Tigers TV schedule is out, 150 games on FSD

FOX released its Tigers television schedule across its various networks today, and there’s good and bad news.

The good news: Every game will be shown on TV in one form or another. Fox Sports Detroit is currently scheduled for 150 of them, with five others on Fox Sports 1 (you really should have found this station on your system for Xavier basketball by now) as part of its new Saturday afternoon package, three on FOX as part of its Saturday Game of the Week package, and potentially four more on ESPN Sunday nights.

The bad news: The FOX Saturday blackout is still rearing its ugly head. While the Tigers game in Kansas City on July 12 is scheduled for Fox Sports Detroit, it’ll be on tape delay starting at 10pm ET. The actual game starts at 7:10pm, smack in the middle of the FOX window.

Odd that FOX wouldn’t show a clash between two teams who would well be in the midst of a division race at that point? You bet. The FOX package that night consists of Pirates-Reds, Nationals-Phillies and Angels-Rangers. And having a Saturday afternoon game in KC in mid-July isn’t going to happen if they can at all help it.

Now, MLB.TV has a new workaround to the FOX blackout, but it only involves the FOX regional broadcasts in that window. For instance, while the June 21 Tigers game at Cleveland is scheduled to air on FOX at 7, some in the Midwest might get the Cubs game against the Pirates at the game. Fans stuck with Cubs-Pirates can log on to MLB.TV to watch Tigers-Indians. But since Tigers-Royals on July 12 isn’t scheduled for FOX, fans can’t get around the blackout.

As for the ESPN games, only the May 18 game at Boston is set on the Sunday Night package. The other three games (June 8 vs. Boston, June 22 at Cleveland and July 6 vs. Tampa Bay) are on ESPN’s list of potential games for that week. The actual game chosen will be announced a few weeks ahead of time.


Can any MLB.TV users help me? I live in Indiana and was wondering if the live games will be blacked out if I would buy MLB.TV. The MLB website is useless. I was going to call them but thought I would ask here first.

not sure where you live in indiana. i am in dayton, oh and i am not blacked out.

Iggy’s legs still hurting? Not a good sign for our SS of the future. A player that everyone wants to watch. It’s a crying shame!
At this point, Heather Nabozny must be biting her fingernails wondering if the new sod will be in place for Opening Day.

If you are in the Tigers broadcast region, then you cannot watch the TIgers live on MLB.TV (for example I live in South Carolina, so all Braves games are blacked out, presumably because I should watch them on the TV). It is great for me, because I hate the Braves (Tigers and Pirates are my teams)!

I don’t understand why FOX blacks out games that are out of region. Seems like they would increase viewership for all those commercials if they let out of market folks watch the broadcast on MLB.TV.

If I’m reading Jason’s write up correctly, he’s saying that MLB.TV will now show games that are under TV blackout for your region? A new thing?
Example, I’m stuck with Nats-Mets on Fox TV Saturday game of the week. But now I can watch the Tigers on MLB.TV if it’s also a Fox game that day. Is that right?
If so, that solves my biggest blackout issue.

If Iggy’s shins are damaged goods then the WHOLE complexion of the team and its chances changes dramatically.

I don’t know why they didn’t send him to a specialist this winter. I’d sure get him to one now and find out what the cure is if there is one. Having a trainer diagnose him isn’t good enough.

Is MLB.TV going to be supported by Chromecast in 2014? Very limited info and poor FAQ on MLB website. (Tigers fan in Atlanta)

I think TV blackouts are dumb. I understand the monetary reason behind it, but living in Reno, Nevada when the game is blacked out I have to go to the casino to catch the game. And lets face it, watching games in the casino can get expensive haha.

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