Memorial Day lineups: Tigers at Athletics

Happy Memorial Day to all of you. If you were hoping to watch Miguel Cabrera take his swings at the A’s today, it’s a little better holiday for you, because he’s in the lineup. Not only that, he’s playing first base, so apparently that cramp in his hamstring was just that.

One guy who is getting a day off, however, is Ian Kinsler, who gets his first day out of the starting lineup this season. Danny Worth, better known for pitching twice in three days, gets a chance at his regular job, starting at second. Interestingly, Austin Jackson moves up to the second spot in the order in Kinsler’s place, while Torii Hunter hits fifth.

Also getting a day off is Alex Avila, who did a lot of squatting behind the plate for long innings over the weekend. Bryan Holaday gets the start against lefty Tommy Milone.

Gameday | TV: FS Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, AM 1270, Gameday Audio

TIGERS (career numbers off Milone)

  1. Rajai Davis, LF (3-for-8, double, 2 K’s)
  2. Austin Jackson, CF (1-for-10, double, walk, 2 K’s)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (4-for-10, 2 doubles, 2 walks, K)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (1-for-2)
  5. Torii Hunter, RF (4-for-7, HR, walk)
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  7. Bryan Holaday, C
  8. Danny Worth, 2B (1-for-3, K)
  9. Andrew Romine, SS (0-for-2, K)

P: Drew Smyly

ATHLETICS (career numbers off Smyly)

  1. Coco Crisp, CF (1-for-2, walk)
  2. Derek Norris, C
  3. Josh Donaldson, 3B (1-for-1, double)
  4. Yoenis Cespedes, LF (0-for-0, walk)
  5. Jed Lowrie, SS (1-for-3, double, walk, K)
  6. Brandon Moss, DH (1-for-2, HR, K)
  7. Alberto Callaspo, 2B (2-for-5, double, walk, K)
  8. Kyle Blanks, 1B
  9. Craig Gentry, RF (0-for-3)

P: Tommy Milone


I have wondered how AJ might do in front of Miggy. Would figure that Hunter could use a rest too but maybe Thursday.

This last week we have had the WORST rotation in baseball. it will coninute today with the soft and high tossing of Smyly–if he can’t get the ball down he will get clobbered.

Well those homers went a very long way looks as though in for another long day.

Doesn’t look like Smyly will keep the ball in the park. Can his mates actually score some runs for him? Castellanos has now walked 3 times in the last two days!
Tigers will need Castellanos to become a dangerous hitter this year in order to remain competitive. Just not enough punch in their lineup to keep up with a lot of their opponents. That plus the fact that we have seen the best of Torii Hunter’s RHB and it will need to be augmented somehow. I actually think JD Martinez will get more playing time out there as it becomes more apparent that reputations don’t win ball games, ball players do.

Well we won’t be no hit.

Why aren’t they displaying the count? Hard to watch a game this way. I’m getting my phone out for the @Bat app.

Holy Toledo. It doesn’t matter who we pitch the other team will hit them. Conversely, it doesn’t matter who the other team pitches, we can’t them.
This team is the worst team in baseball at this point in time.
Was going to go to Seattle for the upcoming series but there is no way I’m going to drop a thousand bucks just to infuriated and disgusted.
Everyone in the ball park knew what pitch Rajai would get except Rajai.
AJ looked just as bad.
And now—the beat goes on.
Smyly can’t keep the stinkin’ ball down like a major league pitcher has to.

Before long it might start to effect attendance at the ball park. I feel the same way . We were going to the Boston series not if this keeps up. Saw them blow the lead and lose to the Twins 2 weeks ago. They gotta play alot better.

They just talked about it.

Harder to continue to watch these games when you have pitchers that cant pitch and hitters that don’t hit.

Sorry for the language. ..but screw it. Rod just said they aren’t afraid of Detroit….no crap who would be they are pathetic right now.

If you dont have an overpowering fastball, you must keep the ball down.
If looks like Smyly staring was a bad idea after all. And I was on his side from the beginning


Torii Two Hop. Really down on this guy right now. I admire and appreciate the career he has had but I honestly feel we have a team that cannot afford a 40 year old outfielder.

More wasted opportunities. Victor and Torii couldn’t even move him over.

Reminds me of the beginning of the 2008 season. Pure nightmare.

The Oakland feed is showing balls and strikes. I get pretty tired of Rod Allen’s schtick anyway.

You mean how they continue to make excuses for these guys? If Jones can’t figure this out soon might need to reconsider him. Obviously he can’t figure it out.

