Source: Cabrera, Tigers agree to terms on long-term extension

The Tigers went into Spring Training with two contract situations to watch: Max Scherzer entering his final year before free agency, and Miguel Cabrera entering the stage to consider an extension with two years left on his deal. Detroit will head north having locked up one of the two.

Cabrera and the Tigers have agreed to terms on an eight-year extension that, when added in with the remaining two seasons on his current deal, is expected to comprise the largest contract in baseball history, a source with knowledge of the talks told The deal will be announced on Friday, the final day for the Tigers’ Spring Training camp. Jon Heyman first reported the deal Thursday evening.

The agreement extend Cabrera’s current contract through at least 2023. Published reports estimate the value of the extension at $248 million guaranteed. A report from’s Jon Heyman said the deal will include vesting options for two more years at $30 million each.

Add in the remaining years on his current contract, which will pay him $22 million per year in 2014 and ’15, and Cabrera would make about $292 million over the next 10 seasons, not including the options. With or without the options, if the remaining years on the current deal are included, the terms mark the largest contract in Major League history, surpassing the 10-year, $275 million deal signed by Alex Rodriguez after the 2007 season. It would also all but ensure that Cabrera concludes his career in a Tigers uniform.

While Scherzer’s situation had a sense of urgency to it this spring, with free agency so close and neither side interested in negotiating during the season, Cabrera has been fairly laid-back about his contract talk. He said going into camp that they had no rush on getting a deal done, tempering fears that this spring would be Detroit’s lone shot to keep him long-term.

An extension comes almost six years to the day after the Tigers made Cabrera, then a new arrival from the Marlins, one of the highest-paid players in the game. He’s scheduled to make $22 million this season and next on the eight-year, $152.3 million extension he signed on March 24, 2008.

When that deal came together, observers said Ilitch finally had the baseball superstar he wanted. This deal ensures that he’ll keep him for the rest of Cabrera’s career and likely the rest of Ilitch’s days.


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Two VERY different contract negotiations took place this week.
The season hasn’t started yet, Max and Scott. Just sayin’…..

Anybody follow Verlander’s little contest on Twitter for opening day tickets? That was a lot of fun.

Tiger management have always spoiled their veteran players with more than fair contracts. Even for relatively average players. Bonderman, Robertson, Inge all come to mind. I don’t agree with half of DD’s trades but as to contract negotiations he has always struck me as being very fair. Too bad that Max aligned himself with Boras Karloff as his agent.

Aaaahhhh! At last some real positivity. It is good for Detroit baseball to have Miggy staying. Good on Miggy for not insisting on a 10 year contract or something like that. This man has matured so much since that incident just over 3 years ago.

10 years 300MM

Now it is up to Miguel to keep himself in better shape every year so that he can realize the HOF potential and historic numbers he is capable of.

I second that. Stay in shape, Miguel.

I see that–I meant 10 “new”years.

Miggy might be AMAZING at hitting the baseball – with good defense and smart baserunning – but, he is awesome in numerous of other ways that make baseball entertaining: he’s funny on and off the field, he’s good to interviewers and fans alike and he seems to be a great teammate. Albert Pujols, Barry Bonds and numerous others “stars” fall SO FAR SHORT of Miggy in these categories. I’d have to say i’m nearly as big of a Miggy fan as I am a Tigers fan.

Just realized that Collins is not on the 40 man roster. This kid impresses me. He had a standup triple today on a standup double drive down the RF line. Not known for speed he somehow knows how to maximize his quickness. I’d take him over Abreau in a heartbeat.

Collins played centerfield yesterday for at least the second time. He seems to have good baseball instincts and stands in against lefthanders. I like his potential, but do think he will struggle average wise if he starts the season with the big club.

I agree, Miggy is special in many ways. It will be great seeing him back on first & chatting it up with everyone that gets on base.
He is simply amazing and I am glad he loves Detroit as much as we love him.

A lot of coin….

I guess not signing Drew was shrewd, with the money flying out the door, going forward, the Tigers can ill afford to surrender a draft pick!

if it forces the org. to improve scouting and the minor league system – I’d consider it a win-win.

Wonder how Brennan Boesch is going to make out with the Halos. I’ve always liked the guy. The difference between him and Freddie Freeman was at one time, indistinguishable.

I think Miggy staying in Detroit is great but honestly, the amount of money being paid to ball players is immoral. I sometimes feel immoral just being a fan as it implies a tacit acceptance of a societal disconnect with social responsibility.
Sorry to be so heavy about this.

I hope you don’t go to movies either.

immoral is a pretty big stretch. this might put it in a little more perspective.

What is immoral about a player getting paid? You watch him, and my bet is, like me, you watch every at bat Miguel Cabrera takes with lofty anticipation and hope. Take a look at the tag cloud on the right side of this blog and be reminded of money wasted in the past. Some of those ‘big’ names are Lion-esque in failure.

You pay the guy that puts fans in the seats. Miggy will retire a Tiger, probably before the contract is up.

