Tigers-Nationals exhibition rained out

I didn’t go to Washington, but apparently the weather wasn’t very good, because they didn’t wait long to postpone Saturday’s exhibition between the Tigers and Nationals. Essentially, the Tigers got an overnight stay in D.C. before returning home Saturday evening.

Only a couple players will really be affected by it. The first is scheduled starter Anibal Sanchez, who was scheduled to throw around 85 pitches to get ready for his regular-season assignment Thursday against KC. Instead, Sanchez will now throw a shorter session against Tigers hitters along with Rick Porcello as part of Sunday’s voluntary workouts (no, it’s not voluntary for the hitters scheduled to face them, I’m told).

The other player affected is Don Kelly, who was supposed to get some field work in Saturday’s game. He returned to game action Friday in Lakeland, but it was a minor-league camp game, and he was the designated hitter for both teams in the contest. I’m not sure whether that will help set Brad Ausmus’ decision on who starts in left field for Opening Day. He said Friday he still hadn’t decided.


was excited about todays game too – even wore my Jim Price shersey today. Good for Collins – it’d be great for everyone if he is successful at the mlb-level – even if it’s for only a half season or so.

I really hope we can say someday that Collins ‘reminds me of Jim Thome’.
What happened to Boesch?

glad you asked, we will find out tomorrow actually (read here http://www.rantsports.com/mlb/2014/03/28/brennan-boesch-could-be-the-detroit-tigers-missing-link/ ) Basically he’s hit .270 with 1 HR in 37 ABs but is fighting for a roster spot against 2 guys who have outhit him in ST. If Boesch does not make the Angels’ team, he can opt out of his minor league contract tomorrow (march 30). He still has plenty of power in that lefty bat too.
talking about lefty ex-tigers, the Pirates have outrighted Andy Oliver off of the club’s 40-man roster. And with proven lefty arms in the ‘pen….i’d pick him up.

Neither is a bad idea! Couldn’t hurt to have them in the system, anyway.

I’ll never understand why they give the players a full weekend to come home and get settled. I don’t think playing one more practice game would prepare them better than a weekend off.

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