Put Knebel there

time for a season changing comeback, guys! *inserts gum*

Pitching for contact with high pitches, especially FB inducing does not work

The way Smyly is pitching it doesn’t matter much what count it is anyway.
I’ve always liked the idea of him in the rotation but geez-you can’t afford to have someone there simply because he is a lefty. I guess I should be thankful–the Tigers play lately has just saved me a hunk of dough this coming weekend.

Ya 3rd strikeout Rod but please don’t point out it wasnt a strike to Cabrera it was well off the plate.

Smyly has 107 pitches after 5IP, yikes and of course down 6-0 too.

Everything Smyly threw last week was in the dirt. Today too high. Overly adjusted.

It’s not Jones. This is a ‘team” thing. They are playing poorly and allowing it to mess with their heads.
They come to the park tight not loose and it goes downhill from there.
I hope things don’t get so bad that we see Worth or Kelly have to throw again this year.
The only guy that can be half way happy with things right now is Phil Coke. He looks like a lock to keep his job now.

If two of the best hitters in the game are complaining about your strike zone, your zone is wrong, Mr. Whoever You Are Back There.

Everything fell apart hard and fast. The only bright spot seems to be Romine hitting. Who would have ever thought. Looks like they are headed to 1-7 in the last 8 games. Who’s up next? Scherzer?

This club is completely lifeless without Kinsler in there. Davis, AJ, Miggy, Torii, Holaday, Worth are all just giving away at bats.
Hard to be encouraged this last week.

Cory Knebel pitched well. With the way Romine started the season non-hitting, he looks a little better now. I really wonder whether Torii would have been signed again anyway. They will need a LHB outfielder whether Dirks comes back or not.

Oh Coke, did you have to? Oakland is loving this.

Wow! What else could go wrong? Coke walks the first batter, catcher interference, fielding error, grand slam. The poor play these last 8 games is enough for a whole season.

I saw A’s-Nats a couple weeks ago, and Derek Norris hit two mammoth 3-run jacks off Gio Gonzalez. So, I have seen Norris play twice and he’s hit 3 homers with 10 RBI. I’d suggest a RH pitcher on him whenever possible.
It’s tough to get it going when always playing from behind, and the Tigers have done an excellent job of laying down. They need to get through the first three innings without falling behind and maybe get it turned around.
This team is neither as bad as they look now or as good as they looked before.

Got this just now in my Twitter timeline:
The Onion‏@TheOnion·26 mins
Experts Recommend Breaking Down Crushing Defeats Into Smaller, More Manageable Failures

Just checked the standings. After this collapse the last 8 games, the Tigers will still have a 4.5 game lead even if KC beats Houston tonight. If KC loses, the White Sox would be 2nd, 5 gb. Okay, Tigers, time to stop clowning around. Le’s get back to business.

Tigers are very lucky the other teams in the central played poorly . No runs scored today and Oakland plated 10 . Whats up boys ???

The TIGs have not hit bottom yet. Time for a team meeting to challenge each other.
I know Kathy doesn’t like it but, the “zubaz curse” lives on. Everything went downhill when they celebrated (2) series sweeps!

Ausmus had a team meeting yesterday. Having your pitcher give up bombs like it was 4th of July rather than Memorial Day kind of takes the starch out of that.
Everything went down hill after they peaked in Boston. A down turn was expected, although I’m surprised it’s the starting pitching that triggered it.

They have too many players not playing to capacity/ability. AJ, Torii, Davis (that is the whole outfield!). Casty can hit much better. Romine can play better (on D as well). Avila still needs to accept a role as much needed LHB. The fact he catches does not excuse him from maximizing his offensive abilities–and he has ability.
Basically that leaves 3 players who are playing well. One of them was not in the lineup tonight.
While it is true any team can get into a funk a good team does not look this universally bad when they do. This team looks bad and instills fear in its fans that they may not have seen the end of this now, or worse, again.
AJ batting 2nd does not look likely to happen again anytime soon. He looked bewildered today, even with the additional fastballs.
The players should be embarrassed. DD may need to step in somehow and send a message. I have no idea what.

It does not look like that but OPS has Avila as the 4th best hitter
Going short in the bullpen instead of bench was a mistake
They were tired in Cleveland and then it got into their head. That happens.Who has the sole two W in the last 7 games? the only rested pitcher
The zubas?.. I like Maddon on the field but not his off field managing. I will keep to myself what i think about those kind of antics.
The true? I expected Boston to win against the Tigers the way Texas did. Im surprised by the scores not for the L against Texas.

The OF? I said it two months ago, one player has to cover 2/3 of the OF
They had two months of irregular schedule with too many suspended games and days offs. Suddenly they had to play everyday for long stretch. Baseball is about rhythm.

