Tigers-Indians postponed (updated with starters)

The wintry weather system that put metro Detroit over the top for its snowiest season on record put a stop to the latest AL Central clash between the Tigers and Indians. Tuesday night’s series opener at Comerica Park was postponed due to inclement weather.

No makeup date was announced Tuesday, but it won’t be made up this series, which will now be a two-game set with games Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon. The Indians return to town after the All-Star break for a three-game series July 18-20 and another three-game set Sept. 12-14. Both teams have two days off after the All-Star break.

Tickets for Tuesday’s game will be honored for the makeup date, which no ticket exchange necessary.

Anibal Sanchez, who was scheduled for Tuesday, will instead start Wednesday night’s game. Justin Verlander remains on schedule to start Thursday’s series finale. That means Drew Smyly, Wednesday’s previously scheduled start, will be pushed back by a weather postponement for the second time in two weeks.

Smyly, Rick Porcello and Max Scherzer will start against the Angels this weekend, but the order is unknown. Manager Brad Ausmus said over the weekend that he wanted to separate Smyly and Porcello in the rotation order, so it’s unlikely they’ll pitch back to back. That means one will probably pitch Friday, the other on Sunday, with Scherzer pitching on Saturday.

The Indians, meanwhile, are keeping their rotation order, with their starters simply pushed back. Zach McAllister, who had been scheduled to start Tuesday, will start opposite Sanchez on Wednesday. Danny Salazar is now scheduled to start Thursday opposite Verlander.

Tigers players and coaches had been looking at Tuesday’s game with unease since last weekend, when they were still basking in the warmth of the West Coast. A storm system of cold and snow lived up to forecasts, dropping 2-3 inches of snow across the area overnight and covering the field at Comerica Park.

The bigger concern, however, might have been the temperatures, which barely crept above freezing during the day. The hourly forecast from weather.com called for temperatures in Detroit around 33 degrees at first pitch with a wind chill of 22, dropping further as the night went along.

Tuesday was the first scheduled night game of the season at Comerica Park. The Tigers opened the season at home with five afternoon games. They lost a game from that homestand, too, to a postponement, with rain washing out an April 3 game against the Royals. That game will be made up June 19.

Between two postponed games and four scheduled off-days, the Tigers have played just 10 games in 16 days since the season began. They haven’t needed a fifth starter, which has left Drew Smyly pitching out of the bullpen. Smyly was scheduled to make his first start of the season Wednesday.


Good. It’s bitterly cold with high winds. I wondered how they were going to pull it off. The Tigers are losing a lot in attendance because of this long winter.

I thought maybe there would be a weather problem today when it was snowing here Monday. (120 miles west of Chicago). They will make up that attendance when they play those games later. Maybe for the better if the team starts to hit and thye get their bullpen settled down.

Did you hear the construction workers had the day off? It was too cold!

What a brutal winter this has been – I keep telling my kids to remember this because year because they’ll be telling their kids about the winter of 2014 the way I talk to them about the winter of 1978 – gosh am I old!

I remember the winter of 1978 well. I had to play a solo gig and the roads out near Plymouth/Canton looked like bobsled runs. It was also three in the morning coming home. Didn’t they call up the National Guard at one point? My next door neighbor was Rick Leach. Memories……

yep, National guard came to help, cars were stranded on the turnpike, people were stuck at work for like 3 days, I remember standing in the parking lot of the grocery store that we walked to with our sled buying milk right off the truck because the trucks could not get there for so many days.

8:10 game in Minnesota….not cancelled. juuuuuust saying.

Not a divisional game. I think they take that into consideration when making those decisions. Then again, I think the home team has the decision until the game starts and then it is in the hands of the umps. So who knows. That will not be a fun game to play in or sit in the stands for. Temp will be at freezing at game time.
— Bob

Why schedule night games at all, in April?

I remember when Comerica was being built there was talk about a dome roof on it . With midwest weather you can get real bad weather at times . We have been to Miller Park a few times they are ready for rain, snow ect . If the weather is ok you leave the roof open bad weather you close it and the game goes on .
Tigers are 2 weeks into the season and have 2 makeup games already . The extra games can really take a toll on a club when the dog days of summer sneak up on them.

I wish they had, but it was probably cost prohibitive at the time. Would have paid for itself by now, though. No more rainouts or waiting. All the old folks and kids comfortable. Oh, well.

Smyly must feel the baseball gods have something against him.

Well as a person who had tickets to tonight’s game I’m glad they aren’t playing…truth be told we made the decision a few days ago when I saw the forecast we would watch it in the comfort of our own home. Too miserable to sit there when it’s 50 degrees let alone 27 degrees. Besides we play them a ton no need to risk pulled hamstrings and such.

You know, I was trying to remember how cold it was the night Magglio hit the HR to win the ALCS back in ’06. Pretty cold that night as I remember. Are these Tigers tough enough?

Yes, the sun was out when we left for the game and I was still carrying my coat when the 1st inning started. The sun went down and my coat went on. But later on, everyone had steam coming out of their mouth. Had to be in the 30’s by games end. Not as cold as tonight, though.

all I can remember is Polanco with his ski mask on!

you’d be surprised at how much colder 41 at the end of the summer feels compared to 40 at the beginning of summer

IIt was cold but after he hit the HR the weather was not really a issue. Let the party began !!!!!!!

probably one of my best college memories

Warning–off topic!. Just read that Matthew Stafford is the 6th highest paid ATHLETE! in the WORLD!
How ridiculous is that?

very. i just pray they let Suh walk after this year.

Beck explained a couple of months ago that NFL player have higher annual salaries due to salary cap.

Any chance of Holaday playing at least one game ? or is he in the forgotten dimension with Luke


Lineup vs. CLE: Kinsler 4, Hunter 9, Cabrera 3, Martinez DH, Jackson 8, Castellanos 5, Avila 2, Gonzalez 6, Davis 7. Sanchez starting.

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