Iglesias reports improvement in shin splints

A week after Jose Iglesias’ shin splints forced him out of action, the Tigers don’t have a timetable for when he could return. That’s the bad news for the Tigers shortstop. The good news for Iglesias is that team medical officials might be close to finding a remedy for the shin splints that have bothered him off and on for at least the past couple years.

The team had a specialist observe Iglesias running and watch how the orthotics might impact him.

“Last year Boston made them for me, but this time we added a pad at the bottom, and it really helped me,” Iglesias said.

The difference, Iglesias said, was immediate. He added that another adjustment might be made once they can have another set of orthotics built.

That doesn’t mean Iglesias is going to return to action right away. He’s scheduled to hit in the cage today and continue receiving treatment. He’s presumably going to have to take infield work and run the bases as well before he’s cleared to return to action. Long term, though, there’s at least some hope that this might not be an ongoing issue for him anymore.


Keeping my fingers crossed for you, Jose.

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Shin splints can be tough to get rid of, especially when you are on your feet everyday and moving on hard surfaces. I hope Jose can get rid of them for good as he’s such a talented SS!

Item as described. Thank you.

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