Iglesias will start to DL, seek more opinion on shins

Jose Iglesias will open the season on the 15-day disabled list, team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski confirmed Sunday morning. How long he’ll miss, and the exact details of his shin condition, is still to be announced.

Iglesias, who has missed the last two weeks with what has been termed as a stress reaction in both shins, will visit another foot and ankle specialist, Dr. Thomas Clanton of the Steadman Clinic in Colorado, for another opinion on his injury Tuesday. The Tigers will reserve comment on the injury until then.

Dombrowski did not comment on a Sunday morning report from ESPN that Iglesias will be out until midseason with stress fracture. Likewise, head athletic trainer Kevin Rand did not have an update.

Still, the Tigers are clearly preparing themselves for the possibility that Iglesias will miss a significant chunk of the season.

Dombrowski did not rule out the possibility of bringing in another shortstop. For now, the team plans to look internally at prospects Hernan Perez and Eugenio Suarez along with utility infielder Danny Worth.

Iglesias saw a Lakeland-based foot and ankle specialist last week and received an adjustment in his orthotics that he has been wearing since at least last year. The initial adjustment, adding extra cushion under the foot, made an immediate difference according to Iglesias. From there, the doctor analyzed video of Iglesias’ running stride.

Iglesias resumed workouts since then, taking batting practice and fielding ground balls at shortstop. However, he continued to feel pain while running, specifically while slowing down.

Iglesias tried running as recently as Thursday, but continued to feel pain.

“He can run,” Rand explained earlier this week, “but slowing down is where he has the biggest issue. And then the problem is that as he progresses, it gets a little worse.”

That prompted the Tigers to consult with Dr. Rick Smith, a Winter Haven-based chiropractor. He provided Iglesias with “a microcurrent machine with biofeedback,” for pain management.

Iglesias has been bothered by shin issues since last season in Boston, before he was traded to Detroit at the July trade deadline. When Iglesias was sidelined two weeks ago, the Tigers were hoping to figure out the cause once and for all and get rid of it.


believe Steadman clinic was where Ordonez went for his knee surgery. surgery for shin splints, however, is quite uncommon.

I felt this season was a bit shaky as it was. Can Smyly match Fister? Benoit gone from bullpen. Avila uncertain. A whole new infield alignment. No LF.
Kinsler will be better offensively and defensively than Infante? An improvement at 1B defensively but can the team as a whole replace Prince’s offense? Hunter may be less effective. A better year for JV because I’m not sure Max can match last year. Sanchez and Porcello maintain or improve on last year? Will they really have a breakout at 3rd base? So many questions.

Iglesius’ problem sounds a lot like a condition called “exercise induced compartment syndrome.” A good Orthopedic foot and ankle fellowship trained physician can diagnose it easily. Why, with all the money they have to spend, are they playing around with treatments that have questionable value at best?

sure are stealing a lot of bases. no question we’ll be stealing at least 80 this year.

Jason, Did the Tigers medical staff ‘rule out’ a hairline fracture?

Well there is our answer Rich….a specialist but it makes you wonder why it took so long?

The question remains: Why was this not identified and fixed in the off season?
As to replacements: I am not a big Danny Worth fan but is it his time?
Rumours about Nick Franklin–am I missing something or isn’t he really a 2nd baseman? Do we want a trainee playing there?
Forget Drew. To much money and too much to give up to get a stop gap solution.
I think Suarez has a legitimate chance at the job.
I know it is spring training but has anybody else notice that Rajai Davis is hitting RHP?

Yes, I’ve noticed, Dan. We can only hope it lasts.

it’s gunna last like Don Kelly’s 1.031OPS is gunna last. what kinda hoping and dreaming is going on here! is it the green beer?

OPS against RHP is ST vs Reg Season:

2013:.514 vs .594
2012:.704 vs .638
2011:1.142 vs .551
2010:.619 vs .666
2009:.642 vs .789
2008:.826 vs .616

2014:.824 vs …
so I see an anti correlation there (-0.498 to be exact).
my equation says (-1.3*ST_OPS+1.6) 0.529 OPS vs RHP this year

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