Iglesias likely out for season with stress fractures

The Tigers finally have a rehab timetable for Jose Iglesias. They also have an idea how long they’ll need to fill his spot at shortstop. In both cases, it’s going to be a while.

The team confirmed Thursday that Iglesias has stress fractures in both shins and will spend the next 4-5 months limited to non-weight bearing activities. Under that timetable, he’s expected to be out all season, and Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski told reporters in Viera today that they’re preparing to go through the season without him.

It’s not necessarily the worst-case scenario, if only because it doesn’t sound career-threatening. Still, for a saga that began with Iglesias being sidelined for a week, it’s a crushing blow that arguably changes the discussion on how to fill the void.

For Iglesias, the rehab process finally gives him a road map to rid himself of the shin issues that he says have bothered him since the start of Spring Training last year with the Red Sox.

“It doesn’t get better,” Iglesias said on Monday. “I’ve been doing every kind of treatment, but the pain is still really high. It makes sense now because it’s a fracture. It’s not going to go down until the fracture is better.”

Iglesias’ ailment was originally termed a stress reaction when he was first sidelined at the end of February, similar to shin splints but to a different degree of severity. An adjustment in his orthotics, combined with rest and medication, got Iglesias back on the field for batting practice and infield work, but he still felt the pain when he ran, especially when he tried to stop.

Nothing, not treatment, not orthotics adjustments, alleviated that. Eventually, Iglesias visited another specialist last week in Florida for additional examination, which Iglesias said revealed the fractures.

Iglesias spent Tuesday in Colorado visiting with another foot and ankle specialist, Dr. Thomas Clanton, at the Steadman Clinic, where a CT scan was recommended to look at the shins and the a course of treatment was recommended.

Since the shins are weight-bearing bones, part of the process requires taking weight off and allowing fractures to heal. That will limit Iglesias to non-weight bearing activities such as biking, swimming and upper body work. Yet physical healing is only part of the process. In some cases, diet and metabolism can play an underlying role.


well i guess it’s less scary than Chapman’s line drive off his head. I hear he is getting a plate installed in his head now. I hope the best for him.

AJ has struck out 4 times in over 40 PA.
That is a very good sign.

I saw a replay of Chapman getting hit that was one of the most direct hits I have ever seen and that ball was scalded. Very Very scary.
Aj has been great.
Scherzer is having a pretty bad day today, he struck out a lot but they scalded the ball at when they did hit it. Not good.
Regarding Iglesis what I guess i dont understand is why this wasn’t done in the offseason??? If you invest that much in a season and a player if there is something that has bothered a player for that long why wouldn’t you send him to a specialist last fall?? Seem weird to me.

The Mlive article up now discusses why it wasn’t dealt with in the off-season. My take: they didn’t know, they were not hurting him until he got to Lakeland and all the tests showed nothing.

the prior tests showed ‘stress reaction,’ the recent CT showed ‘stress fracture’ which was new. it was assumed that the ‘stress reaction’ would subside with decreased activity of the offseason.

also buried in there was that Iglesias was getting another, 4th medical opinion today,

Iott’s got about everything you’d need to know. Somewhat long but it’s a complicated issue.

“But we feel we have somebody that can catch the ball. So that’s not as big of a goal to find that guy because we have that. Now, we don’t have a left-handed bat that can do that. But I didn’t think that the left-handed bat was going to be as important when you had Iglesias to play 150 games maybe and this guy I’m not sure can play 150 games. ”
“Now, we don’t have a left-handed bat that can do that”? The Iglesias injury makes Dirks absence more important? or a are they looking for a LH SS that can hit 300?
BTW, Jimmy Rollins is ambidextrous and Drew bats LH( but cant hit 300)

Drew will hit a lot closer to 300 than Worth or Suarez will (both Right handers)

Can’t talk Temporarily stuck at the “Heartbreak Hotel.”

Worth is going to get his shot. If he can hit .260 he’ll fill the bill just fine.
After him I see Suarez being given a chance ahead of Hernan Perez.

Tiger fans have been ‘spoiled’…less than half of teams in MLB had a starting SS who hit >=.260 last season. neither team that made World Series had one. Drew also had a terrible batting average last postseason.

But hit more HRs in the post season than Price Fielder.

