Thursday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Rangers

Back-to-back weather day matinees? In two different cities? Cities close enough to be affected by the same weather systems? Madness, I tell you.

One day it is not, in case you missed it, is Prince Fielder’s return to Detroit. He has a herniated disc and is back in Texas being examined.

Actually, I’m off for this one, but I wanted to post the lineup before enjoying a day off, or catching up on my to-do list from the road trip. It’s also a day off for Rajai Davis, not because of the history against Yu Darvish (he’s 1-for-3 off him) but likely because he’s the tough right-hander Brad Ausmus has tried to avoid with him. Davis started all three games in Cleveland and six out of seven. He went 2-for-13 in Cleveland.

Kelly, you may remember, homered against Darvish last season.

Good news if you’re near a TV with cable or satellite, or are you looking to have lunch at such a place: Today’s game is on MLB Network outside of the Detroit market and the Dallas Metroplex.

Gameday | TV: MLB Network, FS Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, AM 1270, Gameday Audio

TIGERS (career numbers off Darvish)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. Torii Hunter, RF (6-for-21, 2 doubles, HR, walk, 8 K’s)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (3-for-12, 2 doubles, walk, 2 K’s)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (0-for-3, sac fly)
  5. Don Kelly, LF (2-for-6, HR)
  6. Austin Jackson, CF (0-for-9, walk, 4 K’s)
  7. Alex Avila, C (2-for-10, double, 2 walks, 4 K’s)
  8. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  9. Andrew Romine, SS

P: Robbie Ray


  1. Daniel Robertson, CF
  2. Elvis Andrus, SS
  3. Shin-Soo Choo, LF
  4. Adrian Beltre, 3B
  5. Alex Rios, RF
  6. Mitch Moreland, 1B
  7. Chris Gimenez, C
  8. Michael Choice, DH
  9. Luis Sardinas, 2B

P: Yu Darvish


We’ll I expected them to win at least some in Cleveland and they lost big time…I expect it to be a tough day against Darvish so logics would mean they win today right?

The battle in Baltimore was between two first place teams. We wanted revenge in Boston for them stealing the WS title from us. Cleveland?? Well we dominated them last year and they responded as a MLB team should. It’s baseball. Now we play Texas at Comerica. Go Tigers!!!!!

man it’s exciting to face a talent like Darvish, great day to see a game too, stuck at work with Dan and Jim, could be worse. Heading to park Sat, hoping Porcello can keep up the solid work.

listening to the radio too at work – I do love listening to Dan Dickerson call a game!

Haven’t really heard much about the ejections. Seemed a bit over-reactionary to me.
Very disappointed in Nathan last night. Thought he absolutely made the wrong pitch decisions.
Tough to lose a game when we jump ahead on a very important HR by Avila. He shows signs of leadership and “clutchness” (sic) that is promptly wasted.
I like Ausmus but every time he puts Coke in he is making a poor decision.

If you had said they would have a 6-3 road trip before it happened, we would have been elated. They must have had extra adrenaline playing a first place Baltimore and an always tough Boston. But then there was the delayed flight and a let-down in the pitching. Smyly held on but not the bullpen. JV seems to have the opinion he is so good that other teams should just give in. Max was bound to have a bad game. But then Nathan blows a save. Now it’s on the rookie to stop a losing streak. Tough.

As the rotation goes–so goes the Tigers.
Not sure how a team loses a game like yesterday after they come back-prevent the win (on Rajai’s throw) and go ahead on a huge hit by Alex.
Where is Hanrahan?

I don’t think that Hanrahan is expected to be here until end of June or so. Looks as though that walking bug our pitchers have had lately is getting Ray as well already down 2 against Darvish.

That’s why the pitiful outings by the big boys (Scherzer Verlander and Nathan) is extra disappointing. So frustrating.

The re-play on the ejections showed me that MC asked the HP umpire to refer to the 1st base umpire on whether he truly swung at a pitch. When the HP umpire refused, MC must have said something. That umpire has a very short fuse. But Miggy has a habit of wanting another opinion on a half-swing.
They let Yu off the hook in that first inning. Now we’ll see if they get any more chances against him.
I have very few bad things to say about Kelly but for him to be in the 5th spot shows a big weakness in the team as far as I am concerned.

Ray looks like he is going to get an education today.


Texas on paper does not seem like the tough team from the past. No Cruz or Murphy or Kinsler and Fielder out.

I don’t think they are just as Cleveland couldn’t hit their way out of a paper bag until the Tigers arrived in Cleveland. They showed us huh!

We should run a little contest here to see how many weeks it will take before Romine gets a ball out of the infield.


Case there with Andrus a pitcher not feikding his position

Big trouble. RR up to 50 pitches in basically only 2 innings with none out in the 3rd. The bullpen has not been dependable or has been used too much. Will they let RR get beat up?

