Saturday’s lineups: Tigers at Twins

targetfieldstatueThe last time Miguel Cabrera faced Phil Hughes, he turned on a pitch six inches inside and sent it into the left-field seats at Yankee Stadium. He enters today batting an even .500 against Hughes, who has given up a good amount of damage in four starts wearing a Twins uniform.

Alex Avila is not in the lineup today after leaving Friday’s game with a left shin contusion. Bryan Holaday gets the start behind the plate.

After using up a good chunk of the bullpen for Friday’s 10-6 win, the Tigers made a pregame move to regain some short-term depth, recalling Jose Ortega from Triple-A Toledo and optioning Justin Miller back to the Mud Hens. Ortega pitched an inning for the Hens last night, but it was his first outing in four days, so he should be relatively fresh. Two relievers have pitched in back-to-back outings going into Saturday, but they’re two pretty key relievers in closer Joe Nathan and setup man Joba Chamberlain. Nathan hasn’t pitched three straight games as a Tiger, but he did so a handful of times last year in Texas, including a couple stretches where he pitched in four straight games.

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TIGERS (career numbers off Phil Hughes)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (3-for-16, 2 doubles, triple, 2 walks, K)
  2. Torii Hunter, RF (6-for-15, double, 2 walks, 5 K’s)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (14-for-28, 3 doubles, 5 HR, 2 walks, 4 K’s)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (7-for-22, 2 doubles, 3 K’s)
  5. Austin Jackson, CF (5-for-20, triple, HR, walk, 6 K’s)
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  7. Andrew Romine, SS
  8. Bryan Holaday, C
  9. Rajai Davis, LF (6-for-21, 3 doubles, walk, 3 K’s)

P: Anibal Sanchez

TWINS (career numbers off Sanchez)

  1. Brian Dozier, 2B (1-for-12, walk, 3 K’s)
  2. Joe Mauer, DH (5-for-13, 2 walks, 3 K’s)
  3. Trevor Plouffe, 3B (3-for-12, HR, walk, 2 K’s)
  4. Chris Colabello, 1B (0-for-4, 4 K’s)
  5. Jason Kubel, LF (0-for-3, 3 K’s)
  6. Josmil Pinto, C
  7. Sam Fuld, RF
  8. Aaron Hicks, CF (0-for-6, walk, 3 K’s)
  9. Eduardo Escobar, SS (0-for-2, walk, K)

P: Phil Hughes


Ortgega called up to shore the bullpen. Miller down. Being rested saved Coke

does coke have options? or would he be DFA’d?

Yes, but they need him to consent before sending him to AAA, if MLBTR is right


Miguel looks like he’s having fun!!!!!

Man, Tiger hitters…………putting dents in that RF wall out there.

The Ump is giving Anibal the work that the hitters refused to give him

Oh, no. What is going on with Anibal.

Ortega? Yikes. a 7 run lead will not be safe today.
Depending on what’s up with Anibal (it’s been brutal this year on key players), what do you figure? Ray?

“And after a review, Dozier is ruled out at second base. The review lasted 1 minutes, 28 seconds”

Anibal Sanchez left today’s game with a right middle finger blister


“Anibal Sanchez left today’s game with a right middle finger blister”

Can Smyly pitch the rest of this game?

Oh, my. Send Ortega back where he came from.

Yeah-he’s not a whole bunch different than Villarael. He needs to be taken out and not trusted afterwards.

Ortega. …this ball throwing buffoon is the best we got??? Thats on DD …he needs to do a better job. This is absolutely ridiculous.

|Great–minor league baseball at it’s best!
Good luck getting Dozier–the guy is on a mission.

All of a sudden Coke is the best option. Crazy business.

Pathetic beyond belief!

This is crap…Dombrowski might want to do his job and stop waiting on Rondon and figure out how to draft and or pick up and or trade for pitchers who know how to pitch. Beyond ridiculous

If this doesn’t seal Chokes fate, I don’t know what outing will! 2 Strikes and 9 Balls. Yikes!

Pretty clear Coke doesn’t have the ability to remain a force in our pen.I’m almost pulling for Kuble to hammer one to make it abundantly clear to the power that have abrogated their position.

5th Inning; 4 BB’s, 1 single, 1 2-base error (Holiday), 1 WP and a GIDP to save Choke form further damage than the 4 runs scored.

Whew! Was about ready to suggest bringing in Kelly.

He should be rested.

what did ya’ll expect was going to happen when DD ignored the pen all winter? I began to feel bad for complaining about it!

Well alot of fans wondered what the pen would look like . Now we know and it has to be fixed .

Don’t be fooled Dave.

I expected that 4 rookies would come out of nowhere and pitch the
Tigers into the best bullpen in MLB. It was going to be a major story…..of the year. Dang. I was so close to being right.

I’m not saying its okay about Coke but this is on Ortega….I actually think they got out of it about as well as can be expected.
Lets not sleep on how our hitters died the last 5 innings

The offense made Hughes look like CY candidate. Just swinging away and not making him work. If we lose, it’s on them too.

Totally agree.

Let’s keep an eye on Austin Jackson’s defense. I think he is playing very passively. Yesterday on a base hit when we were 8 runs up or so there was a chance for a play at the plate and he slowly got to the ball and lobbed it to 2nd. Today, on the hit up the middle he 3-hopped the cutoff throw to the back of the mound.
This is the one thing keeping him from a Gold Glove. It’s aggressiveness.

if you bat Davis after Avila…doesn’t that eliminate davis’s speed?

Miggy has done so much but that was lazy crap swing

Extra crappy pitcher by the way

Miggy should not have been fooled into swinging at the low stuff with the DP on. Damn.

Pretty disappointed. Dombrowski and his wing and a prayer pen. And hitters who shrink

It gets uglier every day. It’s almost miserable to watch my team of 55 years. In the bad years, we looked bad because the players were bad. Miggy, a future HOF, looked bad today. Nick, the Rookie looked bad today. Ortega looked like a Rec pitcher I coached years ago. Romine shows why he could never be an everyday SS, unless you want .150 from that spot. Coke is the real thing all right! BAD! Kinsler has gone silent. We had Hughes on the ropes, and let him go. This happens way too often. JV will not have an easy time with the Twinks; they’ll drive your pitch count to 100 by the fifth, unless you dominate and have perfect control. Speaking of control, Miller’s tired arm could have gotten the ball over the plate, and less damage done. DEPRESSING!

1. Keeping the Twins at 4 through the fantasy fourth.
2. Having the chance to tie or win in the 8th. What have we done to you, Mig?
3. Martinez’s laser HR.

Now the SP’s, which was our strength, are getting bitten on the behind.
Well, shucks! The Tigers are in first place. Later!


By the way. I will not vote for a player for all stars just because he plays for my team. Right now, Miggy should be way down in the voting. If he’s doing all star work later, he would get my vote. The All Star Voting is still a sore spot with me. Players from the big markets make the starting lineup with sup par numbers. That’s not right.
I’m done griping. At least tonight!


Thanks for bringing up the All-Star voting, Greg. Already on the Tiger website, All-Star voting is being crammed down our throats 20 games into the season. I couldn’t believe it. So sick and tired of the endless campaigning for votes. Btw, Miggy was voted POG today. Unbelievable.

Before today, Coke had allowed only one inherited runner to score….

Oh yeah, he’s a a real keeper.

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