Kinsler arrives at Tigers camp

It took a little longer than planned, because the circus tents in the parking lot can prove a little confusing, but Ian Kinsler rolled into Spring Training this morning, making his physical presence with the Tigers for the first time since the early offseason trade that sent him from Texas to Detroit. He also talked at length with reporters for the first time since his November conference call following the trade.

Among the highlights:

  • Kinsler long suspected a trade was coming, based on the Rangers’ glut of middle infielders, last year’s contract extension to Elvis Andrus, the team’s recent history, the front-office history and the never-ending rumors.
  • Kinsler’s 10-team no-trade list that he had in Texas centered around non-contending teams. “The teams that were left off were teams I thought had a great chance to win,” Kinsler said, “and Detroit was at the top of the [contender] list among AL teams.”
  • Kinsler dropped about 10 pounds from his frame because he no longer has to worry about losing weight during the summer in the Texas heat, and because his running game could be more of a premium skill in the big dimensions of Comerica Park. “I want to go back to where I’m a line-drive hitter,” he said. “It’s spacious [at CoPa].”
  • After the trade, Kinsler talked with Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia about playing alongside Jose Iglesias. Pedroia told him to keep his glove up or else he could get his teeth knocked out by a strong, quick throw. “He said, ‘Iggy’s special, you’re going to have a lot of fun,'” Kinsler said.

Adam Berry has the full story here.

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if XBT% has a bias in different ballparks….copa seems like it would be the place to stack numbers.
One of my favorite coaching changes was the acquisition of Vizquel. Speed additions like Davis and Kinsler aside — this team already had potential (AJ, Iggy, Dirks)

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