Tigers-Twins series finale washed out


On one hand, the lost April on the Tigers schedule continues with their third weather postponement already this season. On the other hand, the overtaxed Tigers bullpen now has two days to recuperate. Either way, Sunday’s series finale between the Tigers and Twins didn’t take long to be called.

As the picture above from the Twins twitter account shows, the weather in Minneapolis is miserable. There’s a 70 percent chance of rain and thunderstorms all day and evening, as well as a wind advisory. With two more Tigers visits to the Twin Cities scheduled for August and September, the two teams have options on when to make this one up. No makeup date was immediately announced.

According to MLive.com, the rainout means everybody gets pushed back. Justin Verlander, who was scheduled to start today, will start Tuesday’s series opener against the White Sox. Max Scherzer will start Wednesday, while Rick Porcello gets pushed back to the Kansas City series.

Before you ask, the rainout does not change the Tigers’ rotation needs with Anibal Sanchez on the DL. They’ll still need a fifth starter no later than May 6, which means they’ll still need two starts out of a replacement before Sanchez can return from the DL on May 12.

What the rainout does is further stretch the gap in games played between the Tigers and the rest of the league. They’ll have back-to-back days without a game for the second time this month. Moreover, they’ll head to Chicago on Tuesday having played just 21 games through the first four weeks of the season. The White Sox, by contrast, are scheduled to play their 26th game of the year today, weather permitting. So will the Red Sox today at Toronto. The Indians will play their 25th game later this afternoon in San Francisco. The Diamondbacks, who opened their season early with the opening series in Australia, will play their 28th game of the year today against the Phillies.


JWagnerBlade ‏@jwagnerblade 21m
#Tigers rainout means no move … which means you can disregard all the Jose Ortega movement I suggested last night. Staying w/ Detroit.

Ortega pitched one solid month for us last year. He certainly deserves one or two more assignments because if he does not bounceback he could be released. Just two more games on the April schedule. We are guaranteed a winning record for the month and with two wins in Chicago we would have a slightly better won/loss than last April. Last year we were bullies as we outscored our opponents 125 to 98 in April. The run differential for us this year is +2 or 3. Lots of tight ball games. How long before we get some indoor baseball???

Chad Smith is being promoted from Erie to Toledo tonight, so that fills the opening in the Hens pen left by Miller and Ortega both being up. That strongly suggests both Miller and Ortega are staying up for now.

Rain, rain go away please stay away the rest of the season. And warm up a bit.

Avila’s injury sliding home the other day was unnecessary. As I recall there was nobody out at the time.. Clark has been excellent at 3rd otherwise.

Thought the same. While the infielder made a very athletic relay home, that’s negated because there were none out and the top of the order coming around. First wrong decision I’ve seen Clark make. Fortunately that’s the game we scored 10 anyway.
Seems that Alex can sustain injuries when he blinks his eyes or points a finger. Never seen anything quite like it.

What do you think about Hanrahan?
Can Knebel be far behind?

A day or two ago Knebel had 8 Ks and 5 BBs for April in AA. Does that sound good?? No, he should stay there for a month or more. He may need a little AAA time too.

Just found out, too late, that Doug Fister pitched a four inning rehab about 20 miles down the road from here. That would have been a great way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon. Damn.

talkin’ nats….heard that Harper dingbat was benched for not hustling one game, then the next slid into 3rd and hurt his thumb. Nats sick of him yet?

Sliding head first, they will never learn. Dee Gordon did the same stupid thing

Knebel today:
JWagnerBlade ‏@jwagnerblade 24m
.@DrewVerHagen Sunday for @MudHens: 96 pitches, 62 strikes. FB 89-91 mph (touched 94), CH 83-81 (21-17 & good), CU 74-75 (also good) #Tigers
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Carried shutout into the 7th
JWagnerBlade ‏@jwagnerblade 2h
VerHagen ERA’s 1st 4 starts for @MudHens … 1st 4.50, 2nd 0.00, 3rd 0.00, 4th 4.50, 5th 16.20, 6th 54.00. 5th-6th 3.2 IP 8 H 8 ER. #Tigers
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Do the Tigers ever actually play? It feels like a hockey schedule…yes there have bee rainouts but too many scheduled off days.

Years dont forgive , Ichiro career is nearing its end.
Not only the Tigers waste ST, the Yankees pitching coach entering to remember Tanaka the signals…

Nothing unexpected , going with 8 relievers until May 6. Keeping Ortega? surprising, until reading he went from the plane to the mound.
I dont see them calling Ray as spot starter unless they really see him as a lock in the rotation in 2015. Below, even with his high BB rate or Verhagen

Went and saw the Hens play Friday night. Ortega pitched one great inning, how funny to see him the next afternoon pitching for the Tigers. Also Mike Hessman is back with the Tigers and hit a homerun for us – closing in on the minor league record. I would love to see him on our bench as a pinch hitter with major power – dude has played in the minors forever, he brings a lot of excitement to the games there

The way this bullpen and cabrera have been playing…..i’ll take 1-2 rain delays a week. At this junction, the running game and nick cast’s hitting have been the fun parts of watching tigers baseball this year.

Let’s see Robbie Ray fill in for Sanchez for two starts. Then right after the All-Star break we will need a sixth starter because of a doubleheader against the Indians. Another good matchup for a lefty. Go Tigers!!!

i am going to that double header!

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