True, Woody–but I think a championship team can only have so many compromises until it is an also ran. Pretty important that we get solid defense with consistent, if not ‘good” hitting.
We have two positions that are compromised and one very vulnerable (catching).
That’s a third of your team and reduces the marging of error to almost nil.
If you are thinking championship then making a dramatic move for a guy like Rollins or even Drew, is not beyond the realm of comprehension. A little less uncertainty is a luxury. Worth/Suarez/Perez can fill in for temporary absence but a whole season is not exactly temporary. I think DD makes a move. And I hope it pleasantly surprises the faithful. Doesn’t have to be Rollins or Drew, but it has to be an obvious and significant upgrade over what we have.

Yes, I agree Dan. Rollins isn’t going anywhere as a 10/5. It will be Drew or a trade.

if you want to win a championship, and your LF, SS and C are all injury prone…..good luck with that. you can only be in “win now mode” so long. we blew it 2 years ago. shame on JV, Cabby and Prince for that. Don’t go do anything to sacrifice the future, DD.

Boy that is a tough indictment on some extremely good players (Prince excluded).

I think that Worth is the logical choice. I really like Suarez, too, but he should start in Toledo and Erie, and if he forces them to call him up, they will. He’s young and will get his shot.

Agree there. Worth has the most MLB experience. Suarez and Perez can always be rotated in later.
These long term injuries are especially unfortunate in a reloading year.

Suarez’ bat will not force a call up.

Dombrowski has a way of doing the unexpected. For that reason, a deal with Drew seems unlikely to me at this point.
Sometimes the obvious decision is the best move, though. They probably should have signed Soriano to close last season. The in-house closer solution worked for about half the season, but failed when it mattered most.

Iglesius is done. Dombroski here’s what you need to happen. Get a proven playoff caliber ss that can hit with limited power before the team gets off to a rocky start and loses confidence in the new manager and wastes the season. Second its probably too late to find a .280+ power hitting lf like what should of happened in off season so at least find somebody’s cast off that hits .250+ with power to back up rajai Davis. Someone like 2e did last year. Without taking action now your new coach is going to look like a chump and season ticket holders like myself will be dissapointed.

Let me clarify. Iglesius will not recover to play effectively ever. Those broken legs will reinjure again and again every time he plays aggresively be it next year or whenever.how he gets his amazing jump on the ball is to blast the lower leg and launch towards the ball. His legs will not heal to withstand that impact without reinjuring them. Sad but true in my best judgment.

Shark – I sadly am starting to wonder about the long term with Iggy too. He depends so much on his legs for fielding and hitting.

Hey it is what it is. We’re still in a position to win the AL central, but there is no guarentees anymore.

Hey Dr. Shark, I hope you are wrong. If a player keeps playing with an injury, it will never heal. I believe in starting pitching and defense. As for hitting, we have Miggy🙂 Go Tigers!

They said Magglio was done but he went out of the United States to Austria to find a physician. It ain’t over til it’s over

We all have to forget about Iggy. It’s frustrating but DD needs to revisit the “Win Now” mantra. There is no way in he!! that our internal candidates can carry the load on a championship ball club.

the only win now this club is designed to do is win the al central.

Just read on channel 7 news that Bruce Rondon has to have tommy John surgery. It just keeps getting better!

wow, that’s what DD just said in a statement. “It just came on Monday”. Let’s hope this is all we see for quite awhile!

Yikes. Another exciting player lost. Rondon may not recover from this given his skill set.
DD must go back to the drawing board. Iffy left field, iffy shortstop and iffy bullpen.

I take that back – we might not even win the central.

Not surprised about Rondon. I think he throws too hard. Maybe the surgery will help him later on down the road

Zumaya -redux

thinking about the bullpen gives me panic attacks

I’ve posted several times that I don’t count on Rondon for anything and there you go. I think it’s the slider myself. Definitely not surprised.
There’s a reason most teams don’t make the playoffs every year and injuries is one of them. We were lucky to have made three in a row. Brad will have his work cut out for him. For now, he joked about taking up Marlboros.
All you can do is stay within striking distance, try to pick up some players along the way, and perhaps win it in the end due to experience. I don’t think we’ll be complaining about under performing this year.

The Tigers have acquired shortstop Andrew Romine from the Angels in exchange for left-hander Jose Alvarez, according to Jon Morosi of FOX Sports (on Twitter).

