Iglesias confirms stress fractures in both shins

Tigers shortstop Jose Iglesias confirmed reports Monday morning that he has been diagnosed with stress fractures in both of his legs.

The diagnosis came late last week from a specialist Iglesias visited for additional opinion.

“This is small fractures in the legs,” Iglesias said. “I was able to play through it last year, but that’s not going to happen this year.”

Iglesias said he won’t know how long he’ll be out until he visits another specialist, Dr. Thomas Clanton, on Tuesday in Colorado to determine the best course of treatment. He expects to play at some point this season.

“Absolutely,” Iglesias said. “I’ll get a better idea when I see the doctor in Colorado. But for now, my goal is to get healthy, get rid of this, because the pain is really bad. I just want to get rid of it and come back 100 percent.”

Iglesias said he has been playing through pain in both shins since last Spring Training, when he was a member of the Red Sox. Not until the last few days, however, did he know how severe the issue was.

“I just felt it from the very first moment of [last] Spring Training,” Iglesias said. “I just told myself to play through it, because I never expected something like that. I just feel pain, but Stephen Drew had a concussion at the time and that was an opportunity for me to start with the team. And I was like, ‘You know what, you’ve got to play through it.’ And I did it.”

The pain was severe enough at times that he had to sit occasionally, both before and after his midseason trade to Detroit.

“Last year I played through the pain all year long,” Iglesias said. “Sometimes [Red Sox manager John] Farrell had to give me some days the same as [former Tigers manager] Jim Leyland here. He had to give me some days or take me out of the game because the pain was so bad. And I was like, ‘Man, I don’t know what to do to get rid of it.’ And I never found out until right now that it was a fracture.”

Iglesias missed time at points last year with the Tigers while dealing with shin splints, but returned in time for the postseason. He said an offseason of rest was expected to take care of the issue, but the pain returned this spring.

Iglesias hasn’t played since Feb. 26. He was originally diagnosed with stress reactions in both shins, similar to shin splints but different in severity. He has tried to work his way back, hitting in batting practice and taking ground balls in the field, but continued to feel pain while running.

The Tigers announced Sunday that Iglesias will open the season on the disabled list, but did not announce a diagnosis pending Tuesday’s report from Dr. Clanton.

After a full year of pain, Iglesias said he feels relieved simply to have a diagnosis what’s going on in his legs.

“It’s bad news for me and bad news for the team as well,” Iglesias said, “but at the end of the day, it’s good as well, because I know what’s going on now. It’s something that I’ve got to deal with, but something that will go away with time.”


Depending on the injury, healing time for stress fractures can vary from four to 12 weeks or longer from the time activity is restricted.4,5 Initial treatment should include reducing activity to the level of pain-free functio

SUNDAY, 1:09pm: Iglesias will need “extended rehab” for months and possibly the entire season, a source with knowledge of the injury tells the Boston Globe’s Nick Cafardo (via Twitter). Meanwhile, Red Sox manager John Farrell told reporters, including Sean McAdam of CSNNE.com, he feels for Iglesias, who played for him last year, but was “aware (the shins were an issue) to the extent we had to monitor. We had to get him off his feet because he felt some pain and soreness there.”
Yet the deal was done, the medical exam passed and the condition untreated in the off-season. Somebody dropped the ball here.

Washburn ring a bell? Same thing.

I feel for you Inglesias. Get well soon. We need defense at SS.
We will have pitching, hitting and speed. Go Tigers, 2014. Oh yeah, I see ya Rich!

This is concerning. A normal, healthy, young man shouldn’t have stress-fractures in both his legs from regular athletic activity. I’m clearly not a doctor, but I worry that there might be something deeper (chronic) wrong with Mr. Iglesias. Obviously hope I am very wrong.

some factors to consider:
1. the current diagnosis of ‘stress fracture,’ as reported by the player, may not be correct. it is unknown to the public whether he has had a definitive objective test to confirm the diagnosis of fracture.
2. regardless of whether it’s a stress reaction or stress fracture, there will be no defined timetable for his return. he will return when his pain is gone and does not return with baseball activities. meanwhile, there will be plenty of educated and uneducated guesses.
3. there is no need to focus blame regarding this player’s injury. it is likely multifactorial and most of the variables are unknown to the public.
4. seems that the Tigers’ organization is taking a rational approach, waiting until all the medical evaluations/opinions are complete before commenting.

rational commenting, what’s that?

Woody has it right. There are people using different terminology for what is basically the same condition. Diagnoses are not simple, and are usually reached through a process of ruling out other pathology. This can take a long time.
More than likely, this particular case is one that requires rest and Iggy will be back when the pain is gone.

Just got back from Greensboro where the Virginia Cavaliers won it all yesterday. The get the # 1 seed in the East, but Michigan State is stalking. Congrats to the Wahoos who are my second favorite sports team. Its a shame that there weren’t more alarms going off re Iglesisas. You would never believe anything was wrong after watching his magic in the hole. Things will work out; I’m sure that Dan would agree with me that it’s time to bring back Inge to stabilize the infield. After all, he’s only 36. Hard to believe we’re only two weeks away from opening day. Best wishes to the Igster for a speedy recover. All it takes is a call Dan.


anyone else see the ump get smoked by a line drive today? http://i.minus.com/ibpFRPn890m9no.gif

I read a news report yesterday locally …a U of M orthopedic specialist (I believe) basically reiterated what Woody and Rich just said..REST. No activity. If surgery is not needed it can be a few weeks to 4 months….tigers still more healthy than the Red Wings the Wings are a bunch of china dolls.

Yes, gk. Rest, rest and more rest. But, we’ll have to wait and see what this doctor recommends. He’ll probably have to make follow-up visits, I would think to check him out. Iggy’s never been to a Detroit Opening Day. Man, what a loss for all of us.
On another note, I was watching MLB Network last night and they were at the Tigers’ camp. The studio crew recommended Kinsler move to SS and somebody else play 2nd. I started laughing. Not sure if they were joking or not. After that I watched the Rangers vs Royals and had no intention of watching, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off some guy named “Ventura” who pitched for the Royals. Holy smokes is he good!

What would it take to get Jimmy Rollins from the Phillies? It would be cheaper than drew (LOL!!), but what would we have to give up? Suarez, and what else?

Stay with what we’ve got. Only need defense to replace a bottom of the order hitter.

fair enough. albeit, we never replaced the offense PF, JP brought to the table.

Somebody who’s got a good glove and can bat 9th should be enough Our payroll is pretty high, can’t see them spending more $$$$$$.
I’m excited about our 2014 Tiger team and love our new look. Are you back from Florida, Rich?

Just about to leave, as a matter of fact. Yesterday’s rainout would have been our last game. Two rainouts out of seven, par for the course.
Back to winter!

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