I Agree Dan I’m really glad Miggy will be here (then again I thought Prince was going to be here too). But the amount of money is insane. I don’t mind everyone making their fair share but I read on twitter last night he would make approximately. $49,000 at bat?? And they get paid that no matter what……if they suck, if they are hurt, i could live with it a whole lot more if it part of these contracts were incentive based. Owners have all the risk players have little once the contracts are signed.

The money being thrown around is crazy, but it is directly related to the money being thrown around for the TV contracts (local and national). The pie continues to get bigger so the individual pieces of that pie grow as well. The players get paid no matter how they perform, just like MLB gets paid by the networks regardless if the games are entertaining or not. It is supply and demand. The market determines what the players make, and as long as owners are prepared to write the cheques, it will continue to be that way.
Miggy is the best player in the game and deserves to be paid like it. He is such a smart hitter with tremendous hand to eye coordination. Half way through this contract he can slide in the DH role and still continue to be very good. I am that confident he will continue to be that good. During the first home stand, he will collect his 2000th hit (1995 currently) at age 30!!! Folks, we may have the privilege to be watching the next hitter to possibly collect 4000 hits. Of course, health will be the key.
Rejecting 6 for 144M, Max did us a favour. He has been great for 1.5 years. He does not have the track record yet of Felix, Kershaw, JV or Lee to justify that. IMO, they will not get value back in a trade of a rental player. They are trying to win this year and will need him the full year. They are better off to ride the season out (hopefully win the WS), give him a qualifying offer, attempt to sign him as a free agent at market value and if unsuccessful, take the sandwich draft pick when another team signs them.
Thanks Miggy. You the man.
— Bob

Espn questioning the deal but they demand 400mm for trout. Why now? It is the tigers way they did the same with justin.maybe they panicked after ms fail and wanted some damage control. But i was expecting the deal even if surprisd for the arod benchmark instead of pujols

Bob, I like your answer on supply and demand. Over the next several years, or ten, how many people will fill the stands to see Miggy? I am over how much money is thrown around this world. I have many things that money can not buy! Trying to win tickets for opening day on the local radio station but I might just drive to Motown anyway. Go Tigers!

A noble contract for a truly talented baseball player. I’ve quit worrying about all of these huge numbers. Perhaps Mr. I. was looking for someone to buy his pizza franchise. Anyway, it’ll be fun to have the Miggster wearing the old English “D” for his remaining career. There is no better right handed hitter in the business. A little easy on the sauce please. This is the first time in a long time that I have no idea what this team will do on the field or how good or bad it can be. Your a core muscle injury away from greatness to nothingness. Leave the bubblegum on the bench just in case, Nate.

Cabrera is the best hitter in the game, period. His consistency is equal to or better than Hank Aaron, and he’s approaching Ted Williams like numbers in BA while hitting more homers. He hit .348 with 44 homers and 137 RBI last year while injured nearly half the season. I’ve never seen anything like this guy in 50+ years of watching baseball.
This is one of the all time greats and should be paid accordingly.

I agree 150% with him being the greatest hitter in the last fifty years. He maybe the toughest as well and certainly enjoys playing as much as anyone. I fully expected the talking heads to disagree with the deal, Miggy will prove them wrong. I will be thrilled with him being a Tiger the rest of his career.

When discussing worker’s salaries in any field, it’s helpful to look at the history. The history will bear out that, on the whole, the employer will consistently underpay unless forced to do otherwise. I’d put that into the immoral category.

I agree, there is no perspective when it comes to what is right and money.

How high can the go??????
I was reading Twitter last night a post from Darin Downs….the tweet went something like this I guess they will start charging $6 dollars for those pizzas now? Funny Darin
Was watching Tiger’s Season preview on Fox and Max was asked about his contract. (This was obviously taped before Sundays announcements). He was asked about how he put himself in a good position to take care of his family. He said something like that just doesn’t matter we are in a good position to win for a while and I love the clubhouse and the guys….money just doesn’t really matter. And I guess that was true as long as he became the 2nd highest paid pitcher right Max even though you haven’t proven yourself 2nd best pitcher! Liar.

having thought about it more, I think Dombrowski was wrong in going public in the way he did about failed negotiations with Scherzer. he should have just stated that they couldn’t reach an agreement before the season started and left it at that. don’t see it helping their future negotiation efforts.


The announcement will be on FSD at 11:30.

Looks like they might be hard pressed to get this game today and even harder time getting in the game tomorrow in DC….looks like it is supposed to rain all day there.

I agree with the move to have Joba start the game. Why don’t they start the game off with relievers, more often?

yes DD apologized (not sure why they released that) but truthfully it doesn’t make me feel any different on how I feel about Max I still am completely disappointed in him…my opinion of him as a person is low.

people are overly focused on the money that Scherzer turned down. by signing Tigers’ deal now he is giving up the option to consider all offers and choose the best one for him and famiy later. the Tigers’ terms were simply not enough for him to relinquish all those future options right now.

He wants more money. Good luck, Max, I hope you get it!

The starting lineup today were all hitting over .300. (or darn close)

the past 4 years Ellsbury is averaging 3.5 WAR per year, and Miggy averaging 7.2 WAR per year. The former got a contract for 21M a year the later 31M. We got a deal😉

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