The Braves announcers just announced it. I don’t kno anything about him. Hate to lose Alvarez.

Does anybody know anything about this Romine….?


C’mon Dobrowski–do your job. This is ridiculous.

He’s a switch hitter……250 ish range very very little power as far as homers know nothing about his defensive prowess.

once Avila’s back goes we’ll be fully out of the drivers seat of the al central. I hear Romine can steal bases tho.

Just read he us considered very good defensively. Bats way better lefty.

Paper says Omar V. thinks highly of him. Good enough for me if he thinks so.

well what else is he gunna say?

He worked with him. That’s how he knows him.

interesting note.

Mr. D sure doesn’t waste any time!

well phil coke is pitching better, so we got that going for us. which is nice.

Well they had two long drives to CF that the wind kept in the park and a solid single up the middle. Coke cannot be counted on. He will revert as sure as s..t.
I don’t get this move with Romine. All it accomplishes (besides nothing) is to serve to undermine the confidence of Perez and Worth. I get the fact that he can hit from left side of the plate. But it means we have a platoon for the most important position on the diamond behind the pitcher.
Davis/Kelly & Perez/Romine. You can’t be serious with this.

good thing we let Veras go! Joba’s 1.8-something WHIP in ST underwhelming too.

Drew would sign but after opening to avoid the QO . The Tigers would still lost the draft pick.

The man is drowning but will send down his saviour?

John Lowe may want a scoop but his theory doesn’t hold much water with this trade in mind. Signing Drew after Opening Day does have merit. But trading for Romine, in my mind, obviates the theory. A one year deal with Drew could work rather well, even with the loss of draft pick but why give up a crafty lefty for Romine then?
Sorry folks, Romine is here until June at least.

supposedly good defensively, average BA lefty, not so good BA righty, decent speed
on bases and out of options! Was seen as backup in Halos organization, too.

They have many candidates for SS. Now, the setup? DD expected Rondon not Joba to be the setup.
Out of NY and away from Binder Boy , Chamberlain could be as good as he was once but they are still gambling

Even though the club has like 72 infielders or so it seems, I can see Drew being picked up, but not for $14 mil. He’s overpriced at that number, the season is 10 days away, and he’s unemployed.
The bullpen was already a work in progress and still is.

Well the pen was a work in progress last year as well….that’s my positive spin???

I actually like the romaine trade. He’s a good player with positive clubhouse presence. Left handed bat doesn’t hurt either. Still think drew signing would be an offense upgrade at least in extra base hits come 2nd week of season. Romine could back up ss and 3rd base in that scenario.

Now our bullpen I have no ideas on. Fister trade has further exposed our weakness in relief pitching and no help from injuries this spring training. Obviously it will need to be addressed in a month or so.

glad u pointed this out.
1) amazing double plays – which come from 2 good/great infielders whom know one another well – are entirely out of the question.
2) basic double plays that should be made every time, WILL, occasionally be fouled up. Even moreso if there is a platoon (or heavy backup use) at SS.

Not to mention if you carry Lombo, Worth and Romine you can’t take an extra bullpen guy – which we probably need. Toss in a very green 3B for some more fumbles!

with Berry Davis and old man Hunter at the corners – god help us if we lose Jackson!!!

Victor Martinez, C. Steve Lombardozzi, 2B. Miguel Cabrera, 1B. Don Kelly, RF Tyler Collins, LF. Nick Castellanos, 3B. Eugenio Suarez, DH Danny Worth, SS
Ezequiel Carrera, CF.

I wonder when we can expect to see Romine.


Good I think game is on tv

Lobstein was spanked today

that’s an understatement!!

time to sign Farnsworth to complete the tigers reunion?

Farmsworth haha…..whenever I think of him I think of Carlos Guillen hitting that homer off him at 3:30 in the morning when he was with the Yankees. Good memory

They said Fister was throwing a bowling ball heavy (as in trying to hit one) sinker today. Man, I’m going to miss him on the Tigers. At least he’s with the Nats.

Especially since it appears that Max has no real interest in playing here (in my opinion and gut feeling) it’s going to make it even tougher to lose Fister since Scherzer was the whole reason for getting rid of him

wait i thought miggy was the reason….forget Max we need to keep miggy!!

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