The Tigers’ shortstop options without Drew

The Tigers’ options at shortstop just cleared up without a single move.

Their options will not include a June run at Stephen Drew, who signed back with the Red Sox on Tuesday for a one-run contract that will pay him the prorated portion of the $14.1 million qualifying offer that was made in December.

How serious of an option Drew was is a matter of interpretation.

“I know it’s been talked about a lot [publicly],” manager Brad Ausmus said, “but it really hasn’t been discussed internally.”

“We never made an offer,” team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski said.

Dombrowski has indicated more than once that their first look if they decided to make any changes would be internal. That front just cleared up, too.

Coincidence or not, the Tigers made an organizational shift Tuesday night, promoting shortstop prospect Eugenio Suarez from Double-A Erie to Triple-A Toledo. The 22-year-old Venezuelan went 3-for-5 with a double and three RBIs earlier in the evening, bumping his average to .284 (44-for-155) with 14 doubles, six home runs, 29 RBIs and an .850 OPS.

The move almost surely means the end for Hernan Perez as an everyday shortstop at Toledo. His basic numbers at shortstop seemed OK, with six errors committed in 43 games. Offensively, however, he has been in a funk for most of the month, batting just .200 (15-for-75) in May after hitting .277 in April.

Suarez made a big impression on Tigers officials with his performance in Spring Training, both before and after the degree of Jose Iglesias’ injury became clear, but everyone agreed that he needed more seasoning. He started out at Erie once the Tigers decided to give Perez a look at shortstop.

Tuesday’s move gives the Tigers a chance to look at Suarez at a higher level before they make a decision. It also provides some notice in Detroit that Suarez is about an hour away. That said, the Andrew Romine/Danny Worth has done the job defensively, despite offensive struggles.

With Drew gone, the Tigers no longer have any decision to make around draft time. At some point this summer, though, they’ll have to decide whether they’re willing to commit to their shortstop mix for the stretch run, and what to do if they aren’t. They could conceivably decide to give Suarez a look ahead of the July 31 trade deadline. They could also hold off and leave Suarez as an option by himself depending on his development in Toledo.


Doesn’t seem like they think Jose will be back!??

Iglesias likely out for season with stress fractures
During the monday´s game one of the ESPN commenters( español) mentioned a possible late season comeback. They , usually, have good informations about Latino-american players.
No surprise anyway, many among us were expecting one of them by the ASG.To replace Worth and backup Romine.

Feel bad for Hernan. His days are probably numbered. If Suarez can hit, they’ll have to bring him up and then what happens to Danny and Andrew. Romine really is a major league SS. I don’t understand why he doesn’t try and bunt more.

Romine is a potentially more valuable weapon than Danny. Provided he could take some advantage of his switch-hitting abilities. Unfortunately it appears as though he will never be able to hit enough to justify a full-time job. He has speed, he has size. He also has an extremely stiff approach at the plate and a long swing. I’d like to see him use a crouch and get his “nose” on the ball as it comes to the plate.
I have felt all along that Suarez will be the guy, and if he can hit, he might make a comeback for Jose difficult. From what I have seen he is a very good shortstop.
Hernan has always been a 2nd baseman by nature. With Kinsler there now and Travis following, he may end up becoming a Danny Worth.
While I feel Drew would have made the Tigers a better team I think they are prudent in not going that route. The money, the philosophy, the short-time all factor in to an easy “NO” for Dombrowski.

The Tribe is throwing a RHP today. Brad has countered with his no LHB lineup!!
It does point out an organizational deficiency. We really could use a healthy Andy Dirks.
I must admit I am a little surprised that Kelly and Romine aren’t in there. The way Castellanos is going I would have figured to see Donny there today with Avila out.
Worth certainly puts his bat on the ball better than Romine
My guess is McAllister does not have good numbers against RHB.

Crosby, (AKA Andy Oliver) to the disabled list. That should just be about the end of that story.

Would have been interesting to see Ray throw against the Tribe.
Boy, they clobbered JV yesterday. I actually felt bad for him.

He made about a $160,500 yesterday he’s fine I feel sorry for us! Haha

Why would Nathan be throwing those LHB strikes in that part of the strike zone? Even Rod Allen knew that Brantley loves that pitch and Murphy always has. High fastballs to those guys.

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