Sunday’s lineups: Tigers at Padres


Time to sign off in San Diego and bid farewell to the West Coast. Victor Martinez gets the start behind the plate for the getaway day, giving slumping Alex Avila an afternoon off and keeping Nick Castellanos in the lineup.

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  1. Rajai Davis, LF
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  3. Torii Hunter, RF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, C
  6. Austin Jackson, CF
  7. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  8. Alex Gonzalez, SS
  9. Max Scherzer, P


  1. Everth Cabrera, SS
  2. Alexi Amarista, CF
  3. Seth Smith, LF
  4. Jedd Gyorko, 2B
  5. Chase Headley, 3B
  6. Yonder Alonso, 1B
  7. Will Venable, RF
  8. Rene Rivera, C
  9. Tyson Ross, P


“It’s a clear violation of the CBA,” Boras said in a phone interview. “As many as five executives continue to use ESPN as a conduit to violate the collective bargaining agreement.”
Well, a couple on months ago Morosi was pushing the Jays to sign Drew like he were the his agent.

Who will investigate, the mystery team that usually push Boras clients value?

Ah baseball. The smell of newly cut grass and hot dogs, the crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, subpoenas, investigations, anonymous sources……….

now THIS is a LINEUP that can score enough runs for max that maybe we can confidently run Coke, Joba and AL AL out there and still get the W.

“slumping Alex Avila” Seems like I’ve heard that a lot. Years, in fact. As much as I like him, when will the day come?

Just read the article on Drew-Kendrys. They turned down almost 2x as much as they were making last year? Very foolish.

Tigers Gameday ‏@DetroitGameday now
Miguel Cabrera strikes out for the 10th time in 10 games. He’s had at least 1 in 7 straight.

Something to worry about

in some ways, i feel like catching Vmart forces Alex to “up his game”. Something I know Dan would like to see.

when one shows their true greed, of course it damages one’s value.

Tigers in trouble today. No hitting…..again. Max too many pitches. Bullpen will be needed.

Max can’t find strike zone and it winds up costing us big time. Might want to figure it out. This padres team who supposedly doesnt hit has had little problem with the Tigers.

And there it goes. Two walks from Max and both score. Losing to a team in last place in their division. Can’t take 2 of 3 without a big comeback.

Get Max out of there in a hurry. He does not have it today! The Padres are not being fooled and are hitting the cover off the ball. Let’s hope we can find a “stopper” in the bullpen to carry the game into the late innings.


Better outing for Coke in that he got people out. Heck he did better than Scherzer who was not good.

Is Putkonin hurt or just the forgotten pitcher. He pitched pretty well in spring training but if in not wrong he’s only been in 1 game.
Pretty disappointed with this road trip.

2 more innings to get 4 runs to tie.


California Dreamers head back to the Cold, harsh, reality of hometown, Detroit, Michigan. Go Tigers!!!!!

Very disappointing road trip against a “meek” Padres team that Aus knows very well! Max stunk with 90+ pitchers in 5 innings. The Tigers have to learn how to shut down the opponents in the first few innings and turn the tables and draw blood first!! This season is off to an unimpressive start. At least the weak Central is also “soft” to start the season. I can’t put my finger on it but the Tigers are missing something. Avila is not a 1st string catcher! VMart/Holiday is not the answer either. We need a Lance Parrish type of dual-type of catcher that is durable.

Looks like catching could be a major problem . They should have kept Bryan Pena . At least he made good contact with the ball . Ausmus has to really think this one out .

If I’m Ausmus, Cabrera bats third every day. No exceptions; he also plays first base or DH, every day. With all the moving parts, there’s too much to think about; let Miggy do what he does best- hit. Consistency is what this team needs now. Too many overall lineup changes. NL parks are tough with no DH, but set the plan and stay with it. Davis stays in left every day, until he proves he doesn’t belong there. So far, he’s the most consistent guy we got. Max got the arm slot in the fifth. By then it was way too late. I also see no leadership or passion right now. Tory and Victor need to roll some heads. To lose 2-3 to San Diego is pretty embarrassing. This was truly ugly, but I gleaned three good things from the loss:
1. The beginning of bullpen stability. I thought Nady was dead. His HR proved he’s not. Aside from that, the pen brought a sense of calm to the diamond. Coke had a little fizz; now he needs to spew out of the can for a couple more outings.
2. Davis’s strong play on both ends; right now, as previously stated, he’s about all the pizzaz we have.
3. Max’s 10K’s of 15 putouts; yes, he was pathetic overall, but even when he struggles, he shows what really good stuff he has,Padres o no Padres!
I give Alex the next three starts with a directive that his starting position is on the line.
Then let the chips fall. This show can’t go on, Papa Avila or not. Until later.


davis vs righties this season: .321/.406/.429 slash line with 5SB. …that’s everyday material FOR SURE

i neves expectd more. always the same in the west

The results of this trip would have been expected if we’d know Miggy would struggle to this degree. The way the offense is constructed, he has to hit for the team to succeed. We did win two games despite of that.
The bullpen MIGHT be rounding into shape, but Coke got three outs and two of them were very hard hit. Seems that another club, perhaps one of the dumb ones, would like to have an experienced lefty.
West coast trips are rough. That’s all I take from the last five games.

btw Cabby doesn’t have a hit against a LHP this year yet and 2 Ks (5PAs)

The sky is falling ! The sky is falling! Come on people, they have the second best record in the league and are on pace to win at least 96 games. Its a long season.

e 2nd best record at the end of the season will not be so acceptable.

I would have expected a sweep of the Padres or taking at least 2/3 . Having to leave San Diego with one win isn’t good . But as we saw last year they can bounce back .
Jones goes to the mound then the flood gates open up ??? Go figure but basseball is a very long season and we gotta tay positive . Go Tigers !!!!!!

Listened to the game on the way home from Florida. Picked up WKZO around Ft. Wayne and back to GR around 7. Mr. Dickerson is wonderful to listen to. It sounded like the Padres made some good plays and of course Max walked too many. A game of inches? So back home and it will be 30 degrees. Let’s get those bats warmed up! We have only scored 40 runs. Right on, Mayo. It is early and Prince is batting .149 with NO home runs. Go Tigers!

They got rid of too much offense and didn’t do much in the pitching department to overcome the impotent offense in my opinion. I think it’s going to be like this all year. Hope I’m wrong and it may still be enough to win division but not enough to go all the way.

to be fair, if cabrera and avila were both hitting 300OPS better (like I hoped they would), the offense would seem fine. Heck Miggy’s GIDP rate is like 40% when it is usually 13-14%.

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