Dombrowski on Ray: “We think he projects to be at least a No. 3 starter”

Tigers president/GM Dave Dombrowski went on ESPN’s Baseball Tonight podcast with Buster Olney to talk about several different subjects around his club, including the impending promotion of Robbie Ray to fill Anibal Sanchez’s rotation spot.

The immediate sentiments were similar to what Brad Ausmus said Wednesday: He needs more seasoning before he’s truly ready for the big leagues, but he’s the best option they have to fill the void. Long-term, Dombrowski said Ray projects to be at least a mid-rotation starter.

“For us the other day, he’s throwing 93-94 late into the ballgame, even touching 95,” Dombrowski told Olney. “He’s got a real good changeup. He throws strikes. His curveball’s a developing pitch. He’s gone back and forth at times between sliders and curveballs early in his career. It’s a situation where we like his makeup.

“We like a lot of things about him. Apparently other organizations didn’t like him as much as we did, because we had him up there high in our evaluation process. But we’re very happy with him and we’re glad that we have him. We think he projects to be at least a number three starter as the future goes on, not necessarily now because he’s still in a development stage. Ideally he’d have a little more time before he’d come up here, but we do have the need next week and he’s thrown the ball very well at Triple-A. So we’ll give him an opportunity and we think he’ll give us a chance to win the ballgame.”

The projection sentiment is similar to what Dombrowski said going into Spring Training, maybe slightly different with the “at least” condition. For those looking at Ray’s performance so far at Triple-A Toledo and seeing him as potentially Detroit’s next front-line arm, it might be a splash of cool water. For those who are wondering what Detroit’s rotation will look like long-term if Max Scherzer doesn’t stick around and Rick Porcello eventually goes, tucking in Ray after Justin Verlander and Anibal Sanchez isn’t bad.

The podcast is available on ESPN’s site. It includes a lot of discussion on Scherzer’s start to the season and where he slots on the open market, plus George Carlin’s bit comparing baseball to football.


The tigers are in first place. Yeah DD! Go Tigers!

Notice how the Drew talk has quieted down since Romine has stepped up his play and held his own at the dish? I see Lombardozi was sent down to AAA too. It would be nice for Ray to toss a solid game and provide him some confidence once he’s sent back to Toledo. sure is weird having all these off days!

” half the sliders put in play have gone for base hits, according to STATS. The fact that two-thirds of them have been ground balls, though, has tempered the damage, leaving Chamberlain with appearances such as Wednesday’s.” Beck
The defense…
Bullpen, ERA: 5.36./FIP 4.28/GB 45.8%
The starters. 2.98 /3.04/ 42.7%

ElT that’s good news though! The problem is his darn slider-BABIP is .429, and thus I assume will regress.

Meanwhile he isn’t walking everyone with the slider (when his slider is right his BB% is like 5-7%, and it was 16.9 % last year and this year it is 6.7 %). Meanwhile his K% is the highest it has been since like 2008 because it’s at 46.7 %, and it’s usually like 36-37%.

btw Joba’s Slider-BABIP is usually around .340, so that is why i expect it to regress.

Beck explains how good Joba has been( link, right side). But that bit supports a point I made last week, the bullpen problem are not only their fault. Unlike the starters they cant K every batter or get FB ( some could go out of the park)

would be interesting to hear a scout’s opinion on where Ray stands in his development now compared to Porcello when he made his MLB debut.

Carlin is my all time favorite comedian. Cosby a close second.

Where do you rank Benny, Carson, and Winters???

dang doc those might be before my time. i’m not much of a improve comedy guy, either.

“Creo que así es el béisbol. Al principio le estaba dando bien pero no estaba teniendo buenos resultados, que es lo que importa, porque la gente no se si uno conecta bien la bola, sino que lo que les interesa son los resultados, los resultados positivos y eso es lo que uno busca. Pero al final comenzaron a caer los batazos y he tenido ahora buenos resultados”, dijo Cabrera
“I thing baseball is that way. I was hitting well the ball without good results, that is what matter, because people dont care if one hit well , but results. Positive results, and that is one is looking for. In the end , the hits began to come and i have good results”
(We mentioned it before his Babip was 225, now is 444. Career for april 341)

Creo que lo he encontrado es más consistencia en el swing, he sido más consistente a la hora de ir al home y eso me ha ayudado también a tener más producción”, expresó el venezolano, quien durante su carrera ha acumulado en BABIP de .341 en el primer mes de campaña y de .346 en total.
“I think i have found consistency in my swing”

La inconsistencia que señaló Cabrera con su swing tuvo un reflejo directo en la cantidad de ponches que acumuló en abril (18, de ellos 15 en los primeros 16 duelo). Eso lo hizo vulnerable con pitcheos ubicado afuera y en la esquina superior de la zona de strike, al igual que con envíos adentro y en esquina inferior de la zona de strike.
The inconsistency pointed out by Cabrera had a reflex in the numeber of SO, 18,. He was vulnerable with pitches up and outside and inside and low ( NB: His weak spots have been always,low and outside against breaking balls, and up and inside , yes, try to get out him without control, So, he had only the center to work with)

Esa situación lo hizo, además, a halar más la bola, a tener más conexiones hacia el lado izquierdo del terreno, por lo que en algunos encuentros los managers rivales se atrevieron a hacerle ese cambio defensivo special que usualmente emplean ante bateadores zurdos que halan mucho sus batazos, como David Ortiz o Adam Dunn

” that forced him to pull the ball(NB:??, if a RHB pulls the ball , he goes for 3B not 1B) and managers used the shift for LHB
“Esa es una forma en la que muchos equipos están jugando ahorita, eso tiene que ver con lo que dice una computadora que puede pasar en el terreno de juego y en realidad uno no sabe lo que pueda pasar. Esa es su manera de jugar y uno no tiene nada que ver con eso”, dijo Cabrera, quien agregó: “Conmigo creo que lo hacen porque no he estado dando rolling a segunda y eso es lo que pasa”.

That is way used by many team. a computer tells them what could happen on the field, but you cant know. That the way the play and it does not concern you…I thinks they use it with me because I have not been hitting grounders to 2B

Esto, porque como bien él dijo no está dando casi rollings por los lados de la segunda base, pero si tiene una buena cantidad de conexiones (líneas y flies) hacia la banda de la derecha. De hecho la mitad de sus dobles y cuadrangulares en esta campaña han sido hacia ese lado.

He is not hitting grounders but flies and lines, most of his 2b and HR to RF
My apologies for the long post.

El T – I love to read your translations, keep them coming.


On second thoughts about the pulling the ball: late swings end in weak grounders to the opposite side.So ,was he pulling the ball trying to drive the ball to the center?

Joel Hanrahan a Tiger?

Hey hey, DD has reeled in Hanrahan!! Hopefully his control is back and can bolster the BP.

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