Talks break off between Tigers, Scherzer

The contract season for Max Scherzer is about to begin. The Tigers announced Sunday that talks have ended on a contract extension and won’t resume during the season, essentially guaranteeing Scherzer will become a free agent at season’s end.

Team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski told reporters, and later released in a statement, that the team made what he called a “substantial offer” to Scherzer. Once that offer was declined, the two sides agreed to end talks for the spring.

“It was a very substantial offer that would place him among the highest-paid pitchers in the game,” Dombrowski said.

Scherzer is expected to talk about the situation later today. His situation was one of many topics between Dombrowski and agent Scott Boras, who also represents injured shortstop Jose Iglesias and free-agent shortstop Stephen Drew.

Both sides had said going in that they did not want to negotiate during the season. Dombrowski said they set a soft deadline for this past Wednesday, the lone off-day of camp, to determine whether a deal was realistic. Dombrowski said they did not want to be negotiating a new deal for Scherzer while sorting out the roster at the same time, though they were able to get a deal done for Justin Verlander in the final days of camp last year.

The Tigers’ final offer came about leading up to that point.

The situation puts Scherzer in position to go from a Cy Young award to the open market a year apart. Barring a serious dropoff in the follow-up to his Cy Young season, he’s expected to hit the market as one of the top free agents on the market at any position, and the top pitcher available. Given the recent contracts signed for top starting pitchers, the lure is obvious.

Before the final offer, the odds of a deal getting done were characterized by one source as unlikely.


Max, how much money do you need? So that means you do not really care about the city of Detroit and the great Tigers fans. I’ll take Justin and his attitude any day over you. 54 and sunny next week Monday. I think I am going to make the drive from GR. Go Tigers!

That was my first though. The “arrogant” Verlander signed ,twice, an extension leaving money on the table while the “good son” makes the business oriented decision . I don t criticize him for doing what he think is best but It will leave a sour taste among his fans. It is his call not Boras.

“most money #Tigers Dombrowski has ever offered a player and got turned down? Said “can’t speak for others, but it’s a record for me”

That means more than 214/9 to Fielder or more than 28 MM/year to Verlander ( Verlander´s contract was an extension making it, 219/10). No way he was offered 9 years.

Not sure I agree with that conclusion. The Fielder and Verlander contracts were accepted, he said most money he has offered and was turned down.

Verlander and Sanchez is a pretty good 1-2 . In fact, Sanchez career WAR is slightly higher than Scherzer´s. Their numbers almost mirror each other but for the SO/9

More money to sign someone else next off season. Could turn out to the best thing that anyways

The other side of the coin is that it’s a risk for Max himself (and not his agent). He can have a bad year and demonstrate that 2013 was a fluke, or he can get injured. I’d assume his thinking is swayed by being newly married, and it was probably length of contract as the sticking point. Hope you made the right decision, Max ol’ boy.

If quote “would make him one of the highest paid pitchers in baseball” is true and he turned it down well then so long I guess. He’s basically had one good year and if he thinks he should be paid like Kershaw or Felix Hernandez who have done it year after year well then bye bye! Seriously disappointed in him if that’s the case it doesn’t sound like they were expecting him to take a hometown discount.

Me too, GK. You’re not good enough for me Detroit. I want more. A gold-digger. Oh, well. I wish him luck! Hope his arm stays healthy.

“Source says #Tigers offer to Scherzer was under Verlander AAV ($25.7M) but still in top 6 in MLB.”

I now expect Drew to be signed by Detroit.


c’mon!!! I seriously hope not.
We caught a big break here, by max wanting max-value and us not giving it to him BASED ON 1.5 good seasons. Lets not go and make bone headed move because of this: (bone headed: trading for someone then signing his replacement + losing a draft pick)

drew is injury prone anyhow

April 1st. would be logical. That’s a lot of money to be putting out for a guy who probably won’t be around after the year and not until a couple of weeks into the season.

I like Max a lot but there is only one way to spell g-r-e-e-d. He is no different than almost every other player in his position, and that’s the pity.

