Game 5: Tigers vs. Astros

It’s an open date in the Tigers rotation while Justin Verlander works his way into the Spring Training mix. However, it’s a work day for many Tigers regulars in the lineup. Ian Kinsler, Torii Hunter and Jose Iglesias are really the only ones off.


  1. Rajai Davis, LF
  2. Steve Lombardozzi, SS
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. Victor Martinez, DH
  5. Alex Avila, C
  6. Austin Jackson, CF
  7. Don Kelly, RF
  8. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  9. Hernan Perez, 2B

P: Kyle Lobstein, Drew VerHagen, Justin Miller, Ian Krol, Al Alburquerque, Bruce Rondon, Blaine Hardy


  1. Jonathan Villar, SS
  2. L.J. Hoes, RF
  3. Jason Castro, C
  4. Chris Carter, DH
  5. Jesus Guzman, 1B
  6. J.D. Martinez, LF
  7. George Springer, CF
  8. Jonathan Meyer, 3B
  9. Cesar Izturis, 2B

P: Scott Feldman, Brad Peacock, Collin McGugh, Mike Foltynewicz, David Martinez


Lobstein finished strong at Toledo. From Coop’s Scoop: ‘he won his last three starts and allowed just 15 hits and two earned runs in 18.1 innings (0.98 ERA) while striking out 20 and walking one.” In one of his later starts, John Wagner said he went mostly with fastball (88-89 mph, topping out at 91) and change (81-83).
I suppose to the scouts, left soft tossers are a dime a dozen, but some of them do eventually figure it out and become quality major leaguers. maybe Lobstein is the next Kenny Rogers.

Lets imagine Coke get Boesch’d…it’s easy if you try. Then Lobstein in the pen fixes the lefty deficiency (If Kroll makes it, great but he’s so young), no?

BAA LH:220/.273/.320/.593 and he is 22 like Rondon when anointed closer. Kimbrel was 22 and saved 46.
Krol is a lock to be one of the LH of the bullpen

I’m sorry I’m getting a bit tired of Scherzer’s act. Either you want to be here or you don’t. He’s had basically 1 good year lots of players have had 1 good year, but he wants to get paid like he’s Kershaw who’s done it for several years and by the way younger. I know it’s a big risk but wait and see if he can put another year doesn’t have to be Cy Young but show some consistency.

He hired Scott Boras as his agent for a reason.

DD should have traded Max for some bull pen help!

You can count on Max WINNING at least 15 games. The situation with Coke will get better this year. Either he gets better (unlikely) or his replacement will.
Someone has to gain control (authority) over AlAl. We here talked about long before the experts in the media did. He has to throw the fastball effectively—for a multitude of reasons.
We really need the Iggy situation to resolve itself and it would also be a shame to see a talent like that nipped in the bud.
Castellanos is likely to be a credible force in the lineup.
Austin Jackson better start looking over his shoulder at who is coming up behind him.
Ian Kinsler is going to be a far more instrumental presence in the dugout than Prince was.

i agree with you in that i think this is Coke’s last season in Detroit if he can’t get at least lefties out. whatever cache of trust he had with Leyland is out the window with a new manager.
Jackson seems pretty secure in the CF job. The defense is plus, and the offense is good considering what the major league average CF produces.
I imagine Castellanos batting 8th to start the season, probably 7th if Holaday is catching. Managers like to put rookies low in the order if they can to ease the ‘pressure’ of playing in the majors.

Eugenio Suárez as good as Iglesias with the glove but worst bat starting today. There are three players cut with the same mold of iglesias in the system. The third being Machado

Good to see Brad taking a pro-active method re injuries. The inference that genetics may be the cause of Jose’s shin splints is ridiculous, imo. Do his mom and dad have shin splints? Look how long it took the Tigers to finally figure out that Avila needed a different, heavier mask. Iggy had these shin splints last year, so why on earth didn’t they make sure he didn’t do any running this winter except maybe in a pool so his legs would heal? One week off is probably not going to be enough….knock on wood.

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