Tuesday: Tigers at Braves

wedgecardBrad Ausmus still isn’t saying what his Opening Day lineup is going to be, and he’s hinting that he might not have much of a set batting order from one day to the next. Still, today’s lineup — at least from who’s in it, if not the order — looks like a starting nine to expect to see next Monday at Comerica Park. It includes Rajai Davis, who returns to the lineup after a week off to deal with his sore right hamstring, and Alex Gonzalez, who arrived this morning from Orioles camp after his trade on Monday.

Today’s game is on ESPN, whose broadcast team for the game includes former Indians and Mariners manager Eric Wedge in his debut for the network. I’m sure the comments section will let me know how it goes for him, but I’m hoping for the best. He seemed like a better guy and better baseball mind than his fate in Seattle would suggest.


  1. Rajai Davis, LF
  2. Torii Hunter, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. Victor Martinez, DH
  5. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  6. Austin Jackson, CF
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  9. Alex Gonzalez, SS

P: Rick Porcello, Ian Krol, Phil Coke, Jhan Marinez, Blaine Hardy


  1. Jason Heyward, RF
  2. B.J. Upton, CF
  3. Freddie Freeman, 1B
  4. Chris Johnson, 3B
  5. Justin Upton, LF
  6. Dan Uggla, 2B
  7. Gerald Laird, C
  8. Ramiro Pena, SS
  9. Tyler Pastornicky, DH

P: Ervin Santana


I think Ausmus is making his first mistake here today. AlAl, Nathan and Joba need to throw back to back games. I’d like to see Nathan throw back to back to back.
Brad is running out of time when you consider the iffy Grapefruit League weather that robs ST games from managers and players alike.

They all threw yesterday in an inter squad game after throwing on Sunday. Anibal also threw yesterday.

what do Coke, Al Al and Joba all have in common? All have a higher WHIP and less innings pitched than Hardy (this ST). I hope he continues to pitch well – we need some good luck this spring!!

Kinsler is a great fit in the #2 spot…some speed, good contact hitter. Perhaps best Tigers have had since Polanco. Not sure why Ausmus is toying with him as the #5 guy. Hunter with his better power and higher K rate would be the choice there.

are Marinez and Hardy seriously being considered for a 25 man roster spot? am puzzled why they haven’t been cut yet.

well Marinez has a 2.25WHIP so no…but Hardy has pitched well maybe they are deciding where to put him (AAA perhaps is the sensible answer until Coke, Al Al and Joba all prove ineffective)

Hardy ended last year at AAA…figured he’d return there. Toledo is going to have a lot of lefties on staff. If Krol or Coke have problems, they’ll have no shortage of internal options.

ah yes, he did get up to AAA last year – true (started in AA)

Oh, geez.

Well that’s an ugly 1/2 inning…defensively and pitching. Does it seem like other than a few pitchers have looked bad over the last week?

Is Avila ever going to become a complete ball player?

doubt it. even Cabrera isn’t a complete ballplayer. lacks baserunning speed and defensive range.

The Kelly hamstring injury should be a reminder that Kelly isn’t an everyday player – shouldn’t be used that way.

that was Leyland’s take on Dirks…never heard it applied to Kelly. Kelly’s bat is a reminder that he shouldn’t play everyday.

Kelly was never used like an everyday player…just a utility player.

My son called and asked me about Scherzer. I told him how much “reportedly” was offered and he was just dumbfounded. Told him he supposedly wanted 8 years. Son says there has to be another reason than that.” Thinks he’s crazy.

I think he wants to see if he can get more money elsewhere, at the urging of Boras. I also think he would like to go back to St. Louis, where he is from.

He doesn’t want to play for Detroit.

Oh he wants to stay in Detroit, but only if they pay him more than anyone else. Can’t remember the last time I was more disappointed in a Tigers player. It’s going to be tough to root for him.

IMO he’ll end up with a contract much less than the tigers gave him. Oliver, Steamer, etc. all project regression. Think about it: people know about his curve now. His BABIP was far too low last year – the run support way more than he’ll get this year….

8 years to a starting pitcher is nonsensical.
I think it would serve baseball better if they actually had limits of 5 years on a contract.
Torii Hunter needs to spend more times trying to actually run to and catch a ball over his head rather than the fake catch which is getting very old very fast. I have seen him do it 3 times this spring already. Don’t give up on those balls too soon dude.

