Tigers trade Steve Lombardozzi for Alex Gonzalez

For the second time in four days, the Tigers have traded for a shortstop. This time, they acquired a veteran one, bringing in Alex Gonzalez from the Orioles in exchange for utilityman Steve Lombardozzi.

The 37-year-old Gonzalez reunites with a Tigers front office that knows him well. He came up with the Marlins in 1998 while Dave Dombrowski was the general manager in Florida, then became the everyday shortstop there from 1999 through 2005. He has bounced around since then, including the last two years as a utilityman with the Milwaukee Brewers.

Gonzalez’s last time as a regular shortstop came in 2011 in Atlanta, where he batted .241 with 15 home runs and 56 RBIs.

Gonzalez joins a Tigers organization that has been scrambling to replace slick-fielding Jose Iglesias since he was diagnosed with stress fractures in both shins that are expected to keep him out for the entire 2013 season. Detroit acquired Andrew Romine on Friday from the Angels, and team officials talked about platooning him with one of the right-handed hitting infielders within camp, either utility infielder Danny Worth or second-base prospect Hernan Perez.

With Gonzalez on board, it remains to be seen whether the right-handed hitting Gonzalez will take over full time or platoon with Romine.

The rest of the Tigers positional roster, meanwhile, will take a different shape without Lombardozzi, who was acquired in November in the Doug Fister trade. The switch-hitter came to camp as a likely superutility player, capable of backing up at second and third base, shortstop and the outfield. Once the severity of the Iglesias injury became clear, however, the idea of a Tigers roster with two superutility players on the bench with Lombardozzi and Don Kelly became less viable.

That said, nobody would’ve expected Lombardozzi to be traded to quickly, let alone for an older fill-in player. If the Tigers were going to make another move at shortstop, speculation centered on free agent Stephen Drew, who reportedly expressed a willingness to sign a one-year deal after Opening Day. The Tigers have shown no signs towards such a move, possibly because of the draft compensation rule that would require them to give up their first-round pick to sign him, possibly for payroll reasons.


gonzalez might have been available anyhow, without shipping part of the Fister “return” over. I hope DD is ok – he’s being fleeced by all the other GMs!

Non of this makes sense….from the end of last season till now. I suppose he deserves the benefit of the doubt but it’s truly becoming harder to believe. Those season tickets are looking like a worse investment by the day.

I’m glad I didn’t pay for mlbTV

He’s a lifetime .246 hitter with a 296 OBP and he’s 37 how slick can he be

The production and the results speak for themselves,” Anthopoulos said. “As I told Alex, the two most professional position players that I’ve probably been around in my time in the game have been Scott Rolen and Alex Gonzalez.

“Just the way he carries himself and the way he conducts himself, he’s a tremendous teammate and a quiet leader — not an easy guy to part with.

In the prehistory, 2010

Twice injured in the knees. ACL the last time

sounds like something you do and say when trying to get rid of someone. Man, I really hated to see him go….blah blah….

This will be the first and probably only time I use the term “wtf” on this blog.

WTF is right …between injuries, inexplicable trades and greedy athletes this season is going down the tubes very fast and it hasn’t even begun yet.

Yea Rich – I thought you said Lombo was good! We just gave him away for a NRI who wouldn’t have been free in a week or so!

Lombo was a great fit for them… and now they get a guy who hasn’t had an injury free year since 2004…

I’m thinking they wanted someone with more experience. That’ all I can think of.

Is this a placeholder until after the draft for Steve Drew?

That’s a thought.

Perhaps Worth can be packaged with other youngsters to get a bullpen piece – that we desperately need.

i don’t believe Worth has any trade value. any team could have claimed him for free after he got bumped from the 40 man. no one did. his spring effort has helped some but not enough to make him a trade target for other teams.

Sitting down here in rainy Florida hoping to catch the Tigers/Pirates game in a couple of hours. I was so excited a couple of months ago when realizing that I needed to take a trip to Florida during Spring Break that I could take in a game. However, the gray sky’s and drizzle I see out the window right now feel like a haunting metaphor of what is to come this season.

Sorry that stinks…….hope you have an opportunity to go tomorrow.

Dombrowski has lost his edge. With all these bizarre events I fully expect Max to fire Boras and redeem himself in the eyes of the best fans in the baseball world.

This means Collins makes the team and Worth (and Perez) probably doesn’t.

wait what does this have to do with Collins?

Drew?—no way. How many placeholders does a team need?

I can’t see Drew sitting around unemployed until June.

I hear you but I don’t think parachuting TWO shortstops in on top of the THREE already in the system and plus that money that DD can save, add up to Drew.
What is curious is how DD is handling all this. Seems like he is flailing.

Lombardozi must not have made enough of an impression. Maybe it was the curse of Bobby Higginson on the #4 jersey.

