Sanchez throws simulated game, on track for Sunday

While some of us were scrambling to get into Baltimore amidst the storms hitting the Midwest and mid-Atlantic, the Tigers were trying to beat the weather with Anibal Sanchez in his last big hurdle before returning to the Tigers rotation. He was originally scheduled to pitch a simulated game tomorrow, but with the forecast looking ugly, the Tigers moved it up to early this afternoon.

Sanchez threw 60 pitches to Tigers hitters over four simulated innings, or a quartet of 15-pitch innings, and felt fine. Sanchez said he was able to work on all his pitches as well as his mechanics without any problem. The blister on his right middle finger has long since gone, and the skin has regrown, so there wasn’t really much question about his readiness.

“His stuff looked good,” manager Brad Ausmus said. “Everything was thumbs-up. We’ll wait and see how he feels tomorrow.”

Sanchez said he has no question he’ll feel fine tomorrow. He said he remains on track to pitch Sunday night against the Red Sox at Fenway Park.

Ausmus would not directly answer whether Sanchez would replace Ray, but he left the distinct impression that’s the likely option. One option he did dismiss was putting Ray in the bullpen full-time, though he said he could use Ray later on this week in a relief spot if they’re in a pinch.

“I think he needs to pitch as a starting pitcher,” Ausmus said. “He needs to learn and grow.”


Well tigers hitters 1st couple innings look as bad as they did most of last week.

Another banner day in the field for the defense! Wow and it’s only the second inning.

Rajai “the butcher” Davis!

Boy it must be good to be Bud Norris continuing pitches called strikes called that are 4 inches off the plate….Porcello as of yet not getting same consideration??

Can anybody on this team get a hit and drive in some runs?

Can Torii do anything wrong as far as Rod Allen is concerned?
BTW, I am starting to wonder about Miggy’s groin not having come fully around.
Seems to respond gingerly to it at times when it is stressed.

We’re gonna see a lot of Rajai’s difficulties on defense. He has no arm to speak of and though he will run a lot of balls down he will clank some that are hit right to him. He can make an incredible catch then look like a pony leaguer the next inning.
His value is on the bases and he needs to get himself there. He needs to be able to be a threat bunting for hits.
Kelly really does need to utilized more in late innings. Wonder how Dirks is doing?

From the Tigers site: ” According to manager Brad Ausmus, outfielder Andy Dirks has started “the very beginnings of baseball activities.”

Dirks is on the 60-day disabled list, recovering from microdisectomy surgery on his back. Ausmus said the average time for a return from the surgery is about three months, which would have Dirks back in action sometime in June. He appears to be on track.

“I texted him the other day,” Ausmus said. “He threw the other day for the first time, and he can take dry swings — just swing a bat easy. So that’s where he’s at.”

Looks like Rick is done.

nope. They were having a confab in the dugout with Kevin Rand. Guess he’s OK.

What a bunch of crap with these umpires.

What a bunch of crap that Casty is swinging at. More appropriately–what a bunch of crappy swings we are seeing from him. Trying to uppercut and trying to go to RF on everything. Just hit the ball Nick. Cut down on your swing and hit the damn ball. He is not handling breaking balls well at all.
Here we go—the are “into” our bullpen. Anything goes now!

Nice defensive plays from him at 3d. He hit pretty good early on and then the pitchers have adjusted to him.

Krol got away with murder. Time for the offense to take advantage.

Any word on Porcello? He must have had something nagging him.

maybe he thought about the pen protecting a 1 run lead – left due to anxiety?

Yup! Ian!

Whatever happened to squaring early; holding the bat at shoulder level parallel to the ground and only offering a bunt on a downward plane from there? Stabbing at pitches only gets you in trouble at the plate.

Hopefully that’s enough insurance. … wasn’t yesterday. Bench clearing.

Torii should have been tossed too. Nice to see Kinsler start to heat up eh?

for what? The pitcher mouthed off to him. Tori didn’t initiate it.

“I will whip your ass”
Torii Hunter – May 12, 2014
I love this game.

That was later on down the road. Tori headed to first base and that pitcher started mouthing off. The “eff” bombs commenced right after that.
Amazing Al did his thing!

if you see al al on the DL soon its overuse right here

I think Rick got his foot stepped on covering first.

It is a win and after the weekend I was worried . No complaints from me . Just hope they can keep it up.

He’s up among the leaders in baseball in Wins. Nice to see.
I think Hunter just carried on too much and didn’t back off when asked by the umps.
You can’t step off 1st base and walk towards and motion to a dugout after all that.
Matter of opinion and doesn’t make same right or wrong.

The umpiring is disgraceful. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!

Just to be clear, I wasn’t quoting Torii up there as a bad thing. I found the entire business very entertaining. Did they show him saying that on the Detroit feed? I’m stuck with the Baltimore feed for these games.
The bullpen stepped up tonight when Porcello had to leave early. So far, Rick has replaced Fister entirely, which I think was the idea behind the trade; that he would take it to the next level. Porcello is usually good in May however, so we’ll see. He had tremendous movement on everything tonight.
Castellanos’s play at third has been pretty decent so far.

1. No walks from Ricky P. Baltimore had to earn their way own, minus Delmon’s free trip.
2. The Avila walk. Say what you will, but after 2 K’s, I had him down for # 3. It was enough to turn the order for the big tater.
3. Al actually dominated, like he should every time out.

Kudos to Ian, Victor, Miggy, and Rick. Clean 9th. for Joe. “Kudoos” to Rajai, Nick, and Andrew. Romine’s bat is basically worthless; if he plays, it has to be flawless defense. As Dan said, Nick is trying to hit the ball to Mars. Need to get his head back on. Who will be thumped by our guy tomorrow. That’s all we need; someone to get suspended. Tori overreacted too much IF he’s going to carry the title of team leader. Otherwise, carry on.

By the way Rich, are you skipping this series? I am because it’s midweek, and am leaving for the beach this Sunday. It’s the first time I’ve missed Camden in six years.


Yeah, I skipped it for the same reason. I had a thought of playing hooky and going on Wednesday but the weather forecast stopped me.

I thought Torii handled it just fine. He didn’t get ejected, the other guy did.
While I’m thinking of it, watch the way Nathan spots his fastball. That dude is good.

Norris with him best Weaver impression today…

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