Sunday: Tigers at Marlins

Miguel Cabrera, Alex Avila and Nick Castellanos all make their offseason homes in south Florida, so it figures that they would be the three Tigers slated to be in the starting lineup both days on this two-game trip to Jupiter. Ian Kinsler and Austin Jackson are joining them on this leg.

1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
2. Trevor Crowe, LF
3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
4. Alex Avila, DH
5. Austin Jackson, CF
6. Tyler Collins, RF
7. Nick Castellanos, 3B
8. Bryan Holaday, C
9. Hernan Perez, SS
P: Rick Porcello, Ian Krol, Evan Reed, Jose Alvarez, Luis Marte, Jhan Marinez

1. Rafael Furcal, 2B
2. Christian Yelich, LF
3. Mike Stanton, RF
4. Garrett Jones, 1B
5. Jarrod Saltalamacchia, C
6. Marcell Ozuna, CF
7. Casey McGehee, 3B
8. Greg Dobbs, DH
9. Adeiny Hechavarria, SS
P: Tom Koehler


Ichiro? pass , his number in 2013 are below any Tiger competing for the post and way too expensive.

Last year, one LH was enough for those that wanted Smyly in AAA to protect Porcello from the competition. Now , they need 2 LH to keep AAAA Coke? With a LH starter the need for another LH is lower. Specially if they have a RH that can make out LH better (or equal) than the LH
Reed 289 .391 .368 .760
Coke.299 .345 .416 .760
Nathan, Rondon( setup as expected by DD ) Joba ( 7th inning) Krol ( they gave Fister for something), Reed,Al2 and Putkonen ( or maybe Hardy)

Playing for the Yankees is bad for pitchers and it is not only the park. There was an article showing that but for Freddy García, pitchers going to the Yankees since 1994 lost effectivity with them. Including Johnson and Rogers. Joba could be a better pitcher for the Tigers

The money part of the equation is out of the question, given the mood of the front office these days. But, if the Yanks wanted him gone I’m sure they would put up some dough. I would certainly prefer his professionalism, experience and ability over Carrera, Crowe and Kelly.
I kinda have a feeling that Andy will not be contributing much this season. Waiting for him and patching left-field in the interim is risky.

Trade talk surrounding Porcello. Unless they can nab a guy like Stanton I would say forget it. Rick will win 15 games for us this year.

His first wood bat was given to him by Camilo Pascual, scout for the Dodgers. he used in in BP for Tigres de Aragua( He was 14 and the legal age for that is 16). Alex Nuñez broke it in a tantrum.

He uses maple bats, he likes them
The first process is done by the clubhouse chief( or boss? TN), because you order the making of the bat, at least I like them 34 (Inches long) for 32 (ounces) and when it arrives , he weight it,to check the measures, sometimes if not properly done”

“If they are of black colour , I ask them to be painted three times to harden them, because in recent years they have broke to much ( TN, because they are made of maple maybe?), because of that I want the bat to be well balanced and compact in the upper side”
His bats are like toys for a kid

“Hablo con el bate, le digo que somos él y yo contra el que venga, que vamos para arriba y más nada. Que nos van a tirar, pero nosotros nos vamos a defender de todas esas bombas que los pitchers nos van a tirar”,
” I talk to the bat, I tell him it is him and me against whoever comes, we will go up and nothing else. They will throw at us, but we will defend from those bombs the pitchers will throw against us”

(TN:We have another Bird with us and we didnt know)

what a fabulous article eltigre!!!
i especially love the part where he says:
“” I talk to the bat, I tell him it is him and me against whoever comes, we will go up and nothing else. They will throw at us, but we will defend from those bombs the pitchers will throw against us”
the entire story needs to make it in english print for Miggy’s english speaking fans.
such refreshing new details !

“Major league sources” saying that in both articles. Mr D put that rumor to rest,

Hernan might be our starting SS on opening day. Brad doesn’t sound too confident re Iggy.

I’m hoping Porcello has a great year! I believe today he threw nothing but strikes, 20 of them with only 1 mistake, Stanton’s solo homer. Now granted the Marlins were going up there and taking their cuts at that 1st pitch but Ricky had location command today. Let’s RP shoots for 20 “W”‘s this year!

I meant, Let’s hope RP gets 20 “W’s” this year!

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