The Tigers has a good biorhyhm on the road , against winning teams at night games and against LH. 3 of 4 say they will split this series.

It happened before, July 27-29. 2007

I have nothing to say, but what a sad situation!

Greg if they finally got you and if you have nothing to say well it’s really really bad.
I here a lot of talk of the offense but to me it’s all about the pitching or lack there of it. I’m guessing the hitters are starting to press in the field and at the plate because these pitchers are getting them in these overwhelming holes. And these large jokes are coming rather early. It wouldn’t surprise if there is tension growing between the two groups.
I looked back to the last two years in 2012 we had 1 streak we lost 8 of 9. But a lot of them were close games and not these drubbings. Last year we never had a stretch close to this.
Here’s hoping to a pitcher stepping up tomorrow heck it would be an achievement if they gave up 5 runs. I don’t know if I had the answers I’d be a baseball manager. Doesn’t seem like Ausmus or Jeff Jones knows how to either. I agree with what was said on the previous thread…Verlander tinkers too much. Before Baltimore he wasn’t striking a lot out, he was walking a few too many but he was able to limit the damage he had an excellent era. Tinkers and it blows up. I hope he doesn’t give the answer we got last year “he’ll figure it out by the playoffs”

The pitching has been painful but the other disturbing fact is the team is simply not hitting home runs. Like them or not, home runs win ball games as much if not more, than anything else. Miggy is not hitting them. VMart is not a HR guy really and shouldn’t be expected to change in order to become one. Torii and AJ will be lucky to cobble 25 together this year.
No, we need an OFer to contribute and we need Casty and Avila to bring some power to the table.
Home runs make up for a lot of mistakes and inefficiency.
The proof has been seen lately—-against us.

Dan, is there any way to check how man HR’s were hit in ’13 compared to this time last year?
My son was home for the weekend and he said they looked “tired.” I can’t help but wonder if there are too many big egos on this team.

The other thing that bothers me is when players argue about balls & strikes. Miguel and Verlander do it too often.
Still don’t have a car, might be able to attend one game this summer and this team of prima donnas is pissing me off.

Well, with holiday fun I did not really get to watch any games or read on this blog, and I think I am very thankful for that. I had a horrible golf game yesterday and decided the Tigers must have rubbed off on me. What an odd funk for our entire pitching staff to be going through. Tonight I can start watching games again so hoping we get the old team back!

We need a little bit of that magic the Dodgers have right now – what amazing back to back pitching performances!

eltigre wrote,
“Going short in the bullpen instead of bench was a mistake
They were tired in Cleveland and then it got into their head,”
which i really think has merit.
And/or maybe robbie ray should have returned to toledo sooner (6 starters being the reason for BP smaller size). ray was idle for 11 days i heard, which certainly seemed to have an effect on his last game.

I agree with El Tigre above. Tigers take the next two games and leave with a split.
Detroit is 14th MLB and 8th AL in homers, averaging about one per game. The team is constructed around starting pitching. When that pitching fails to this degree, you lose every single game, which they have in fact done over the past 8 days. This has been a total pitching meltdown and nothing else. I don’t think that will continue. Does anyone else?

Totally agree regarding the pitching…do I think it will continue, I hope not but I didn’t think it would last this long so we’ll see.

No it won’t continue, but this is not going to be a sub 3.00 ERA staff either. They will be closer to 4.00 when all is said and done.
That means we need to hit more. The pitching “meltdown” has obscured the fact the team is not hitting with power. It is not just the home runs- the club is not finding the gaps either, as evidenced by the dearth of 3 baggers as well. Comerica is “Triple Heaven”, yet we have very few. The collective batting average has dropped substantially in the last 10 days.. There are more problems than just the pitching woes.
Since Boston the hitters have scored more than 4 runs but twice.

hows joba doin?

Seems to be pretty reliable. 6 walks in 20 IP.and has not allowed a home run yet.

I doubt Romine will be our shortstop after the AS break. I see Suarez making an impression soon.
Romine has nice range, good speed, glove, dynamite arm and all but he has been messing up ground balls. Combine that with no bat and Suarez could be promoted soon. Worth would be the casualty there, even with his knuckleball.

once management realizes Hanrahan isn’t anywhere near his old form, perhaps they’ll sign him to a minor league contract in hopes he’ll contribute down the stretch. jk.

Lineup at OAK: Kinsler 4, Hunter 9, Cabrera 3, V. Martinez DH, J.D. Martinez 7, Kelly 5, Jackson 8, Avila 2, Romine 6. Scherzer is pitching. Tigers PR

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