Is there an “official” strike zone? Particularly on high strikes? It used to be the armpits. Then kind of the “letters” (that’s pretty nebulous in itself) and now it seems to be totally arbitrary. I have heard it is now the belt—which makes no sense to me.
The education continues as Dave Dombrowski squirms.

Well I am not sure Im going to waste another nice day watching these guys. I’m going outside I’ll listen to the guys on the radio. Im not going to kill Ray he’s a call up but if you are walking lefties and righties are smacking the ball around whats wasting another beautiful day inside going to other than piss me off more. Screw em now they can’t even make a routine play on a groundout at first.

We are dealing with a contagious ball team since they left Boston.

I must say I am not seeing the justification for the Fister trade. I know Krol and Ray are young but I don’t see any “electric” arms here.

Ai-yi-yi. Not sure if Kinsler could have avoided the DP but he, again, did not do what you are supposed to do on the bases. If the ball goes by and rattles around in the corner he scores anyway. If it is quickly fielded by the LFer-he would only get to 3rd anyway again. Line drive at that height–he has to have a look.
I think he would have been doubled off anyway but his instincts were wrong.

Ray has nothing today. I hope they don’t completely demoralize him.

Somehow our club has managed to “wake up” two teams in the last 4 days.

Yep, this game is lost. Now 4 in a row. All the ghosts we feared are beginning to haunt. The starting pitching has collapsed. The bullpen has become what many feared would happen. Kelly and Romine are just not everyday players. The SS spot is glaring. I’m not even sure Dirks is the answer as a LH bat. Which other team in that division can make a run at them?

Some bad baseball being played. That’s one helluva hangover from that missed flight on Sunday (insert sarcasm symbol here).
Hopefully this stuff is limited to this week. As for now, these games are taking forever to play and I’m going back to work.

I gotta believe tomorrow will be a better day – we are in a clear funk now, as good as we were a week ago we are as bad now. About nothing can go right, the poor radio guys have nothing to say and they seem frustrated too. Chalk it up to something that will be fixed by the weekend – positive thinking I am hoping

Hanrahan and Knebel should help the pen. Unfortunately neither of them is left-handed.
The rotation will not be able to live up to the hype. Porcello will not keep up the pace he is on. JV has become something that is not an “Ace”. Max will not have a W/L record like last year. Anibal seems to pitch in bad luck and tends to end up on the DL. Smyly is going to have serious ups and downs.
We do need a LHB thumper and I think you are correct in expecting too much of Andy to be able to provide that.
The euphoria of 4 days ago was a little premature.

have my doubts about the help Hanrahan and knebel will bring.

boy, they’re all out of sorts.
it’s just so odd that it has happened to everyone at once. (inhaled too much plane exhaust?).
they really could have used today as a day off to regroup.

… you sure picked the right day for a dayoff jason.

hey at least phil coke looked good today😉

Just came back inside…I see it didn’t get any better?
Just wondering is there a competition among Tiger’s pitchers to see who can walk the most batters? Otherwise I don’t understand this sudden rash of free passes…which is leading to a lot of extra base hits for the other team when they have to throw one right down the middle.


Glad Verlander and Scherzer thinks eorth pitching is hilarious. ..they should be embarrassed a short stop has to pitch because they couldnt do their job.

That is what my neighbor and I were saying . Tigers pitching payroll is sky high and a position player has to come in . DD has to look at the last 4 games and take note what went wrong . Then get it fixed .

Coke and Worth best Tiger’s pitchers of the day. Pretty sad

Don’t take it so seriously, my friend.

Sorry I don’t think it’s funny when “Mr. $144 mil” and “Mr I still think I’m a an ace” pitcher look sooo bad and pitch the way they did to cause a blown. Sorry bull pen is being so overused it could take several days to recover and it will be real funny if it leads to an injury from being over worked and stressed. What it will definately cost is someone who may not really deserve to get sent down has to because they need extra help in the pen…I’m sure that person will love it and think it’s hilarious.

Okay, I came back when I heard Worth was pitching the 9th. Damn good knuckleball!

That was a hoot. Even fooled the ump!
I won’t say what most of us are thinking.

Knebel up tomorrow to replace Ray.
Brad says they may have Worth throw a bullpen every ten days or so in case they need an inning.

Gk, are you thinking of attending either the Toronto or Pittsburgh series this year? Been trying to catch up ever since we missed during the 2011 postseason.

Thinking about it also thinking about Cleveland. By the way I think Worth pitching can be funny for us but I guess it just bothers me seeing the two of those guys thinking it’s so hilarious when they are the reason it had to go there. They are at least one of them be the stoppers not perpetuate it. I’m not pissed about loosing today Tuesday and Wednesday put me over the edge with the lack of pitching control. It’s contagious.

Actually, Max did go seven innings yesterday. Hard as that is to believe. It was the extra innings that killed us.
We’re considering Toronto for sure, so let’s stay in touch with that one. It’s a weekend.

