Mother’s Day lineups: Tigers vs. Twins

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. It should be a pretty happy holiday in the Kelly household, where Don Kelly earns a second consecutive start. He’ll be at third base today, giving Nick Castellanos a day off. Besides going 2-for-4 with a double Saturday, Kelly is one of just two Tigers with any past success off Twins starter Sam Deduno, homering off of him last May 24 and adding a double and a single June 15.

The Twins have not hit left-handed pitching well so far this season, batting just .233 against southpaws with more strikeouts (97) than hits (83). They don’t have a whole lot of changes they can make, though they get young catcher Josmil Pinto back into their starting lineup after back-to-back starts for Kurt Suzuki. Opponents are 8-for-8 in stolen-base attempts off Pinto this season after he threw out 5-of-11 would-be basestealers last season, so keep an eye on the basepaths, especially if Deduno shows he can command the strike zone today.

Gameday | TV: FS Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, AM 1270, Gameday Audio

TIGERS (career numbers vs. Sam Deduno)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (1-for-5, walk, K)
  2. Torii Hunter, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (2-for-10, walk, K)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (0-for-6)
  5. Don Kelly, 3B (3-for-6, double, HR)
  6. Austin Jackson, CF (4-for-9, HR, walk, K)
  7. Alex Avila, C (1-for-10, walk, 4 K’s)
  8. Andrew Romine, SS
  9. Rajai Davis, LF

P: Robbie Ray


  1. Brian Dozier, 2B
  2. Joe Mauer, DH
  3. Trevor Plouffe, 3B
  4. Chris Colabello, 1B
  5. Josmil Pinto, C
  6. Eduardo Nunez, LF
  7. Chris Parmelee, RF
  8. Aaron Hicks, CF
  9. Eduardo Escobar, SS

P: Sam Deduno


happy mothers day to the moms that come around these parts. I don’t know if Robbie could be much more impressive, but I certainly feel like a jerk for being so critical of DD about that particular trade.

Overthinking it …replaces Albuquerque. …Krol no problem not his run he let in

Between poor pen and bad fielding they’ve really screwed this up!

One man OF. Only AJax know how to use ,or still can use, the glove

That was a hard hit ball

Needed to be hard hit not right at someone.


I don’t know if they can come back but this is the very reason this team still has major problems.

My head hurts……they literally give me a headache…..not taking credit for this but the Tiger’s pen is like an old car works alright some of the time but your just waiting for it to break down.

Coke… 8.31 era
Miller … 4.32 era
Nathan … 4.21 era
Q….. 4.40 era
Karol ..2.45era
Chamberlien… 4.3
Reed… 2.93

What is the world says championship caliber about that?

And to make things worse: Inherited runners scored 42%. league avg 30%

bullpens are like scratch offs: if you spend a little extra you get better odds at winning. you can win with a cheap scratch off and lose with an expensive one.

I take full responsibility for this loss. Due to an internet problem of some kind, I wasn’t able to watch until the 7th inning. Wow.

Two bonehead OF plays & spotty relief = a loss that should not have happened

This game was the Tigers game to lose . They sure managed to do so. Poor defense and a bullpen melt down . It will not get easier in Baltimore of Boston ….

Re not Krol’s run. Ever heard of the stat inherited runners scored ? Karol didn’t get the job done.

Actually that run scored because Hunter threw to the wrong base.

Oh and he threw him a cookie! That didn’t hurt!

I was being sarcastic….May point is these guys aren’t getting it done letting too many runners on….letting inherited runners score they are all bad.

No comment.

3 of the last four games lost to 2 of the worst teams in the American League.

No team is that good as it looks when is winning not as bad as it looks when is losing

Tough, tough loss. Then we get the good news. We have a game tomorrow night. Go Tigers!!!!

1. Ray impresses again.
2. Miggy ends the game above .290.
3. We got the early lead for the rookie. Just couldn’t keep it.
Bullpen was a total collapse. Rajai looked liked he was in a total in a total daze.
Just a poorly played game. What a waste for Ray.
Next nine will not be easy.

bullpen collapses happen when you build your bullpens on questionable pieces. Just as 2 out of 3 little pigs.

Ugly loss. No question the bullpen is a problem, but this team should still be scoring more runs. They get a lead and then stop hitting.

Rajai gave me a chance to explain to my kids on how NOT to play a ball in the outfield. My 9 year old daughter said “I do that sometimes” and now she has a visual to see why not to do that. Impressive day again for Ray – good for him

Rajai’s middle name is excitement–the problem is it is part and parcel of both his attributes and his deficiencies. He should not be in the OF at the defense critical stage of the game. I missed the game and was pretty surprised to see that Joba (who was light out recently) lost it.
There are some kinks to iron out offensively as well as the constant and perpetual problems to rennovate in the bullpen.
This team needs consistent contribution from Castellanos. Joyner needs to focus on him IMO.
I’d like to see Kinsler and Rajai atop the lineup. Give Rajai a later inning at bat to create some constertnation on the base paths and then sub him with Kelly.
Leave Torii in an RBI position ahead of Castellanos. (Bat him 5th ahead of AJ)
Wait for Hanrahan and Knebel-Get rid of Coke and Miller.

That’s the lineup I want but my reason is to add depth to the second half of it.
Dirks gets back at some point then things may be different. Possibly.

Agree , especially about Kelly late game defensive replacement

I never thought the day would come when I began to consider Magglio Ordonez a better RFer than Torii Hunter.

How can anyone say this team has major problems? So we lost (Joba) the game! The Tigers are #1 in power rankings! Right on, DOK. There is another game tonight.

And dont forget that Luke P is coming back to the bullpen too Dan.

i.e. meaning i think that if knebel were included in the BP, i think there’s still one-too-many hands in the bullpen.

there wouldn’t have been another game tonight in detroit😉

Yes, I know Luke will be back. But, the bullpen needs to be fluid. If we have guys that can’t be relied on we should not be forced to keep running them out there. I don’t think Reed will cut it. My opinion on that is bouyed by his personal issues I admit, but I think he just seems too “hittable”.
Joba looks to me like he will be good for us, yesterday’s game notwithstanding. He can throw strikes and his slider can be, well, unhittable at times. He has a competitor’s demeanor ans something to prove.
AlAl is simply to overpowering to not have in our pen. Other than Joba and Nathan, I cannot say the same I value anyone above a transient relationship with Detroit. Krol appears as though he may be OK but not quite trustworthy yet.
Knebel is dynamic, this is a quality you want to install on the rubber and youth aside, there may be a place for him this year along with Hanrahan. Hanrahan will be as good as advertised and will be good enough to close for us if need be. A lefty would be nice to replace Coke but I think the ship has sailed on that idea.

yep, makes sense! and i think the BP is really coming around as the guys’ strengths & weaknesses get sorted out.

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