The story behind Rajai Davis’ oven mitt

If you watched the Tigers on television today, or if you’ve been to a Tigers game this spring, and you haven’t seen much of Rajai Davis the last couple years, you might be wondering why he has an oven mitt on his left hand.

That’s OK. He hears it all the time. He laughs about it, too.

“Yeah, it’s good for baking,” he said Monday. “Baking on the bases.”

Not surprisingly, it’s a protective glove for his left hand. It keeps him from jamming a finger sliding into a bag, and it also gives him some padding over his hand and his wrist in case an infielder steps on his hand as he’s sliding in. He has worn one since at least 2012 to protect his hands.

Other players have worn one after injuring fingers or wrists. Davis said he adopted it after he had a close call and saw someone else suffer a far worse fate.

“I watched a guy stealing and go in with his hand and break his finger,” Davis said. “I saw that and said that’s not going to happen to me. So I started wearing that.”

The lack of fingers on the glove prevent him from jamming any of them when he slides. The length of it, which completes the oven mitt look, protects his wrist. The combination gives him some peace of mind being aggressive on the basepaths.

The last couple years, Davis had a blue version that matched the blue on Toronto’s jersey. This year’s sliding glove is much darker, almost black.

“It’s pretty protective,” he said. “It’s pretty good. It’s not too hard. It’s pliable. It gives. I mean, it’s big, not like some of the other ones you have, though.”

There is some regulation, by the way, as to how long such a glove can be. Add too much padding, and it gives him an extra inch or two, or maybe more, to beat a tag. So a lot of the padding goes on top of the fingers, not beyond it.

“This one’s official,” he said with a big smile.


Always love watching Rajai steal bases. Looking forward to seeing him do that this season.

too bad no picture to accompany the article. i thought most thieves wear gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints…base thieves have other motives, eh? ingenious though. like the way this Davis fellow thinks.

I tried to find one and couldn’t. He only wears it in games when he’s on the basepaths, so it can be tough to get pictures.

Yeah Kathy, I’m down here, but not in Jupiter. I’m doing all Lakeland games this year. I’ll be attending on Tue, Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Mon the 17th.
Bob, hope to see you tomorrow (Tuesday).
I’ll be kind and not give weather reports.

very cool!

Watched the game today. Very encouraging but I must say, how the hell did a stereotypical double by Moya turn into a triple? Do we have something to get excited about here?

I’ve heard different reviews on Moya as a baserunner. Some say he’s OK. Others say he’s faster than he looks because covers so much ground in his strides.

Casty had a really good day—-all round.

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It looked to me like that sliding glove extended several inches beyond his fingers. Shouldn’t that be illegal, giving him an advantage in beating the tag?

Read the last 2 paragraphs Scott.

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