romine a project? I don’t think they have time for that. He could play in the future for someone else if he can “unstiffen” himself and learn how to use his bat like so many other non-power infielders over the years have learned to. Callaspo, Aybar, Punto, come to mind. I think $$$$ are a part of this equation. Drew and Rollins represent too many of those. Suarez will be tried. It may mean that kelly will get more reps at 3rd to offset the “rookie factor” but I think that is unneccessary. Castellanos will come around.
There are some areas where Ausmus can utilize. One of them is the 2nd spot in the order. Torii is not getting on base much ahead of Miggy anyway. Make him your 5th hitter and tell him you want him to become an RBI machine. Use the 2nd spot to try and get guys like AJ or Casty going. This also breaks up the paralyzing black hole at the bottom of the lineup. No way AJ should be batting 5th at this point.
If AJ can’t hit-then he should be forced to watch Rajai get more time out there. Not sure what happens if Dirks comes back but we have a guy in Toledo that can help as a LHB—Carrera, too.
As Tiger fans over the years we have seen, all too often, what a team wide hitting slump can do. It translates to poor play and frustrating losses.

Romine is 10 for 12 in sac bunts career, 6 for 6 last season. I think the issue last night was Rodney being the pitcher. He’s tough to bunt on. It’s also tough to withstand an 0 for 5 night from your leadoff man. I thought Kinsler had that one but it was caught.
Since Detroit has the 2nd best record in the AL and is 8 games ahead of their nearest rival in the loss column, the #9 hitter in the lineup probably won’t be addressed until later in the season, if at all. Dombrowski usually makes a deadline or post-deadline move.
My immediate concern is to get Smyly straightened around. He’s setting records for most pitches per hitter.

I’m quite surprised to see the Romine stat Rich. From what I have seen this year he has looked very poor in this regard.
As to his defense justifying his lineup inclusion—-he is firmly near the bottom of the pack in fldg%, dWar and range factor. He has made 6 errors and arguably could have been tagged with 3 or 4 more.
I would have made him bunt on 3rd strike last night. Maybe he could have gotten it down on 1 out 3 chances. He was stabbing at the ball and raising his bat rather than putting it at shoulder-level and dropping it.down like you are taught to do.

Lost in the loss was Torii Hunter. how does a 38 year old veteran consistently miss the cutt-off man? Has he made a good throw yet this year? His at bats yesterday were brutal against a guy who likes to keep the ball up why would he swing at anything down? Realistically, he had a much bigger impact on the outcome than Romine did.

The pre-game show featured C-Mo teaching us the technique of bunting. It was kind of like a hint-hint. I love Andrew’s defense, but he’s got to be capable of bunting. This is several games where he tried and failed. Pretty sure the hitting staff has been working with him on that skill, but he has looked bad in that regard the past few games. Maybe that’s why Brad left him in the game to show confidence in him. I agree with, all the above, that AJ looks bad at #5. He’s not getting it done. Also, Alex is getting beat up too much. Holaday will probably catch for Max today, but please don’t put Worth at SS.
All those men left on base was very disappointing that someone could not get a clutch hit. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!

too late, the lineup has already been posted.

I would have had Romine bunt with two strikes too. Rodney would have been more likely to hit Romine than vice versa. What would be interesting to see is his bunting stats from the left vs right side.

9 bunts RH. 1 LH. Not sure about how was batting when failed.
I was writing a comment about his stats but then I realized that means he put the ball in play. There is no way to know when he received the order and failed to do so. Still the 6 last year are a lot. LAA had 64 Sac Bunts in 2013 but 9 % for a player who was not a regular is a good number

You make good use of resources, El Tigre. Thanks.

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