He’s lost a step, that’s for sure.

Ugly. ….

Good ‘ol Gerald Laird doing his G$$$ again.

Ian Krol is awesome. …¿¿¿¿¿

Coke and Krol or should I say Coch and Crol (with no Ks)

coBBe and BBrol

excited yet to watch this bullpen in 2014? o_O

did luke putkonen just pinch run for hunter?

Porcello was not that bad today. He threw well in between the start and finish. I haven;t been impressed at all with Davis yet. Re Sherzer and wanting 8 years, every team should remember the Pavano/Yankee deal several years ago. The only way to give any one an eight year deal is to have a salary cap. That way, at least you don’t eat a bad contract. Greed is overwhelming this game. For the 18th. time, I hate Curt Flood and the Catfish. Nick looks like a good bat, and avila’s swings were nioce today.


Porcello got dunked in the first. Hunter seems to be playing too deep against righthanded hitters.

Coke and Krol or should I say Coch and Crol (with no Ks)
The Fister trade looks better every day Dave!
BTW, we are wasting a lot of time with Corey Knebel.
That kid looks ready right now.

I am super excited about Knebel as well, but the kid needs to pitch in Erie for at least half a year.

I like the way Ian Kinsler plays. He’s a good 2nd baseman. Here he is new to a team hoping to start with a probable gold-glove shortstop and everything falls apart. The loss of Jose is just plain devastating. There were plays today he would have made. It will take some time for the new folks to get used to working together. The team looked a little discombobulated today, so I hope the kinks work themselves out real soon.

Dan, it’s CocaCrola. I know, I’m sorry. This won’t happen 1. ever again, or 2. ’till the next time. Seriously, I’m looking forward to the 6 man platoon at SS.

Good one.
Still ticked over someone not being more proactive re the Iglesias injury.

me too Dan

You think the Tigers should have gotten Drew for 14 mil?

Meridianotv. Tigers offered 140/5 miguel wants 168/6 plus the 2 year already owed Arod not pujols as bench mark

Highest avg salary for a position player the target.adding contracts 308 /13since 2007

I actually do think they should Drew. The win now mantra will be unsustainable as soon as possibly next year. They won’t win with Gonzalez. Loss of draft choice could be factored in to the 1 year contract. Personally, I don’t see Boras and DD working well together on this though.
As to Miggy-wouldn’t they re-write the existing contract. If they did, I would say give it to him. 8 years is asking for future hard feelings, animosity and fan resentment.
5 or 6 to the best hitter in the game is tolerable.

That being said–I don’t think the Tigers are interested at all in Drew.

You do realize, we have a very large payroll already. 8 years with the best rotation in MLB, 3 Cy Youngs, MVP’s, triple crown but no World Series. No excuse.

I don’t think that shortstop is our biggest problem….its the pen I think. I could give a crap about Drew he’s hurt all the time anyway.

Last Spring road game in Florida today in Clearwater. This will be the third time to see JV pitch and he has looked very good. Cy Young form and I honestly feel that he will have a season close to or better than 2011. He sounds very motivated and I think he will be the 2014 Cy Young winner. Lets see if I can go back to back with my picks.

I share the bullpen, ss and left field concerns that a lot of you have with this team. Coke has looked better his last 4 to 5 outings, Krol has not shown me much, Reed and Luke P. have been pretty good for Spring, Joba and AlAl have not been as sharp as I had hoped they would be so far. I think Collins will be overmatched once the regular season starts. I am very concerned about shortstop now. I actually felt better with Danny Worth that Gonzalas. Danny has much better range. Most of the time I understand the teams trades whether I agree with it or not I see the logic behind the trade. I have no clues on the Lombo trade as it just baffles me that they would make that trade straight up. At least get an A ball prospect in the deal.

Gonzales was going to not only make the 25 man roster in Baltimore, he was going to start at 3B with Machado hurt. To get him from Baltimore it took Lombardozzi, who cannot play SS so was not valuable to Detroit. We have enough .240 hitters that can field (Perez, Worth and now Romine).

The Romine kid looks like he has good range. Not much experience, though. Gonzo hasn’t played much ss in several years. Probably going to see how they work out. Might see Worth again.

As long as i know would be 5 or 6 plus the current two.he would be a tiger until 38 yo.one year older than jv

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