Monday: Tigers vs. Cardinals

I’m off today and tomorrow, but I figured I’d pass along the lineup as long as I have it. Aside from the shortstop and maybe the left fielder, you can expect to see a lot of these players in the lineup on Opening Day March 31 as long as they’re healthy. As for the batting order, that’s a matter we still don’t know, and maybe Brad Ausmus doesn’t either. That said, nearly a week into games, Austin Jackson still hasn’t batted in the leadoff spot.

Two big names are expected to make guest appearances today. The first is former Tigers Jhonny Peralta, who’s reportedly on the Cards’ travel roster today. It’s a class move from a player who probably didn’t have to make the trip if he didn’t want to deal with the hassle (or make the three-hour trek). The second is Jonathon Crawford, the Tigers’ first-round draft pick last summer, who’s one of two minor-league call-ups for the day (the other is Chad Green). If the University of Florida product pitches today, it’ll be his first appearance in a Tigers uniform.

No TV today, but the radio broadcast is on AM 1270 back in Detroit and MLB Gameday Audio online.


  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. Torii Hunter, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Victor Martinez, DH
  5. Alex Avila, C
  6. Austin Jackson, CF
  7. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  8. Danny Worth, SS
  9. Rajai Davis, LF

P: Drew Smyly, Phil Coke, Al Alburquerque, Evan Reed, Jose Ortega, Luis Marte, Melvin Mercedes


  1. John Jay, CF
  2. Kolten Wong, 2B
  3. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  4. Matt Adams, DH
  5. Randal Grichuk, RF
  6. Daniel Descalso, 3B
  7. Shane Robinson, LF
  8. Xavier Scruggs, 1B
  9. Audry Perez, C

P: Joe Kelly, Sam Freeman, Tyler Lyons, Lee Stoppelman, Seth Maness, Jorge Rondon, Boone Whiting, Kurt Heyer


Here’s Jhonny!

I didn’t even need to see it. Sounded like HR from the crack of the bat.

I know we are going to love the defense of Jose Iglesias at short….but we are going to is the bat of Jhonny…….. There is very very little threat of power on this team now. Time will tell.

If Jose doesn’t get his legs under him, not so sure we’ll be seeing his spectacular defense.

Enter Coke in the 6th inning and he gives up 5 hits in a row after getting a ground out!
It was 8-2 when Coke came in, now 8-6 and counting. He’s gotta go and make room for another lefty.

Apologies, make that 6 hits in a row and the score 8-5. I sure hope Ian Krol or Robbie Ray steps up to take the roster spot of the LH specialist although Ray may be slotted as a future starter.

So glad DD resigned Coke and didn’t go find someone to be a legit LHP pen arm. And don’t give me the Krol routine – guys a LOOGY. Disgusting DD, disgusting.

Geez, if you get this worked up in Spring Training…..

Castellanos is looking like a winner. Hate to see you gone Jhonny, but we have to move on. By the way, Holladay looked better in the bikini than some I’ve seen at Myrtle Beach. Coke is really fizzing out.


agreed greg

Agreed that Coke is fizzling or that Holaday looked good in Kate’s swimsuit?

the Coke is flat.

I could be wrong but the first deadline to boesch him is march 14.
Lobstein could be the other LH . Or Below since Crosby is hurt

Updated, now Below is hurt and Crosby is already throwing BP

El T -> would you rather Lobstein the 6th starter (i.e. top of AAA rotation) or LHP in pen (aka long man)? OR would you rather Alvarez? The later has some experience in relief.
And what to make of E. Reed? he threw very well today. Could he be used VS lefties instead of a 2nd LHP in the pen?