That is not greed, that is the market.

If I said you can’t possibly win with the current infield, would you want Drew for one year?
I wasn’t interested at first, but the situation has changed.
I don’t know how this 2nd day of season signing business works. Are the parties allowed to talk about it? You know, announce the agreement in advance?

I’d quickly tell you it is the bullpen, not the infield, you need to invest in.

Read it on the Tigers official website. Max said the fans will only be worried when he signs with another club. He did not say if. I know it is a business but you just lost my respect Max. You could have the deal of a lifetime, as Rich said. Right on Dan, G-R-E-E-D. My TEAM is still going to win and play exciting ball! Go Tigers!

On MLBTR, Boras says it was the Tigers who turned down “their” offer to the Tigers.

boras is a snake – what he says should mean little to anyone

Scherzer had a fluke year in 2013 and most likely will not come close to repeating those results. With his delivery, he may not have a long career and so I say try to get something for him if you can. There will be some decent FA starters next year (Shields) to take a look at. We sure could use Drew but not at the expense of losing a 1st round draft choice! That’s is one of the reasons why the cupboard is thin.

These Tigers sure are getting fooled by Jake Turner.

oops, Jacob Turner, not Jake.

“Max Scherzer made a substantial long-term offer to the Tigers that would have placed him among the highest-paid pitchers in baseball and that offer was rejected.” Boras

Doesn’t really make Max sound any better does it. That’s the problem with surrounding yourself with pond scum like Boras you start smelling like scum yourself.
Max disappointed me…I thought he wad different.

Ain’t that the truth

I’ll be damned. Danny Worth!!!

I hope he gets red hot in AAA, and Romine has a short leash.
Nathan and Chamberlin looked like poop today.

I think they are both going to make the team…..
Nathans outing was really ugly. Hope he was just off and not hurt.

@jonmorosi just reported he was offered 6 years 144 million..he was not low balled or offered a small amount of years. Just would rs go elsewhere. ….so stop lying Max

Some would disagree with you.
So far out BP looks pretty bad today. Just a rough start to the day.

You think that was lowballed?

Not me. I think it’s generous When you have an ego maniac agent like Boras, it’s never enough. Look what we had to go through with A-Rod and all the media announcements until he made himself look like a gluttonous pig. As far as I’m concerned, this announcement didn’t need to even be made, especially today before the game, Like the Tigers haven’t had enough adversity in the past week. I wasn’t even thinking about the extension, just looking forward to an exciting new team with a young, forward-looking new manager. Dave could have kept it to himself until the season started imo.

That’s probably the worst we will see from Nathan all year

They could try to trade Scherzer at the deadline if not earlier. Max won’t be welcome in Detroit this year and it will probably hurt his performance. You don’t want Detroit fans down on you. We all know that.
If he really turned down 6 years at $144 mil, I’m speechless. He expects to be drawing paychecks after he’s out of the game? He’s got six years in him at the most. This isn’t adding up.

Won’t be welcome in Detroit? Doubt it Rich. If he pitches well this year again, Detroit fans will lave him. And everyone on this board will be happy with the extra #1 pick in 2015 when Max turns down the QO.

Sources: Tigers have opened talks with Miguel Cabrera on an extension, but discussions remain at a very preliminary stage

Good, but I don’t want to keep hearing about it.

It takes away from the task at hand. That’s all everyone seemed to be talking about today was the extension instead of the team.

Former Seawolf, Kelvin de la Cruz, was DFA. LH

Heck, they might strike a deal before tomorrow morning. Whatever.
I have tickets for Saturday’s exhibition in DC, behind the Detroit dugout. Sanchez slated to start.

Couldn’t agree more Rich. Trade sooner than later. Mercenary mode will affect his performance. Maybe team chemistry too when the team gets deep into the season. Too bad because I really like Max. But think what he might bring in return. This makes the Fister trade look even worse……. if that were possible. Romine for Alverez? There’s an answer. What about Danny Worth?
Didn’t think things could get any worse than losing Iglesias for the season. Can anything else go wrong? More than any other player (by far) I was looking forward to watching him this year. Jose that is.

