Sanchez goes on DL with lacerated middle finger; Miller recalled

For two-plus innings Saturday, Anibal Sanchez had no-hit stuff and what looked like a real chance to carry it through. By the end of the afternoon, he was on the disabled list, and the Tigers were looking at another loss to their already taxed pitching staff.

The blister that knocked Sanchez out of Saturday’s game in the third inning will keep him out for at least the next couple weeks. The Tigers medical staff made a quick determination, and the Tigers made a quick roster move, placing him on the 15-day DL with a lacerated right middle finger.

Justin Miller, who was optioned to Triple-A Toledo Saturday morning to bring up a fresh arm (Jose Ortega ended up with a wild outing), is being recalled to take Sanchez’s roster spot and will be available in the bullpen Sunday. Normally, Miller would’ve had to spend 10 days in the minors before he could rejoin the Tigers, but that rule is waived when replacing a player who isplaced on the DL.

Miller was not in the Mud Hens clubhouse at Fifth Third Field prior to their game Saturday night. The Hens had been hoping to have him Sunday.

Replacing Sanchez in the rotation is a more complicated story. The Tigers had planned on using their two scheduled off-days next week to go with a four-man rotation and put Drew Smyly in the bullpen for a little while. Now, they can still use a four-man rotation, but with Smyly in it, filling Sanchez’s spot next Friday at Kansas City.

Beyond that, it’s mixed news. The good news is that the Tigers don’t need a fifth starter until May 6. The bad news is that they’ll need that starter for two turns. That spot will come back up in the rotation May 11, but Sanchez isn’t eligible to come off the DL until May 12 at the earliest.

The only Mud Hens starter who’s currently on the 40-man roster is Kyle Lobstein, and he has yet to record a quality start in five tries, including Saturday. Robbie Ray has made the strongest case by looking good in three out of four starts, including 8 1/3 shutout innings with seven strikeouts on Wednesday, but the Tigers would have to create a 40-man roster spot to add him.

If Ray were to get the call, he’d be making his Major League debut. Considering the hubbub that lingers over the Doug Fister trade, it would likely be a much-scrutinized debut, probably too much so.


What a shame. He really had it going today, too. Wonder if the cold weather had anything to do with it?

It sure seemed like it didn’t it! Now we get to see what chain reaction the lack of SP depth does to the roster. I hate losing a game you certainly could have won!

Thats terrific…just keeps getting better

Again there is a very thin margin in this organization. Look at the braves two guys with Tommy John , no problem they haven’t missed a beat. This organization no depth and they are screwed. Thank you Dave Dombrowski for a bang up job.

Braves lost their starters in spring training, replaced them with two mid-March free agent signings in Ervin Santana and Aaron Harang. Could Tigers have replaced Bruce Rondon when he went down? Sure, but they didn’t have similar options.

Looked like it would be a good day . They can get the win tomorrow for sure . However they need to beef up for the White Sox and take nothing for granted .

Why does everyone blame DD. He doesn’t pitch or hit. He did make the Cabrera trade and the Tigers have won 3 straight division titles. The bullpen needs help but who is the perfect pitcher? Have we played 30 games yet?

surely he could have picked up a dependable arm for the pen, aside from the closer

Sure but the problem is ….they are not good enough they are I’m sure they are doing heir best it’s just not good enough…..DD and his staff pick these guys and I question their ability to evaluate the talent when it comes to the pen. I think DD has made awesome trades and signings but I think the pen is nearly always a giant problem.
So I want to know what other teams like the Braves and Oakland does to evaluate their pitching talent because Ortega and Miler are the best we got in the minors there’s a giant gap in talent.

I know how they can create a 40-man roster spot. hint: his name rhymes with “still joke”

Bye Coke!! That would be like Christmas!!!

My main concern, Aníbal played thru injury. How many times a Tiger player will do the same? Cant they just take it easy for once?

Ortega back to Toledo. according to Wagner. Reading between lines, Knebel will be called up

Thinking the same.
Heck, could be Nate Robertson. Wouldn’t that be a kick.

You never know what is going to happen next !! One thing for sure it is going to really keep the fans watching closer than ever.

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Better ERA with Avila. Better K/9 with VMart, then Holaday. Better BAA with Holaday but worse OPS against. Pretty low samples

Defense first? Tigers 28th by DRS. The Left side but for the few games by Romine have been a huge gap. They have a 6 DRS at SS , 9th. 3b -17. The right side , not much better.
2b? Minus 7 . 1B – 10
The OF, 19th. Mostly to blame in the RF
So much for the new approach.

The new approach was to have included Iglesias and Dirks.
That aside, I’ve watched every game and, once Gonzalez was let go, the infield defense is tremendously improved from last year. Example,do these numbers from outer space include the plays Miggy has made on errant throws to firstbase?
Looks to me like it’s these sabermetrics that should be re-examined.
Channeling my inner Jim Leyland, “that’s just something for the press and fans to talk about.”
(grumpy w/o morning coffee yet)

I agree with you 100 million percent Rich, These “hypothetical” stats are just that, hypothetical and meaningless.

I’d been thinking that Rod Allen has made too many comments this year about the hitter giving himself up to advance the runner to third. So it comes as no surprise that my favorite Rod comment from yesterday was when he related how he’d asked Castellanos if he’d been trying to do that when he hit his homer Friday. Nick’s answer was “no, I was trying to drive him in.”

Traditional stats put them at 22nd , in F%. Romine has been very good, as expected. But my point was, they are not helping the pitchers. They are shortening the games for the starters and the bullpen guys have enough with their own arms

It is very apparent that the tigers have placed so much faith in the back end of their pen that they have neglected to stock the middle inning men with talented arms and experience. There were a plethora of solid and experienced LHP relievers that were overlooked. There were proven commodities (Joba may not be unproven but he needs to be re-proven).
Talk of Knebel possibly–let’s hope this is not a reprise of the Chance Ruffin hype.
As to now, they need to to get some pitchers with a sense of confidence in that pen. coke has none. He is Coke Zero in that regard. ortega is dream. Miller is a hope–I can’t believe they brought him back. Reed is going to plagued with distraction and Putkonen seems too docile. There are huge problems out there that have gone unaddressed.

Today I would prefer a rainout over a game with rain delays. Verlander is pitching. Unfortunately, I think it may be the latter.

Ortega remains with the team. Iott

Lineup: Kinsler, Hunter, Cabrera, DH, Martinez, 1B, Jackson, Kelly, 3B, J.D. Martinez, Avila, Romine.


El Tigre. Miguel has DHed twice this year. How did he do??

1 for 7. BB Career.239.318.399.717

Our defensive strategy remains punch outs first choice, fly outs second choice, and as a last resort we will try to corral as many of those dribblers and bunts as we can!!!
Yes, that was one ugly inning and was the product of an unfortunate injury to Anibal. What I want to know is what did Brad say to Phil when he went to the mound. Any of you good lip readers??

“Remember, across the plate and between the knees and letters is a strike.”

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