Justin Miller reportedly called up from Toledo

The first bullpen transaction of the Tigers’ 2014 season is apparently on the way. Justin Miller was informed after Thursday’s Mud Hens loss that he’s being called up to Detroit, according to John Wagner of the Toledo Blade.

The Tigers aren’t expected to confirm any roster move until Friday. It might not be until then that we learn the return move. Wagner is very good at chronicling the Toledo end of these moves.

It’s possible the Tigers are calling up a fresh arm for the bullpen after using five relievers Thursday afternoon and four Wednesday night (Al Alburquerque, Ian Krol and Joba Chamberlain pitched in both games), all ahead of Drew Smyly’s first start of the season Friday night. While neither manager Brad Ausmus nor pitching coach Jeff Jones had a pitch count set for Smyly when asked Thursday morning, both made it clear they’ll have to be cautious with him since he hasn’t been stretched out as a starter since the end of Spring Training nearly three weeks ago. He threw 51 pitches on April 4 and 49 pitches on April 9.

The Tigers could go a position player short in the bullpen for a day, taking somebody off their bench. If the Angels were starting a lefty Friday, it wouldn’t be hard to envision the Tigers starting Victor Martinez at DH, freeing up Alex Avila to serve as the backup for a night. But with a righty going, Martinez is likely to DH, which means the Tigers would have to bat the pitcher’s spot to move Martinez behind the plate in the middle of a game. They could go short an outfielder.

It’s also possible the Tigers simply decided to make a change in their bullpen mix after watching their relief corps for nearly three weeks. The bullpen struggles have been well chronicled, though Tigers relievers have generally had better fortunes the last couple games. Phil Coke’s struggles have been well-chronicled, but the Tigers have no shortage of lefty relievers at Toledo if they were to go that route.

Miller would be making his Tigers debut after signing a Major League deal with Detroit last fall following his release from the Rangers organization. The hard-throwing 25-year-old had a rough Spring Training, making him an early cut from camp, but has recovered nicely in Toledo. He has thrown 4 2/3 scoreless innings for the Hens on three hits with a walk and six strikeouts.


suspect it will be Collins. could use some regular playing time even if its AAA. for the time being, Davis is performing well enough to be the everyday LF. Kelly can spell him on occasion. they might add Carrera later. too bad JD Martinez isn’t a lefty.

Someone going to bereavement or restricted list?

From Wagner too:
RT @TigersProspects: Like I’ve been saying & it’s pretty clear @jwagnerblade agrees, Perez is faking it at SS. He’s a 2B & good one at that.
“Also bad decision by Hernan Perez at SS to try & throw runner out at 3rd. Or, more accurately, poor throw. Perez at SS? Uh …. No. #Tigers”

I was wondering if the strikes called out of the zone were on the pitcher or the catcher , here an answer:
Some of the most favorable zones in recent history have belonged to Liván Hernández.. Dont you say ,in the 1997 WS the ump in the 7th game was the real Marlins MVP

In an attempt to explain baseball to a Sydney Australia native, a person explained how the pitcher must throw the ball into an invisible box that floats in the air.
That’s all one needs to know about strike zones.

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Since Gonzalez is hitting .167, wouldn’t you just go with Romine for the defense until deciding what to do about the situation?
Sounds like Brad is dug in on that batting order thing with Hunter hitting second.

I think it’s time to bring up Worth and let him and Rom battle it out. Same performance and lots more potential to develop.

Any word on how Dirks is rehabbing?

Suárez is ahead of Worth. Better glove, more or less same bat

for clarification, at SS Suarez is ahead of Worth. Is Worth 1st in line at 2B or 3B? When I look at toledo, i don’t see any SS listed. Suarez is hitting .967OPS in AA, this year i see….

Worth is playing 3B while Pérez SS ( kind of).
Suárez like Pérez and Avisail could jump from AA

Lineup vs. LAA: Kinsler 4, Hunter 9, Cabrera 3, Martinez DH, Jackson 8, Kelly 5, Avila 2, Romine 6, Davis 7. Smyly starting. #tigers

Tyler Collins as expected to AAA

Who gets the call tomorrow? Carrera? Fields and Moya only OF remaining , 40 roster.

ElTigre, you think Miller is a 1-game rental? My guess is based upon what happens tonight and possibly this series.

I think they need him until Sunday because Porcello will pitch this weekend too and Scherzer has never pitched a CG. But I dont see them going with that short bench for 3 days

If Smyly is on a “75-80” pitch limit, then that “should” be 5 hopefully 6 innings if he can induce groundouts. That leaves us 3-4 innings of Putkonen and others to save the game.

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