The only one that could be sent to AAA is Al2. He has options. But there is no one that can replace him right now

Krol doesn’t have options!?

According to MLBTR , yes. But I remember reading Schmelh or Iott at twitter implying otherwise

Maybe that is where Danny has some “Worth” with the team. Reliever. Did he ever pitch in his past life? High school? College? Minors? Remember, they also have that secret weapon in the bullpen named Lucky Kelly. LOL

Never. He and Holaday throw knucklers back and forth sometimes. Danny started throwing it when he was about ten years old. Like we all did.

Prince having surgery tomorrow. Out for the season. Wow.

It placed a smile on my face. The fact that he can hit the strike zone with that pitch may be very useful. Even though we got kicked today, Danny coming in to throw an inning was useful. He may redefine the term “super utility” player!

Holy cow—I’ll bet we haven’t heard the last of that. Sure was a better trade than the Fister one!

Danny Worth is trending on Twitter.

I understand that there is no panic button to be pressed but, might it not be a consideration to bat AJ 2nd? Let him those fastballs ahead of Miggy to get him going again. Hunter can bat 5th and would do a better job of RBI production than AJ probably would.

Spot on Dan. Over the long haul it’s the best option for the team.

GK, they were trying to lighten things up. Have you ever played baseball? It is no fun what they have gone thru the last 4 games. Does anybody ever give credit to the hitters? Who is the ace for Cincy? I think he just got rocked (Cueto, spelling?) Maybe this will get the Tigers back on track. Go Tigers!

Maybe…..I don’t have a problem with anybody on that team having a chuckle except egomaniac 1 and 2 ( in front of the cameras that is). This is not one start for Verlander the guy has a high 3 era and a 1.41 whip. He’s trending down with a game here and there where he pitches like he’s paid to. Scherzer I don’t’s a bad trend this week . I don’t have to have played professional baseball to know what looks good and looks bad.

Looks real bad when a position player has to come in and finish it out. If they wantt to be a team that contends turn it around .


too bad about prince. sure hope his surgery goes okay. what a bummer to be trying to get a fresh start and then have that sort of setback.

did you see we play As next (and in Oakland).
now that’s gonna be a big series.
let’s hope the boys can work out their kinks before jumping on another plane….

The ’84, ’68 and ’45 teams all had losing streaks of 4 games. The ’35 team had a 6 game streak, but they all won the series anyway. The baseball season is long, there are lots of ups and downs to get all worked up over losing a couple of is ridiculous.

1. Worth
2. Worth
3. Worth

Team: Worthless

Re the ups and downs of a season thing: Sunday night the Tigers left Boston on pace to win 112 games. Did anyone think that was going to happen? Now they’re on pace to win 102. Now we’re getting closer to reality. Bottom line is that the W-L record had to even itself out.
A season is like a novel with 60 chapters. We’re on like chapter 12. The author hasn’t even introduced the villain yet.

Tigers vs 500 or plus teams 15-6 /Vs below 500 teams:12-9. 12 hardest or 19th easiest schedule.

momentum = tomorrows starting pitcher. turn the page.

I was also thinking Evan to just turn the page – it was a bad run, I see them getting back into some order tonight. Just need some solid starting to get the bull pen back into shape. Too bad for Prince, has anyone heard if this happened to be lingering from last year and yet another unreported ailment? go get em boys, you are better than the last 4 games. I have yet to see the inning of Worth pitching but might as well have done it – Dan and Jim got a chuckle out of it and why not after enduring the series of games like we just had.

I think regardin Prince and the Texas Rangers have illuded that it bothered him last year.

prince did not have a physical before being traded. i’d like to hear why or whether that would have picked up such an ailment.

I think Prince would have had to mention pain/weakness for it to be noted. I doubt that he did. Maybe it wasn’t so bad at that point.

he probably just wanted to get out asap. he was about to be BBQ’d here by the fans. The whole situation was the result of a owner/super-agent relationship.

I’m sure he didn’t mention to the Tigers either because I’m sure it would of been in his medical records they exchanged.

GK has a good point there. Prince’s “must play” attitude would deter him from mentioning a back pain. Heck he probably didn’t want to believe it – let alone tell the org. who would subsequently sit you. Then when traded – which he had to want – sure he didn’t say shit. Heck he didn’t say anything all offseason either, but then his .720OPS and 5 GDP in 178 PAs sent up flags. I wonder if he told his agent – who is not trying to get Kendrys Morales [sic] a job. Either way, I think Texas had bad karma due them after the whole Nolan Ryan thing.

*now trying

Astros have defeated this year: C.C.Sabathia, R.A.Dickey, Félix Hernández and Max Scherzer. They will face a Cy Young winner for the six time. They have won 4 of 5

“Torii Hunter on Prince Fielder: “I remember him getting massages on his neck a lot (last year).”

Boy if your team is having trouble hitting it would be nice to face the Tiger’s pitchers no better way to get your team going

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