Max has no trade value this year. Enjoy him this year as we make a run for the World Series.

Rich, that what I was thinking in my earlier post. Start thinking about a trade to get some value in return for a guy who has limited career longevity and wants $24MM/year! Sorry Max you are not in that league. And as you stated, Detroit fans can be brutal when dissed! Get some value out of the commodity soon.

Here’s what I’m concerned about: both Rajai Davis and Don Kelly have hamstring problems.

could we pick up Hanrahan? If Max doesn’t do well this year, it won’t be because of us but because he’s regressed. don’t forget max has been bad many times. i don’t doubt he’s improved his knowledge and arsenal but his delivery is brutal.
Better than AL AL tho….with all the sliders he throws, nearly a sure thing he won’t pitch all year healthy. seriously!

Albuquerque and Smyly both have screws in their elbows…they’ve got a little extra mechanical reinforcement to perform their job.

Above, lost in the mist. Reportedly, the Tigers are looking someone to replace Coke a good bat for LF and a SS

you serious? i haven’t heard of that yet. Also lost in the mist: don kelly’s injury. Spring Training championship is now all but lost. 😦

“The bullpen: The Tigers were already poking around for bullpen help –– particularly an upgrade on Phil Coke as the primary situational left-hander — even before Rondon went down. But other teams say they’ve stepped up that hunt in recent days, since Rondon blew out his elbow ligament with no warning whatsoever.”
Also a tweet by Heyman ? not 100 % sure if was him

Scherzer might as well let the free agent market determine his value. it’ll be the biggest payday of his lifetime. an opportunity that he’s earned by years of service and on-field performance. if the eventual cost to retain him would fiscally handcuff the franchise, then it’s best that he goes. St. Louis faced similar with Pujols, Texas with Hamilton, etc.

Nice article about Ausmus. It seems he likes to joke a bit about his predecessor’s habits as manager.

“Jim Leyland predicted that I’d look like Gomer Pyle by the end of season”

Thanks for posting that article…although I have more questions
I’m still pretty angry and confounded over yesterday’s revelations. They were talking about it on MLB Tonight and they pretty much said the same thing confounded why he wouldn’t accept that kind of offer. But they put it in more rational terms they com paired his stats to those he is seeking to make more than and frankly they were showing how Max has not accomplished what these other guys did to receive their big paydays. I always thought Max was smart so if he doesn’t know that he’s either not smart or he’s greedy.

I thought Max was truly different. Having gone through the tragic loss of his Brother, and his emergence as a quality MLB starter, I was naive enough to think that the Madman truly put loyalty and content over the big bucks. What a foll I was. The sad thing is that DB trade a man with a real heart, Fister, who in reality will last longer in the majors than Max, if nothing else because of their pitching mechanics. Fister will be a true plus for the Nationals while we deal all season long with what might or could have been. Welcome to the Big Leagues Brad.


Foll is fool. I guess I left no doubts.


Chris Iott ‏@Chris_Iott now
Per @danconnollysun, Tigers have traded Steve Lombardozzi for SS Alex Gonzalez. More soon on @MLive from @JamesSchmehl.

Miguel Cabrera left 200k on the table and signed with the Marlins to play with…. Alex González. He was his fan

He had an injury a couple of years ago. Before that I liked the idea of a trade for him

DD is in charge , the former Marlin tradition lives
ST: 429 .467 .679 1.145
Career :246 .290 .396 .686
Coming from a pretty bad year after surgery

woooooah can gonzalez play SS for us this year? He was a Non-Roster Invitee who hit .433 OPS in his last MLB season.

I don’t get it, he’s 37 years old and a non roster invitee?

see elT’s comment above….seems the last season was injury influenced.

well at least he is a SS. now when is DD going to fix my bullpen, ELT?

Matt Guerrier anyone?

He’s 37 year old retred at shortstop…..he may of been injured and I know nothing of his defense, but his hitting prowess looks mediocre at best from my brief scan of his stats nd oh ya he’s 37

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