Lobstein in the bullpen like Smyly last year.. Alvarez is useful only as a starter for a couple of games.
Reed vs LHP:
289 .391 .368 .760
Coke :
299 .345 .416 .760

Last year, Porecello fans pushed the narrative about the Tigers need for only one LH reliever. Since they have one LH starter , they could go with only one LH in the bullpen.
About Reed vs Lefties , it see the same chance of using Davis vs RH and Dirks vs LH. None, no matter if the numbers say that is the right thing to do

It has been apparent for a while now that Coke cannot get hitters out at critical times with the stuff he has. Krol is a lock but Crosby is a disaster in waiting.
He simply can’t throw strikes. Below is stretch. Alvarez is a starter. We have had enough stopgap lefties that have been Hopes or Dreams over the years.
Oliver Perez is still unsigned and he is a better bet than the options currently at Toledo. The lack of a solid LHP has haunted the Tiger bullpen long enough.

projections for 2014:
Phil Coke
steamer: 7.43 3.51 0.88 (Ks, BBs, HRs per 9)
oliver: 6.76 3.45 0.69
zips: 7.78 3.50 0.97

Oliver Perez
steamer: 9.51 3.98 1.01
oliver: 8.46 3.91 1.14
zips: 10.53 4.58 1.02

I don’t know what the tigers are thinking, but Jim and Dan said Lobenstein is not a relief pitcher and would not be used as such…more like AAA insurance.

Yep, Lobstein is a starter, and I don’t know why he doesn’t get more recognition as a prospect. We gave up a good catcher for him, he was a 2nd round pick and had solid numbers in AA and AAA last year.
Alvarez, in my opinion, is NOT a starter, he should slide to a long relief role, with potential use as a lefty specialist if Coke is cut.

Kinsler already warned us he’s very vociferous on the field. Doesn’t like lazy players. Probably could have kept some comments to himself. I’m excited to see him play.

A team can have too many gentlemen. A team can also win games and be dull, as we’ve seen. I’m looking forward to this season, win or lose.

The lineup:
Davis LF, Lombardozzi 3B, Hunter DH, M. Cabrera 1B, Jackson CF, Dirks RF, Exposito C, Suarez SS, Perez 2B. Porcello RHP.

Looks like a closed case, Jackson wont lead-off

My season tickets were delivered today!! Usually I’d say a sure sign of spring but I’m not at all sure the snow will be gone by March 31st?

it’ll still be there GK.

And Casty gets one less rep at 3rd.

it’s his birthday maybe he can take the day off, no?

“Kinsler calls ESPN the Magazine piece about him “a story written for drama” and “:a little out of context” Gage
Since is the “conspiracy issue” of ESPN magazine

I meant “nothing that the staff is not aware of”.

Anybody hear how hard Rondon threw today?


OH HELL NO: dirks back surgery on Monday and is expected to miss 12 weeks of action.

good think we have quintin davis to cover LF for us till then……UGH

Lack of depth an commitment to the wrong players begin to strike


“Dombrowski said of Rajai Davis possibly playing fulltime now “we did not sign him with that intent” #Tigers

“In-house candidates mentioned by #Tigers Dombrowski for more playing time ‘cuz of Dirks’ surgery: Don Kelly, Ezequiel Carrera, Trevor Crowe” same source

Huh? Andy needs surgery? Feel bad for him. The only saving grace Is that we do have some guys who can OF.

Well, its time for Lombardozzi or one of the youngsters to step up and earn some PT!
The other option is another team cuts someone before the season and they make sense (and $). I feel bad for Dirks as he may never be the same as he was 2 years ago!

Nats, who else? ,signed Mike Gonzalez

Dirks is done. He was always one of those guys with baseball guts but not incredibly gifted. Time to move on.
DD should have been looking at Stanton with the mindset of rectifying the perpetual dilemma that has been left field (for years now).
This pretty much is an invitation for Daniel Fields.

BTW–I am totally behind Kinsler. Also liked the fact he seemed to take exception to DD’s comment (as to his range). He is not a sycophant by any means and he is one of those guys that thanks and plays hard. We are very fortunate to have him and not Fielder.

why not moya or carrera? if they stay hitting strong bring them north until they cool. Then try davis fulltime with some kelly. By then dirks will be back. If it doesn’t work out trade a youngster for a OF rental who can hit. preferably can hit RHP.

*one of them (north)

I don’t think Moya is ready and Carrera, with no power, will never hit .250
I see this as an opportunity for Fields but more likely it means a big chance for Kelly and Perez.

perez has looked great this ST. (sarcastic)

Pérez is as good as Iglesias without the shin splints. Great glove, no bat
Zip for him:
265 .288 .349 .281 avg/OBP/slg wOBA
.265 .311 .336 .286

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