I have never been a believer in Danny Worth but if I’m Danny I am not a believer in my organization any more.

dan what is Worth, worth now? What I mean is can he (and perhaps Lennerton) be used to fetch anything?

Amen on that statement. I was really hoping they’d give Danny a chance to start out the season at least platooning at short. Sure seemed like he earned the opportunity.

First off, I have not paid for MLB.TV either. Trading Prince was clearly a money move made easier by his shortcomings. Except for the reduction in $$$, it was not an even trade. Trading Fister to make room for Smyly did not make sense to me especially getting nothing in return. The Andy/Iggy injuries might have been cared for sooner? The Lombardozzi/Romine/ Gonzales moves reek of desperation? No more Boras blackmail involving Drew or Scherzer? Still no move to shore up the bullpenAt this point it all doesn’t look good.

The old time vendors used to hawk “You can’t tell the players without a scorecard!”
I’m buying a scorecard.

It seems like I read that Danny was put on waivers and no one picked him up. Maybe I’m wrong.

DEC 16th NEWS REPORT: Detroit Tigers infielder Danny Worth and right-hander Luis Marte have cleared waiver and been outrighted to Triple-A Toledo.
The two will be invited to participate in major-league camp with the Tigers as non-roster invitees in 2014, the team said.
Marte was designated for assignment last week to make room on the 40-man roster for outfielder Rajai Davis, and Worth was designated to make room for relief pitcher Joba Chamberlain.

Every time you figure DD has run out of ex-Marlins to acquire, he digs deeper into the discard pile and finds one.

JD Martinez? Any info, I know he stuggled for the Astros this spring.

He was released that’s all I know but this is a minor league deal low risk

well at least DD didn’t trade someone for JD Martinez! Perhaps he could convince the Astros to take Phil Coke?

Not sure how much traction a guy like Worth has. My bet is he would be picked up by someone if he is available. Lennerton probably sticks around for a LHB if it becomes necessary to replace Miggy or VMart.

Evan, I think with Gonzales they now take Romine north. That leaves a catcher, a super utility man, and a LHB outfielder. Perez and Worth back to the minors and Kelly remains the only super utility guy. Lombo wasn’t going to play much short. Kelly can do everything that he could if you leave that out of the equation. They need LHB power with the loss of Fielder. They probably realize they aren’t going to get enough from AA. Collins gives them a decent offset from Davis against a tough RHP. I really like the guy. Anybody who kisses his bat has to be a natural hitter!!!

that’s a good assessment. I agree – glad to have some pop on the bench. slg 438 in AA….well see if it translates to CoPa

he hit .240 in AA last year. can he hit .240 in the majors this season?

good pt

I would ask you tho, if 2E was here would you feel less concerned about 2 months of no Dirks? 2E was .244BA last year.

Did someone here mention Joel Hanrahan? I say why not?

that was me, – at least scout him heavily and if he’s good be aggressive.
Also Galarragawas just cut by the Rangers – I don’t think he got a chance to pitch — might have some injuries. I know it’s not the position we need, but lets say an injury happens OR a trade happens (you trade from strength for your weakness) and then Galarraga steps up.
Just for kicks. It was a piece of history we all share. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTutDzTgZ0k

Galarraga is available? Sounds like a limited opportunity to pick up a long reliever or spot starter if he is open to starting in Toledo for awhile.

All the things happening lately is making me very anxious and uneasy about our upcoming season. I don’t know much about the guys we have gotten as of late, but between Iggy’s injury, Max’s negotiations and the replacements for Iggy I have no idea what to feel about how things will go this year. One thing I do know if I am ready to start watching and stop wondering. One week to go! As a side note, spent the weekend in Boston and walked on the outside of the green monster. I got a picture but had to make sure I missed their big sign about being champions.

increasing uncertainty makes the fanbase nervous. the 2014 Tigers still have a lot of talent despite the injuries and other distractions.

Vizquel recommended Gonzalez based in his venezuelan season. Vizquel worked as infield coach for Caracas ( while Hernan Perez was still with them, traded to Zulia later).
This was his line here:
310 .342 .448 .790 in 35 games

Galarrraga? he struggled badly in Venezuela. Lets be clear, he gave the Tigers the season of his career. His peripherals were never good.
And I dont see him going back to the Tigers after the argument with Avila that preceded his release after being renewed. Fair or not, true or not, that the way it was perceived by venezuelan journalists and fans alike . The game was on TV here, and the commenter said” ay, he is fighting the boss son”. And you can guess him too.
Of course, he would not be the first player to eat his ego for another chance

The Tigers today optioned the contract of infielder Hernan Perez to Triple A Toledo and assigned infielder Danny Worth to minor league camp


Has DD traded for a shortstop today yet?

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