Pitch at knees sets up three-error play


The strike-zone map above is from Hector Santiago’s outing Sunday against the Tigers, courtesy of brooksbaseball.net. And the green dot just inside the bottom of the box is the 3-2 pitch to Miguel Cabrera in the first inning as Ian Kinsler was taking off for second base. That’s how close it was.

“You know where the pitch is,” Angels manager Mike Scioscia said. “You can’t wait for an umpire’s call. You have to get your throw off. The umpire called it low. Hank thought it was a good pitch and he’s going to follow through on his throw.”

Ian Kinsler was on the same page.

“I wasn’t sure if there was going to be a strike three or a ball four, so I had to go, and the catcher obviously came up and threw,” he said. “I had to continue to run just in case he called it a strike.”

The throws that came after that, of course — Hank Conger to second base, Mike Trout to the cutoff man, then Santiago to home plate — were not close.


J. D. Martinez is coming up? Whose going down?

Yep I hear big J.D. is coming up!

Luke Putkonen to DL. Which might explain why Ausmus didn’t use him, but also might be because Ausmus didn’t use him (i.e. he hurt himself knocking the rust off the other day). Either way, who will be the long man now, do you think?

Probably Miller

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