Tuesday’s lineup: Tigers vs. Astros

To a limited degree, the lefty lineup is back in effect against Astros southpaw Brett Oberholtzer, who’s giving up a .324 average and .922 OPS to right-handed hitters compared with .241 and .611 to lefties. The two exceptions are in left field, where Rajai Davis gets the night off, and at catcher, where Alex Avila catches once again.

With Davis out, J.D. Martinez will make the start against the team that released him six weeks ago. That also means that Ian Kinsler leads off and Torii Hunter bats second. Martinez will bat fifth, just behind the other Martinez.


  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (1-for-4, double vs. Oberholtzer)
  2. Torii Hunter, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. Victor Martinez, DH
  5. J.D. Martinez, LF
  6. Austin Jackson, CF
  7. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Danny Worth, SS

P: Robbie Ray


  1. Jose Altuve, 2B
  2. Dexter Fowler, CF
  3. Jason Castro, C
  4. Chris Carter, DH
  5. Jesus Guzman, 1B
  6. George Springer, RF
  7. Matt Dominguez, 3B
  8. L.J. Hoes, LF
  9. Jonathan Villar, SS

P: Brett Oberholtzer



wow putting JD in the 5th hole. The balls on this Ausmus guy!

4 LOB by Martinez so far tonight

From previous blog> The $20 million a year for Max is probably an exaggeration but I think he took a big chance turning down the last Tiger offer. He is doing very well so far.

Scherzer FIP is half point larger than his ERA. His ERA will go up but the 20MM $? He will get them. Hi 11.48 K/9 will sell well. After a HR there is nothing more appealing than a K. His High FB rate would diminish him with sabermetricians but no with GM.
The Yankees would be wise if they keep away from him, that 5.17 ERA at Yankee Stadium is not an accident( low sample but expected)
The top FA due to both performance and age.

It is the rookie´s fault.

WTH? Torii base-running gaff costs a run. Y try to steal with Miggy at bat?

Reckless running. Once and again. Last nigh , Kinsler. now, Hunter. Once thing is getting the xbase another giving away outs

We learned how to run the bases in High School ball . If you screwed up you sat on the bench. The Tigers base running is bad and has cost them runs .

That is better. Smart running by Jackson. In the worst case scenario. Kinsler to lead-off the next inning

well gotta admit DD did well by that trade with Fister. Ray looked amazing.

Bad defense? watch Dodgers- Nats

Jury still out of course but Ray showed pretty nice control for a guy who had difficulty with it in previous years. Impressed with his breaking ball–apparently he had been instructed tow work on it at Toledo.
One of the quirky and unfair things about baseball scoring. Kinsler drops the ball but gets an out at 2nd–so, technically no error–but the dropped ball cost the Tigers and Ray an earned run where it would not have happened had he gloved the ball. In my mind, Kinsler should get an error because a runner advanced because of it.
It’s too bad the scorrer doesn’t have discretionary power to rule it an unearned run despite the sequence of events.
It’s not important in the grand scheme of things but I’m just sayin’.
BTW, Worth is having a good game.

taking the extra base – i like it

miggy lookin good tonight

287 after 3 for 4. Miguel is back. He has been hitting all week long but for yesterday

here is the key: miggy’s production needs to come back in time to offset regression anticipated by Cast and Davis. Dirks will likely round into form too late to offset the aforementioned regression. Worth and Romine both contributing – feels great!

Only 9 points between Avila and Castellanos. Avila higher OPS

I’m hopin’ casty can’t possibly “regress” from where he right now.
I really like the kid and I wonder how fortunate he feels to be able to watch hitters like Miggy and VMart every day—no slight intended to Hunter but Casty has things to learn about his swing and those are the two of the best mentors you could have in the game of baseball.

Nice start for Ray. Looks like he has some potential! Go Tigers!

Looks like me will see Ray sstart at least one more outing . He looked good.

Highlight of the evening was Phil Coke looking into the camera and mouthing “they haven’t cut me.” That was just a little better than the guy losing his drawers trying for that foul ball. Here I thought it was a half moon tonight.
ANOTHER good game by the Tigers. I could get used to this. Before this year they couldn’t buy a sac fly and now they do it nearly everytime. Was it just a percentage thing?
Nice game by rookie pheenom Robbie Ray, although I keep wanting to add a last name for him.

I saw that, Rich, but couldn’t figure out what he was saying! Had to laugh, though. He knows everyone is talking about him. I can only imagine the comments he has to endure in the BP.

He does seem to take it all in stride!

How about Robbie Ray Nophister?
Coke is a trip alright. The last few years have been a bad one though.
Cory Knebel struck out all 3 hitters he faced in the 9th tonight. ERA down to 0.71 and WHIP 1.11
Pretty sure we will see him this year.

like that last name

One more thing I noticed: When Miguel came to the plate tonight he took deep breaths before he swung. That’s what was missing. imo..

1. A Rookie Pitcher holds his own.
2. A great hitter is slowly waking up.
3. 7-8-9 go 6-11 with 3 Ribs.
The whole team(Starters) again all hit safely. Kudos to Worth’s solid game. Ray had a nice curve with very good command. 5 K’s with 1 W in his Debut are nothing to sneeze at. Team is playing pretty well absent smart baserunning.


And Dave Clark had another good game!

Tigers lead AL with 16 sac flies.

Apropos of nothing, catchers use an armor and collisions are not allowed. But 2B and SS can be sent flying … Infante

19-9. When is the last time our Tigers were 10 games over .500 this early in the season. This is exactly the style of play I was hoping for with the new roster and strategy. They have had some base running gaffes, but those are going to happen from time to time when there is such an aggressive approach. Without a doubt, there have been games they won this year that they would have lost in years past and it had everything to do with the speed and approach. And 3 Sac Flies in one game last night. That is fundamental ball right there. They would have gone a week last year without having 3 Sac Flies. I love what I am seeing and despite the bullpen warts they are 19-9.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

Getting thrown out from time to time is part of the aggressive approach. It pays off over time because the other team doesn’t know what those crazy Tigers will do next. That leads to rushed plays and bad throws and suddenly you’re getting the breaks. That’s Ty Cobb baseball. The first time I ever heard the term “you make your breaks” was from Cobb in the 1950s.

gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet

Another great game to watch but I did not see the 9th. What happened to Miller? The Tigers are 1st in fewest runs allowed!

Miller lost his command if he had any . Gave up a few runs. Jones made a trip to the mound to calm him dow . All ended well .

Last night the Astros defensive shift put Altuve behind 2ndbase with Miggy up. My guess is they were going by spray charts from earlier in the year when Cabrera was pulling everything, but he beat it easily with a grounder to where the 2ndbaseman would normally be, something Miggy can do in his sleep, and two runs scored.
Do defensive shifts work?
Are teams charting the success/fail rate of the shifts they use?
Is this just a copycat fad?

For the shifts to work, the pitchers have to execute their pitches. That has not been happening in the few games I’ve seen.

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